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seruzawa 04-10-2003 09:24 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
Well, in my 39 years of biking on everything from BSA singles to CBRRRRRs I still can't credit the average cruiser with exemplery handling. Of course it's all relative. Certainly a Yamaha V-Star handles much better than a Kawasaki Mach III ever did.

It's just that the weight of these things is a serious barrier to brisk riding. I prefer them for when I'm in the mood for a mild Sunday scenic cruise, not for barnstorming around the mountain roads. Each has its place.

Meatball_1 04-11-2003 10:12 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
The VTX is a Cruiser and it does have power, but I personaly think it is more of a power bruiser. The Warrior and the Vrod are at least slightly performance oriented. Other than going in a straight line the Honda can't hang out with these two bikes. I wanted to buy one when it first came out, but imediatly changed my mind when I saw the specs on the Warrior. The Harleys nice but I personaly think that if it said Suzuki on the side and cost half as much they'd all be sitting in the showroom colecting dust.

Daimon1054 04-11-2003 07:25 PM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
My Warrior has 5000 miles on it now, I added the Yammaha drag bars and I sit fine on the bike, I am 6'5" and did not like the stock bars.

I have read someone say the V-rod would out handle the Warrior? You must have never riden both, the Warrior is worlds better in the turns, I have put many miles on both and can say with out a doubt I would never own a V-Rod. I think it is a great looking bike but the lack of low end torque and the sound of the motor are just not right on a cruiser. I added pipes and the PCIII to my bike and it dynoed at 111.5 lb/ft of torque that is something no other bike has and I love it.

Yes the Warrior has some ergo problems but at 6'5" it is closer to fitting me than anyother bike on the markes and seeing how you can get a new Warrior for under 10 grand and a V-Rod for 20 I am pretty sure that I could have one heck of a custom with perfect ergos and the stage IV kit installed wich will let it flat eat the V-rod for lunch for less than another 10 grand. I think I will stick to the Warrior!

Daimon1054 04-13-2003 05:20 PM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
I do like sprot touring bikes and on will be my next bike but it will not replace my Warrior. A bike to me is not about a need but a want, I like the style and sound of the Warrior, I do not plan on crossing the country I do not need it to do 200mph I want to have fun riding it and I do.

When I have the time to properly use a sport touring bike I will have on but I will not but it based on hp alone. To me torque is a better number for my riding as is how it handles. Another factor is packaging, as of now I see the FJR and the ST, the FJR has more power and looks great and out handles the ST but I am leaning towards the ST because the storage space and touring touches are better thought out. Others might not be looking for the same thing that is why there are 100's of different bikes. As for the VTX it is 200 pounds more than the Warrior and that is just no accetable to me so I would not even consider buying it.

JohnGeisz 04-16-2003 12:25 PM

Sign Her Up
I got a good laugh out the comments by EBass's passenger.

"Purple flames? Huh? Purple rain? Where's the fairing formerly know as WindJammer? Whatever! Regardless, if you care at all about your passenger, plan on spending some coin to get a new seat. Or, if you've got some nagging hag of a wife, by all means, leave the stocker on -- we'll all know what you're up to, it'll be our little MORonic joke, and we all promise not to sniggle."


babailey 04-23-2003 03:10 AM

Re: The Runaway

This is one of the few Harley bashers that know's what he's talking about. Most of the time it's empty comments like "Those bikes are loud and unrealiable, at least that's what I heard" from some dude riding a Hardly Davidson knockoff because he couldn't afford the real deal. This guy Mr Bigglesworth, on the other hand, he's got it nailed.

Anyone who has ever tried to ride a 70's AMF shovelhead laughed their ass off when they read this from Mr Bigglesworth. (And everyone who still tries to ride their shovelhead everyday, felt a little pain) Riding one of those this is like driving a broken pick-up truck. It doesn't stop. It doesn't go. It doesn't turn. It doesn't shift. The throttle is a god damn volume knob. It just makes things louder.

FurySting 09-26-2003 04:36 AM

Re: What's next, fighting dragons?
Well they can fight, but da Harleys will never beat the Valks..

FurySting 09-26-2003 04:59 AM

Valkyrie Ugly?!?
Valkyries are anything except ugly. Talk about big chrome hot rod engines.. I'm guessing you like skinny buttless girls too.

Anyway, I have yet to go to a Harley bar or on a ride with hogs that at least a dozen riders don't come over to gaze at my Valk. In a world of V-Twin clones, the Dragon stands out.

cljohnson 12-30-2003 03:28 PM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
Harley has no game..just a bunch of "herd of sheep" that eat whatever HD marketing tells them to like. The VROD is not even close to anything original, almost every bike made today has surpassed it's technology atleast 20 years ago. Puhhlease...this bike is lame as is the warrior, neither make sense, except to the stupid masses of clowns who purchase them. New category..."Hyper cruiser" more like "Hyper silly". They are heavy slow and everyone is trying to avoid the VMAX comparison. Yamaha made the VMAX 15 years ago and hasn't changed any of it's technology since, shame on them. But HD has had a"moment of clarity" and produced the VROD after 5 years in the making, failure after failure, and yet still can't muster enough technology to produce a bike even close to being on par with other mfgs, at half the cost.

That is not a success's a failure, plain and simple. hell even half of the HD sheep know it's a floured up POS. It's going nowhere, as is the "hyper cruiser" category. People that buy these kind of bikes want the "look" of going fast, yet don't have the nuts to actually hang it out there and do it.

Maybe next month we can pair up "some lawn tractors" atleast they will produce more interesting results.

As for VROD vs Warrior, both suck when compared to 15y/o VMAX which will smoke them everywhere and Harley stole nearly "all of it's technology from". I see exactly why VMAX owners are getting pissed, just because you TELL everyone it's original and buy a buttload of discovery channel air time stating the same, doesn't mean it's half of what it's claimed to be.

17$k(msrp), hell I could buy 3 SV650s, one in each color, and those little v twins would smoke it everywhere. I think even the outdated kawasaki ninja 500 is faster(twin also) and hasn't been touched in years.

Ps all these bikes are less than 1/3 the msrp, which coincidentally is not what HD dealers are actually charging, in any area where people actually make more than min wage.

tzima 07-14-2004 10:04 AM

Re: V-Rod gives exclusivity to the Poser
Another point is if you are a rider you wouldn't buy a v-rape since the valves need adjusting every what 6k miles and the engine needs to be removed for the job? Nice!

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