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ducnet 01-16-2003 04:44 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
I have an 02 K1200rs and no it does not smoke. Quite a few years ago Bmw began pinning the oil rings in a fixed pos and cured the problem of oil seeping past into the cylinders causing smoke at startup. The engine is still laid over in the same config. I've owned 9 different (street) motorcycles during my 28 years of riding and have loved them all. Each one has had its strengths and weakness. Nice thing is that we are spoiled for choice!

Picked this one up in the summer and have 12,000 miles on her without using a drop of oil.

My wife rides an R1100s and doesn't experience the surging problems that some oilhead riders are having to deal with. I had that issue on the 94 R1100rs that I owned prior to this bike but was fortunate enough to get it set up properly.

Vlad 01-16-2003 04:44 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
I've never been a fan of the four cylinder flying brick. In my opinion, the best of the bricks was the K75. But the fact that they have not solved the vibration problem in a bike at this price level makes you wonder what the engineers at BMW have been doing. As the owner of a VFR and someone who has spent significant time in the saddle of an ST4, I can tell you that both of these bikes are as smooth as silk at both sane and insane cruising speeds. Seems like the boys at BMW need to do a little work on the engine, especially when the Italians seem to be able to build a better sport tourer.


ducnet 01-16-2003 04:52 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
The K 75 was a very smooth engine. They had counter- balancers to quell the vibs. Not the same package tho.

What year is your VFR? I travel with 2 guys on VFR;s. One is a 95 and one just traded for the 02.

Both nice bikes, but I like the look of the 95 better.

ducnet 01-16-2003 04:57 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
Vern, Is that you?

SezaGeoff 01-16-2003 05:12 PM

Re: What about break-in?
You obviously don't know about BMWs. The cylinder block is guaranteed to last 300,000 km, and the manual specifically instructs the user not to use synthetic oil till at least 10,000km, as it takes that long to run in. I know of some K100RTs that have over 350,000 km on them, and they are starting to get a little tired now!!


BMW4VWW 01-16-2003 06:10 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback

BMW4VWW 01-16-2003 06:16 PM

Re: Hmmmm...
Unless Kawasaki put a new engine in the Concours this year it has the same old 2 valve engine from the 1980's, which is not a ZX- 10 motor. VWW

Captain_1 01-16-2003 06:40 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
BMWs, like all fine machines, improve when properly run-in. They are built for the long haul for discerning riders who appreciate quality and unique european character. There are faster, cheaper and more entertaining bikes on the market, but no bike inspires rider confidence like an ABS equipped BMW when caught in a sudden storm.

KPaulCook 01-16-2003 07:11 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
After looking a K bike at dealer and then looking at the Aprilia Futura, I like Burns was drawn to the Futura. Especially when you are talkng that kind of money. The offset track would bother me just from a symetry thing. Do German engineers have tendency to over complicate things? But seriously how would the Honda ST and Yamaha FJ stack up. Wouldn't the K bike seem crude in comparison?

Nice story. Great Pictures and video.

dwr461 01-16-2003 10:00 PM

Re: BMW K1200GT Reader Feedback
I thought that this was a very well written article. I have a 1994 R1100RS with the painted hard bag lids. The problem with them is that one only has to seemingly breath on them the wrong way and they scratch. You should put your leg over the bike carefully if scuff marks bother you. Many of the BMW riders I know would have opted for the unpainted flat black finish, if only for durability sake.

I have been led to believe recently that BMW has at least one new motor, maybe two, in the works right now. The only thing that I was told about the new bike was "lighter, faster." I just hope that durability remains the same.

Take care,


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