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Default Re: 2003 SV 1000S First Ride!

So how is it not a torture rack when it has the exact same ergonomics as the GSXR1000? There is a 0" (zero inch) rise between the seat and the handlebars! My ZX6R has about a 2" rise! I sat on this bike at the show and confirmed that it is to far forward and down for my liking. Why did Suzuki do this? This is supposed to be a street bike right? Why then give it ergos the same as a race replica? Dumb, dumb, dumb. They did the same thing with the SV650s. I was considering these bikes but not now.
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Default Re: 2003 SV 1000S First Ride!

>All with seat heights that exclude those of us with short inseams.

exclude? i'm not sure how the seat heights on the bikes mentioned above exclude short-inseamed riders.

my inseam in 28" and i've been riding "real" bmw's for decades. that includes the R100GS and the R11XXGS. they're tall bikes, but when i ride i keep my feet on the pegs, not on the ground.

IMHO, the ability to "flatfoot" both feet is over-rated. as long as you can get one foot down at a stop, that should be enough.

of course, YMMV.
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Default Re: 2003 SV 1000S First Ride!

I have an 03 SV650 , tomorrow I am going to pick up an 03 SV1000s both bikes are tall... I have a 30 inch inseem.

1st the 04's ar an inch shorter but I'm getting mine for a steal just over $7k

2nd the seets are very thick you can probably loose an inch off the foam with little discomfort... also I don't know about you but most of the time my ffet are on the pegs, at stops I can get the balls of my feet down and if I', there for an extended time I slide a cheek of the seat and go flat footed on one foot....

it's not ideal but better then messing with the suspension. If low ride hight is your thing....there's the Buell Blast J/K (that wasn't even funny!!)
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