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Default Re: Rain Riding for Dummies (Attn: SoCal)

Some good suggestions, KPaul. You NW riders get used to riding in the wet, but for those of us who do so frequently, it is easy to forget what to watch for. Some of the hazards are worse in places like California or Arizona, where it may be months between rainstorms. The amount of oil, antifreeze that accumulates between rainstorms can turn to snot when it finally DOES rain. Painted stripes are my personal nemisis. I hate them! The other thing I have are the tar strips that they use for pavement repairs. Bad enough when dry, but when they get wet.....damn.

High performance sport tires are really unsuited for rain also. Lots of them are really slicks, with the least amount of tread to get the DOT lable. Don't shed water for $hit. If you have tires like that, be extra careful, or better yet, park the bike until it drys our.

For SoCal riders, from the news footage last week, it looks to me that maybe you should switch to jet skis!


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Default Re: Rain Riding for Dummies (Attn: SoCal)

Well for us N.E. riders it's not always the rain that bites you. We have to take our rides when we can get them, sometimes in the middle of Dec. or Jan. is when that is. What happens is we get a heat wave ( 40 - 50 ) and that will bring out the brave ones. The snow melting onto the roads is just as dangreous as rain, then we get near sunset...black ice forms fast out of that thin layer of water on the cold road and gives the agressive riders a fast interduction to road rash. The best advise is enjoy the day but avoid the evening.
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