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Default Don't forget Reiju RS1

My son bought an RS1 last summer. Its a GP1 knockoff, but full size, and 50 cc's of fun. It will do 55 mph. When we cruise down to Thayer St in Providence, RI Its HIS SCOOTER that gets all the looks! All the Harley Guys are blipping their throttles, but when the kid gasses it, and makes that "Ring-Ding", everyone notices it. Im So jeoluous!.

John Y
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Default Re: 2002 Scooter Smackdown!


"...But if you're a man's man, you don't ride something called a `Helix' you ride a `Monster,' you don't ride a `Vino' you ride a `Warrior,' you don't ride a `Vespa' you ride a `Road King'. Are you following me? You zip up some racing leathers and tuck down low into a lean, mean, time travel machine that can get you from 0 to 100 and back to 0 before the Corvette next to you even hits the century mark. You slide on some Doc Martin ass-kickers and wrap-around shades and cruise the strip setting off car alarms with your semi-legal Screamin' Eagle pipes. You DO NOT pull on a Kazoo helmet and sit in that prissy school girl knees-together-back-straight pose that a scooter forces you into and expect to get any props!"

Of course, a scooter is not for you, He-Man Bass.

A scooter is for people who choose a ride NOT because it is a penile extension, but because it fits their needs in fuel consumption and spatial economy.

A scooter in the US is like a dodo in flight... doomed an undignified death.

Are scooters for wimps? Compare your macho score with the scooteristas in Naples and slink away.

I rode a Vespa every day and any girl I offered a ride didn't hesitate long enough for me to finish my sentence before jumping on the back of that 'cute little scooter', while most of these girls wouldn't dare straddle a R1. And once they rode pillion, their arms wrapped around my torso, the vibrations of the small two-stroke engine tickling their pleasure knobs, all I needed to do is take them to a meadow where the grass is two bodies high and uncork the wine I carried in my glovebox.

But, of course, wine is also for pussies. Real men drink beer.

Silly Bass, while you ride you wheelies to impress your buddies, I ride my Vespa deep into the woods and bury myself in female bushes... My smile will be wider than yours...

The chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion
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Default Re: 2002 Scooter Smackdown!

Umm, actually I like wine!

You keep on keepin' on Bro'!
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Default Re: 2002 Scooter Smackdown!

So, I'll avoid the Honda Metro. What can anyone tell me about the Honda Elite 80? They're still selling it new, and I'm curious. Is it good enough for major-boulevard traffic in L.A.?
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