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Default Re: BikerBoyZ InterviewZ

Yeah, whatever. Oh, a gsxr 1100 punched out a little but the pistons are way bigger than stock, huh? Oh my, going WFO in a straight line how dangerous and exotic! What a show of skill. Hopefully they don't kill anyone but themselves when they blow a light and T-bone a family of five. F@ckin retards.
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Default Re: BikerBoyZ InterviewZ

So what I really would've loved to hear discussed in the interviews is:


why did a movie with so much potential suck so very badly?

It's filled with actors who have proven track records, obviously has some talented stunt riders, and well, Meagan Good would've been enough, but Moms is pretty hot too!

I mean, the first 15-20 minutes were totally cool, and I'm guessing that the budget didn't allow the kind of extended action sequences we all enjoyed in Fast&Furious (heh)

But why did they:

1. have the Kid race his first race on what appears to be some kind of supermoto track?

2. Set the final showdown on a gravel road that's obviously less than a 1/4 mile long, and dead-ends into a hillside?

3. Cram the last 3/4 of the movie with more wooden-faced preachy monologues and spark-free confrontations ("Luke, i'm your father") than you can shake a stick at?

4. Not replace all that boring junk with more stunts?

5. Let Lawrence Fishburn wear chaps (?), and even worse, have everyone wearing cheap bubblehead helmets?

6. Let Kid Rock take his shirt off?

7. Dose Lawrence Fishburn with thorazine? C'mon, this is the guy held his own with Kenneth Branaugh in Othello, and he's burning at about 20 watts throughout the movie He could've singlehandedly salvaged BikerBoyz.

C'mon MO, go find the answers to _those_ questions, and I'll subscribe all over again!!

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Default Re: BikerBoyZ InterviewZ

OK, I knew the movie would be lousy. My dearest dream would be for a film 1/4 as good as Fast and Furious.

No such luck.

It was so incredibly awful that I am embarrassed to admit I own a moto. Mere words cannot describe how grossed out I am. The LEAST they could have done is focus the damned camera on the bike and then show us some nudity. Give me SOMETHING for my $.

Is it really that hard to make a decent movie? Will The Matrix ever look right to me again? No to both points.

As for MO: why didn't you ask questions like "Did you read the barfmonger script before signing on?" How about "Do you think your career is officially over now that you made this hideous POS?"
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Default Re: BikerBoyZ InterviewZ

The MI2 moto sequence was drastically better than this horrific horkfest.

At least the freaking cameras were in focus and the acting wasn't straight out of High School.
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