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Buzglyd 12-27-2002 08:59 AM

Re: Dave, read this for a wrap-up!
I'm trying to exchange into a place at Lake Geneva, WI. That's not far from Chicago and a short ride to Milwaukee. All the hotels in Milwaukee are booked so if I don't get this exchange I may have to stay down towards Chicago.

KPaulCook 12-27-2002 09:22 AM

Re: Dave, read this for a wrap-up!
You guys are so funny. You start an argument and then when you get waxed, you claim fail. The name calling starts. Longride does his usual personal attacks. Then comes Buz. Hey if you can't finish the fight don't start it my dad always said. I said V-Twins are dying in racing and you guys call me a racist i.e. a bigot who thinks all the Japanese are superior. When I point out that is not what I said you call me illogical etc. So who is moron? Follow the thread with Dave and answer me honestly if you dare. Don't whine, cry etc.

KPaulCook 12-27-2002 09:30 AM

A recap
I said V-Twins are obsolete in racing and sport bikes

Dave said "KPaul you are a racist/bigot, you think all Japanese stuff is superior"

I said "I am only a bigot for quality, the Japanese have done a great job delivering quality products"

Dave said "Japanese companies have failed"

I said "No Japanese government policies have failed"

Dave said "KPaul you said Japanese are superior"

I said "No the Japanese are indeed better for good reason embracing Demming Quality processes (An American)

So what part of what I said is illogical. I think you (longride and Buz include) just lost the argument is all. Sore losers.

KPaulCook 12-27-2002 10:07 AM

Re: Thanks man I know about racism.

KPaulCook 12-27-2002 10:07 AM

Re: Meanwhile back in Espana... 2003 YZF-R6 First Ride

KPaulCook 12-27-2002 10:08 AM

Re: Dave, read this for a wrap-up!

Buzglyd 12-27-2002 12:03 PM

Re: A recap
Oi vey where to start.

You've fallen into a typical poor debating habit of distorting the topic and then attacking the distortion.

I wasn't even part of your brief "KPauling" of Dave. In fact just when I start to think you're a relatively decent human being you have to post this garbage so I'll just bow out of future flame bait instigated on your behalf.

It was 68 degrees and sunny today so I went for a nice long ride.......what were we talking about?

CONMAN 12-27-2002 12:27 PM

Re: Meanwhile back in Espana... 2003 YZF-R6 First Ride
The new R6 sounds great!! I gotta feeling I'm going to be kicking myself in the arse for buying a 02 R6 instead of waiting the extra year for the new 03. Oh well I would had to go a whole season without riding and I'm very

happy with this 02 R6.

longride 12-27-2002 12:40 PM

Re: Dave, read this for a wrap-up!
Lake Geneva would be good if you get it. It's halfway to Milwaukee from Chicago. I'm about 90 miles from there and I can't imagine the traffic jam there will be up that way. I 'm sure Chicago will get lots of spillover. Should be fun and crowded!

longride 12-27-2002 12:46 PM

Re: A recap
Geez Buz, it's 35 and snow everywhere here. I can still work on my old Shovelhead, which I am currently rebuilding the top end along other odds and ends, while dreaming of riding. Hopr to get out some tomorrow on my wobbly Geezer Glide. I was not in KPaul's little psudo-argument either. Poor Dave got stuck with him this time.

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