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Default Re: Thrillo at Willow Reader Feedback

I am not surprised at the outcome of this test, since as far as I can tell no one with real knowledge about suspension and chassis geometry has set up the modded RC51.

I have personal experience of what can happen if you spend a day with someone who really knows about suspension and geometry of a motorcycle. I have a cbr900rr '97, and it certainly left a lot to ask at track days. But I was stubborn about making it my "perfect" ride. So I looked around and stumbled upon computrack, a company specializing in suspension tuning and geometry for motorcycles. After spending one day at such a facility the bike was totally transformed, allowing me to lap my favourite track at several seconds faster. What I want to say is this: If you want to improve a bike it will take money to buy better suspension but it will also take money or knowledge to set it up. I find it strange that people seem to think that it is just a matter of reading a mag and applying some settings found there. Naturally Aprilia has spent a lot trying to optimise the settings of their Mille RSV-R, but please don't try to beat it without putting in equal amount of knowledge to another bike. Knowledge equals power equals fast times.

Over and out.

Johan Bergman (cbr900rr '97 104000km...)
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Default Re: Thrillo at Willow Reader Feedback

Excellent point. I have a '01 RSVR, so I have an Aprilia bias, but I wouldn't automatically expect the guys who set up the modified RC51 to be able to do as good a job as the Aprilia factory.
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Default Re: Thrillo at Willow Reader Feedback

I'm not sure what your qualifications are for knowledgeable is Johan, but Dan Kyle of Dan Kyle racing has been building and working on Honda's for over 25 years, and Dan worked on the Erion Racing team effort, building several winning bikes. Can we still fine tune the suspension, yes. I think computrack is an excellent idea as well. Bruce K. Kusada, owner of the RC51 in question.
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Default Twins will be Twins

It doesn't matter what the motoGp, WSB, or AMA guys are riding, because even if you, me, or 99% of the other readers here got on one of thier rides, we would suck rocks.

Riders win races. Sure the bikes help when you put the same caliber riders against eachother, but at your friendly track day or club race, you'll hardly ever see a battle of even riders where the bike wins or looses a race.

A great article about two wonderful twins. Alas, I will just have to make do with passing the little squiddies on my 15 year old Hawk GT.

Of course I could go WAY faster with those poser Carbon fiber wheels... :-p
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