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Default Re: U May get some more cool ideals for your bike!

Righht.... umm, yeah, how about some punctuation next time, OK? That way it wouldn't look like a F#$%cking 10 year wrote it. I mean d!@mn dude, it's just all one big f#$%cking sentence! What, you dont know how to use commas and periods and sh*t?
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Default Re: Biker Boyz Review Feedback

Apollo 13 - I read Jim Lovell's book, and there were some small deviations, and the effects (ship motion, etc.) were exaggerated, but that's about it.

Band of Brothers - They nailed it.
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Default Re: What will be funny.....

the upcoming Matrix looks like it will have a very nice set of scenes. Traped on the highway(no phones), Trinity sports a 996.

Anyone see Cool as Ice? ...Or did I miss the vote to never discuss it?

There was one movie that I think was pretty good. It was about two friends that build a road race bike, race it, win. Something like that. I can't recall the title. Anyone?
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Default Re: Biker Boyz Review Feedback

Well, being new to this site, and to riding ingeneral, I don't know how much weight my words will hold. But at the same time I'm from the "urban" commuity, but a mature 25. So with all that said. I really don't believe the movie was made for TRUE RIDERS... I think we ALL know that... And for the unrealistic feel that is presented in the trailer... Yeah... it will suck... ON THAT LEVEL... but also.... I feel there is a lack in the push of the marketing of this movie... but if the push was bigger, it probably would do as well as Fast ... in the urban / non riding community... But atleast they did finally make a film that centers around riding... be it factual or comic book, it was made. And there is also another one coming out. Produced by Ice-Cube, called Torque. I haven't seen a trailer, but I would believe it's gonna have the same feel... oh well... but hopefully, the biker world does get some positive rep from both movies... more people riding, or atleast wanting to learn how to, and maybe some one out there would actually research the sport/community and do a documentary on true riders... but we can only hope.... But I for one will be there 1/31 with my ticket in hand... Not cuz it's gonna be GOOD on the TRUE BIKERS LEVEL, but hopefully it's just down right entertaining at the least...

thank you
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Default other movies

Add to that list "A river runs through it". One or two minor flaws, but overall a fairly accurate portrayal of period fishing gear and techniques.

Bryan...I don't ice fish, though...
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Default Re: It's Just a Movie!

Lets all say three times out loud, "It's only a movie." Geeezz. Sure most of it is nonsense, especially the racing scenes. If, however, you look back at just about ANY car centric movie of the past 40 years, you'll notice a fair amount of bull*****. Start with Vanishing Point, or Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry, or Smokey and the Bandit, or Cannonball Run etc, etc. The one main difference is most of these were intended to be funny. At the very least they didn't take themselves too seriously. As for the lamest, Â…erÂ… the latest batch, Fast and the Furious, Biker Boyz, we shouldn't take them too seriously either. Remember, it's only a movie.

Actually, there is an updated version of On Any Sunday, ... sort of. Last year Steve McQueen's son Chad put out a movie called Fun In The Dirt. It wasn't in theatrical release long. I think it can be rented but I haven't seen it yet. Basically, it's an update of his father's movie.
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Default Re: What will be funny.....

I want to say it was American Thunder or American ?????? I'll try to get back to you in a week because my local rental had it several years ago. Entertaining but unrealistic. I remember a scene were he was tring to pace the leader who shifted (down I ting) to pull a wheelie and break away IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE. I always thought you up shift at red line? I guess you can learn something.

And Cool as was rad dude. Especially when he jumped over the wooden fence on a gsxr.
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Default Re: Biker Boyz Review Feedback

I too saw the movie at a special preview last night. And indeed the mostly biker crowd made it fun.

Not nearly as bad as I expected it would be. The acting was actually good and cinamatography was very good also. Overall a movie with high production values.

The weak point was the script. It went in so many different directions that ultimatly led nowhere. Which was distracting and detracted from the core of the story.

The bikes were cool except "Smoke's" Busa looked like something the artist formerly known as Prince would ride. Down a dirt road of course....

The racing scenes were lackluster. To me they didn't convey the visual and aural excitement that these bikes and this movie are all about. Not to mention the afore mentioned technical misreprentations. There was some good stunting to keep the script lively though.

Overall its worth a look. Again, not a complete groaner like i was expecting.

I guess the only complaint I really have is that there wasn't a single SV in the entire movie!
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Default Advice for the new guy:)

Ok, we appreciate your comments, and would like to keep hearing from you, but please, unless you need to show the omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding, or need to indicate an omission, especially of letters or words, leave out all the ellipsis, and just use regular puctuation...


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