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JohnGeisz 12-29-2002 09:36 PM

Re: Nobody does it better thanks MO...the death of the V-Twin continues (749 & Firebo
Nice try...

JohnGeisz 12-29-2002 09:37 PM

Re: These Used To Be Funny, Now Just Bad
At least HIS were clever.

seruzawa 12-30-2002 04:13 AM

Re: Went riding today 38 deg windy rainy not a Harley in sight.
Oh if that were true...... then we would have the two cancel each other out, creating a supernova explosion followed by a black hole.

Well, too late about the black hole....

Buzglyd 12-30-2002 08:26 AM

Re: Yes I am a bigot. A bigot in favor of quality and value
I just stay on the periphery of his Universe. If I ever become a psyco-therapist he\'ll make a great study.

Why is it that the ignorant are always so loud?

rsheidler 12-30-2002 08:52 AM

Re: Slashdot Like Automated Storytelling Homepage
>>I have no idea what you\'re talking about<<

Phew, I thought maybe I was the only one!


Buzglyd 12-30-2002 01:39 PM

I\'m out of your orbit
Sorry KP..not biting anymore on your "predictions." I\'ve got many miles under my belt on H-Ds. I really like them.

To compare it to surfing: a sportbike is like riding a shortboard and a Harley is like riding a longboard, both equally satisfying in their own way.

Down here in SoCal we surf too!

KPaulCook 12-30-2002 01:54 PM

Re: Yes I am a bigot. A bigot in favor of quality and value
Ouch that hurts.

KPaulCook 12-30-2002 02:05 PM

Don\'t worry you only have me for another 44 days
Don\'t worry you only have 44 days of me to put up with. Wife says I am obsessed with motorcycles. MO account has to go. Besides I go back to school this Winter. Grad school takes up a lot of time. Took this quarter off. Plus I was recently promoted I have 20 folks under my wrath. Which I am sure you would sympathize with. Believe or not I am good at something. Just a rookie at motorcycles is all. I am sure longride and Buzz will celebrate my departure. But then who will you have to gang up on. You guys remind of my three dogs. By themselves they won\'t take on one of my cats. They get awfully brave when its 3 dogs on one cat. She still kicks their butt.

KPaulCook 12-30-2002 02:09 PM

Re: A successful troll...
Yep you are right. The Harley boys sure take themselves way too serious. Some think John Burns is the Highwayman. I wish I could write as well as he can. His early stuff was great.

Buzglyd 12-30-2002 02:49 PM

Re: Don\'t worry you only have me for another 44 days
Wow, I\'ve just decided to re-subscribe for another year. MO ought to give you a commission!

Good luck in your future pursuits..........

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