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Default Parks is a putz

I wrote here yesterday that Parks is a putz and that I can buy a pair of $20 deer hide gloves at the local tractor supply store. That leaves me $90 dollars to do other things with. Anyway, MO removed my smackback. Hey, look, if you are going to try to sell overpriced crappy looking paraphenalia on this site behind the guise of journalism then why don't you just come out and tell us that you think we are a bunch of dumb %$#@. Heck, we'll buy anything at any price so long as we are led by our nose rings by MO. As for building a better mousetrap, come on, there is nothing new or better about these gloves accept for the new improved price. A $20 glove for $109, give us a break.
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Default Re: Parks is a putz

Well, to be fair they aren't $20 tractor store gloves. They're good gloves, assuming they're still made as well as they were when I bought them in 1985, and I was happy to pay $60 for them back then.

The knuckle pad saved my skin once, and they were extremely durable. Also, they are cooler in the summer than cowhide. But, they have none of the modern armor-ish stuff, and they are pretty bulky, with a not-too-sophisticated design and build quality (thick bulky seams, etc).

Of course, none of this changes the fact that if they were $1.75 I wouldn't buy them if any of that $ went into that idiot's wallet.
Dave Arkle
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Default Re: Parks is a putz

Your post is still there -- somebody just moderated it down to "dip*****" -- just set your threshold to -1 and it magically reappears.

I don't have any opinion on the gloves, or on Parks, but I am pretty sure that these are not the same as $20 tractor gloves -- at least nothing like the farmers around here wear.


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Default Rider Wearhouse gloves

I got me a pair of them redneck-esque elkhide ranchers' work gloves from Aerostich and love them. When wet, they almost seem to take on a slightly slimy feel, but they feel really good for every-day, especially the hop-on-for-the-run-to-the-corner-store type stuff. And though I haven't tried them, they also sell a nice-looking pair of deerhide gloves (both gauntleted and non-) for about 60-ish bucks, if memory serves. I've had enough good luck with Aerostich at this point that I'd probably buy it from them first, if I were really interested. And hey, even if it's a flimsy review, it brings the product to my attention. This site these days is pretty much my one-stop shop for moto-info; i don't have the time or energy to fiddle with multiple sites or even multiple print mags because I'd rather be riding.

And in a whiplash-inducing turnabout, now I want a pair of those new Icon titanium-armoured gloves. Because they look *exactly* like the gloves worn by Ultraman in those old, bad movies of my youth. Logic? Hey, man, is these gloves are good enough to beat up on Mothra's larvae, they're good enough for me.

And hey, Buz, Longride, et al: as an alternative to the PowerCommander, you may want to give a good look-see to the new RevTech DFO (digital fuel optimizer). The power/performance guy at my Harley shop was really carrying the flag for this gizmo, supposedly the Next Big Thing for f.i. tuning, new generation of hardware/software, next generation of thinking, et cetera, et cetera.

Would have gotten one myself if I hadn't traded for the Beemer first. Good luck with the hop-up. And the SE touring slip-ons sound good. I know three other old guys who are on death's doorstep like you. They also ride geezer-glides, and they all love those pipes. They all say good balance of power/sound. But maybe they are off-base, because guys that age really can't hear any more, right?
Headlight Fluid?! How dumb does he think I am? When I get back to base with that Elbow Grease, I'm gonna have a talk with the Sarge.
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Default Re: Rider Wearhouse gloves

I was hoping I could find out if I set the record for youngest guy to ride a geezer-glide but I'm sure someone has beat me to it.

Thanks for the tip on the DFO. My neigbor/slash wrench doesn't like teh Power Commander either. He has two different brands he likes to use for EFI tuning.

I've just completely lost my train of thought. What did you say again?
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Default Re: Parks DeerSport Gloves Feedback

Hey, at least the gloves are made in the USA, not in some offshore sweatshop like 90% of the brands. And what supplier other than a small shop like Zcustom makes them themselves--every one of the companies farms their mfg out to the cheapest supplier they can and still keep customers. They produce a demo line of high quality, then keep cutting costs until the stuff stops selling.

As for innovation, the seam design on the Parks gloves is significantly new, and the longer gauntlet design with velcro that's actually adjustable along a reasonable range is more functional than most rack gloves. And cripes since the 80's the only major innovation in glove design by anyone is the carbon/metal knuckles. Otherwise it's been "would you like that diet? or studded palm?" And washable leather Adolf at Z started using in their jackets, which Parks says he's going to be making these gloves in soon.

Also, if the gloves don't fit, he sends you another pair in a diff size, with a SASE to return the old pair. So if they're still gathering dust in your garage, it's because you didn't call him back.

Mitch B from Motorcyclist wore these daily for a year, and just gave his thumbs up in print this month. No I'm not paid by Parks design, I just can't stand to see this kind of bash endure relatively unchallenged. Yes, the MO review was cursory. The gloves aren't to blame for that.

Deerskin stretches, esp. if it gets wet. So buy whatever you buy a little too small, and let them form to your hands. Every material has it's inherent constraints & compromises that you have to balance vs. it's advantages. My Zcustom gloves started out almost uncomfortably small, now I don't really wear them (after two years of wear) because they're almost too roomy. With my subsequent pairs of deerskins I've learned to wear or pack other gloves (Olympia 2-season cold weather) for days it might rain.

What you get with deerskin is feel (I sound like a condom commercial) and passable abrasion resistence. The tradeoff is it can be weaker vs. a cut or puncture, and the stretch issue. If you want water resistence, saturate them in the waterproofer of your choice, or wear a different glove.

You want better gloves, you have to pay custom cost, or comprable from--as was mentioned here--manufacturers with little or no care for customer sat. and who may be supporting sweatshop labor The Parks glove are a value, plain & simple, and they don't claim to be more than just a great everyday glove. That's good enough for me.

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