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Default Re: Piaggio Beverly Feedback

In my very humble Italian opinion, the reason why scooters are so popular is very simple: our economy is too trashed to let most people drive decent cars: a scooter (at least one with a real scooter displacement and features) is 1) as "cheap" as (or cheaper than) a bike; 2) more suitable than a bike to go to work wearing a jacket and tie; 3) practical in the winter, when you can go out in the rain (as opposed as taking a car that you don't have or uses half tank of gas to go 5 miles in crowded downtown); 4) and, above all, gives you a very high gas mileage in a country where gas is almost 4$/gal.
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Default How many words is a picture worth?

yeah, the text mentions a single, and there is passing reference to twins. But..

The only pictures of what purports to show the engine are computer graphics. Granted the computer shows it as a single.

The photographs show a V twin. And the photo is repeated in the "wallpaper" collection.

A caption under the photograph saying "mockup of a proposed super scooter version, 500-650 V twin" would have neatly avoided any flame fest like this one.

And a caption under the computer art saying "this looks more colorful than the real metal single in the scooter, so look at it" would finish the argument.

Can't really blame you for all that, Yossef, but it sure looks like someone was napping when the words and the pictures went together.
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