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KPaulCook 03-22-2003 06:38 PM

Re: 2003 600 Shootout: Is 636cc Cheating?
Please don't tell my wife, about the gay thing, I thought you weren't going to tell anyone about us. ;)

KPaulCook 03-22-2003 07:04 PM

Defending the CBR 600 RR (Evidence contary to MO opinion)
Give me a break the bike that won Daytona is a loser? Here is some evidence to the contray to MO.
[*] Peoples exhibit 1
[*] People's exhibit 2
[*] People's exhibit 3
[*] Peoples exhibit 4

KPaulCook 03-22-2003 07:13 PM

Sure ....

Betamax 03-22-2003 08:05 PM

fair enough...I couldn't figure out what he was saying
the piece seemed to suggest more than it stated, and my comment may seem critical, but I honestly wasn't sure what happened after reading the piece.

On the other hand, maybe that's because no one knows for sure except for some anonymous suit at Honda...

SPEEDFREAK_1 03-22-2003 09:56 PM

Re: 2003 600 Shootout: Is 636cc Cheating?
Yes but if you notice with your other examples,you have smaller cc bikes going up against biggercc bikes,and if they can pull that off more power to them.Im not a Honda fan but they did just that when the CBR 900 came out.Now to have a bigger cc bike going above the 600cc size competing with bikes staying within the 600cc that does not impress me......

SPEEDFREAK_1 03-22-2003 09:59 PM

Re: Oh, then why the ZX6-RR?
And would have been slower.......All show and no go............Compared the the other two....Yam,Suz.

SeanAlexander 03-22-2003 10:07 PM

Re: Sure ....

What's your point? You say "Sure" and post links to reviews of the 600RR on other sites. What are you trying to argue?

SeanAlexander 03-22-2003 10:26 PM

Re: Defending the CBR 600 RR (Evidence contary to MO opinion)

You are not qualified (on this planet or any other) to state what MO's opinion is.

Where did we say we didn't like the CBR 600RR? All we said is that it didn't appear to be winning any of the major shootouts (fact) and that it is 20 - 30 Lbs heavier than its competition (fact again).

The links you posted (again) are to three single reviews of the bike, and one shootout review. The single reviews are irrelivent to a shootout like ours. In the Shootout review you linked to, according to my limited Italian, it looks like the 600RR finished 2nd to the bike which won the MO shootout.

SPEEDFREAK_1 03-22-2003 10:35 PM

Re: 2003 600 Shootout: Is 636cc Cheating?
The ZX9 competes with the other liter bikes like the R1,CBR954(CBR900) and it does not compete with the Hayabusa which by the way is a 1300..........

SPEEDFREAK_1 03-22-2003 10:52 PM

Re: 2003 600 Shootout: Is 636cc Cheating?
Not at all,I give them all there props winning against all the bigger bikes but to race it against smaller bikes and winning is no big deal,you expect that,dont you?

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