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Default Re: Sights of Daytona

This was my first time at bike week. And, yes, I rode my bike there, through miles and miles of torrential downpour. The show at the speedway was OK, but I was very disappointed not to see the 200. I think I've seen enough fat people riding noisy, air-cooled relics for another year though, thank you.
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Default Re: Sights of Daytona

Dirty Sean ought to be called Dip***** Sean. Your captions are stupid; nobody gives a rip what you think. Glad I didn't renew my subscription to this online ripoff. Suck my left nut, Sean.

ps...nice variety in the photography. I know, I'll take my digital camera into downtown Huntington Beach saturday morning, snap off an hour's worth of shots and post 'em on a jackass motorcycle website.

Blow me, you has-beens and never-will-bes.
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Default I'm Terribly Sorry

Sounds like someone needs a little Vasaline, for their chafing panties.
I thought I'd found true happiness in my personal bath body bar.... Then I tried DOVE! with 1/4 moisturizing cream!!!
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Default Re: Sights of Daytona


usleless..prolly... classic... yes lmao!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Sights of Daytona

Sounds like someone got their photo taken. Bad caption under your mug? Or do you just have some sand in your vagina?
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Default Re: Sights of Daytona

OMG Too funny.

Hosers, Posers, and Boozers! :>)

All seriousness though, who give a rats@ss what you ride? If you have a bike just to "look sick", then whats the point? Ride the damn thing! Anything else is a GAP commercial.

I do believe those down there at daytona who ride thier bike on a regular basis, got along fine , no matter what the saddle.

Down here in SOcal, there is a place called Julian, that everyone heads to. (small little spek in the mountains). You get some posers, however for the most part, everyone there gets along. Who knows, maybe Julian will grow into the west coast Daytona. (Need to talk to San Diego about getting a track down here. Should bring in about as much revenue as the Chargers. ">)

Rubber Down!
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