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SlowBear 01-19-2003 07:15 AM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
Great stuff, more please.


FX1200 01-19-2003 08:07 AM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
I can't help but wonder how the Highwayman would have handled the Dolomites.

dgrantxjs 01-19-2003 01:07 PM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
Glad you enjojed yourself; have been to the dolomites 2x in the last 6 years and from the pictures have done many of the roads you did (and possibly many more). Can not belieive you did not mention the problems caused by convoys of

1. German bikers doing 30mph on practically every bend -sometimes up to 50 at a time - they really get pissed off when you overtake them and try to block the road so you have to more or less force your way thro' them, and

2. German car drivers every 10 yards - surprisingly they are more cosiderant of fast bikers that the German bikers, but still cause really bad congestion on the roads.

Hate to say it the roads are great, but during the summer months you might as well drive through London rush hours traffic for the same experiance you get in the Dolomites.

Do not recommend the Dolomites at all - if you want real biking roads, with not traffic, go to the Picos, Gredos or Pyrenes in Spain or the Tatras on the Polish/Slovak borders.

KPaulCook 01-19-2003 02:01 PM

Excellent story reminds of home.
Although the roads around my current home of Seattle allow for year around riding if you don't mind rain, the terrain of Dolomites reminds of the Continental Divide in Colorado. One trip that folks should take if they get to Colorado is to head west from Boulder via Boulder Canyon up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park then to Grand lake via trail ridge road. I have never done it on a motorcycle but back in college when I had an old RX-7 it was fun. Boulder Canyon itself is a hoot. Poudre Canyon outside of Fort Collins is fun as well.

Vlad 01-19-2003 02:15 PM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
Excellent piece. This is what biking is about.


yosef 01-19-2003 08:14 PM

Avoid August
David, heavy traffic wasnÂ’t mentioned because luckily I didnÂ’t encounter any, but then, I did the trip in September. My simple recommendation is to avoid the high season in August.


Grappelli 01-19-2003 11:02 PM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
I rode this road before I moved to the states.. great road.

Just wanted to point out, that I've ridden roads as good here. Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and especially Northern California and Oregon have all shown me beautiful roads, friendly people and a wonderful lack of traffic. I especially love some of the traffic signs I've seen. One of the best was a bullet peppered sign saying "Twisty road next 128 miles"

Maybe I sould send in some of these routes to you.

Grappelli 01-19-2003 11:15 PM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
Oh yes.. and no convoys of 30mph beemers here... in the USA people buy beemers to ride. Germans do the Harley thing with them. My bemer has been over 3 sisters offroad, through the walley of the gods, again offroad, up the oregon trail and, and, and. Ok, so it;s not supposed to go this much offroad, but my attitude is "It cost so much, it damn well should" It's worked so far.

Actually I accidentally threw it off the side of a hill once (don't park bike's downhill, facing the edge,, yea right) and drive it home depsite watching it bounce 100 feet down the hill. No repairs other than some new oild and a WHOLE BUNCH OF SCRATCHES.

I did get arrested trying to get to the northern rim of the grand canjon out of season (I'd gone in though the trails and the snow) but got off becuase I'm scottish. (He thought I was visiting)

My point in all these ramblings... there are some bloody great roads within a few hundred miles of us here. Europe is great, (I should know) and if you;ve never been - go and race, But there's too many cops, people and camper vans and the roads here are often more "out there"

Oh yea... except the roads in northern scotland. You ain;t ridden anything untill you've ridden off into the back of the beyound for 50 miles in the pissing rain on an empty and unlighted road, just to get to a pub where some bird MAYBE likes you, and uf she doesn;t, you don;t undertand a word anyway.

Scots girls RULE.

intruderman 01-20-2003 04:36 AM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
This is a great article to bide the time while I wait for temperatures to rise above freezing here in the "Sunny South". Since I can't make it to Italy/Germany I'll just settle for North Georgia and the North Carolina Blue Ridge! Not too bad for riding either!

BTW the International Motorcycle show was in Atlanta this past weekend and it helped me during this down time for sure. Saw a Benelli Tornado Tre up close and personal. Beautiful and only $36k. And the new Tuono, ah, what fun just waiting to happen. The Z1000, sigh. So many bikes, so little money.

It's supposed to reach 57 degrees this afternoon but it's only 32 right now. At lunch I'm going home and fire up my neglected steed.

Mooner 01-20-2003 05:35 AM

Re: Yossef And The Dolomites Feedback
Yossef, just like to add my thanks for the article. I was in the Dolomites last spring, but alas, I wasn't biking. However, Getting back there on a motorcycle was on my mind the entire time. Your little story has reinforced that desire....

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