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bharriet 11-01-2002 05:39 AM

Re: Deuce Hop-up Reader Feedback
First, the Screaming Eagle parts are not street legal! The only good thing about the article is that there wasnt any statement of "loud pipes saves lives". A rider that knows how to ride, can take a stock bike, cruiser or sport, and blow the "doors" off a rider on a "trick" bike. Riding a stock bike at 10/10ths is a hell-of-a-lot faster than riding a hopped-up bike at 5/10ths. The other thing I cant understand is the "forward mounted pegs". How can you get up on the balls of your feet, pivot steer and get the bike to turn? And BTW I have a completely stock 2001 HD Dyna-Glide Sport (pegs straight down) that I ride like my F4i and have never been passed by any loud HD on the straights or in the corners.

intruderman 11-01-2002 05:51 AM

Re: The Righteous and the Damned
(chuckling).......stupidity was never funnier. Sort of like watching Anna Nicole taking herself seriously.

morthrane 11-01-2002 05:53 AM

Re: Deuce Hop-up Reader Feedback
I have an 01 suzuki marauder with those forward mounted pegs, and an 01 R1. Since ground clearance is so pathetic on a cruiser, I find the forward pegs are actually fairly nice in one small way-- the outside peg makes for good leverage. Especially when the road conditions are less than ideal, and weighing the outside peg will help a great deal in preventing a lowside...

nokneedragin 11-01-2002 06:10 AM
The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the Dictionary search box to the right.

Suggestions for atrociteurs:

1. atrociousness

2. atomisers

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4. atrocities

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9. Etruscans

MAD 11-01-2002 06:24 AM

Re: The Righteous and the Damned

Hire this guy! Damn entertaining.


allbikesbiker 11-01-2002 06:58 AM

Re: The Righteous and the Damned
Highwayman...question? so, if I own an '00 ElectraGlive, '02 Sportster 883R,'02 Honda RC51, '71 Triumph Bonneville.. among other bikes, does the "fork" split apply to me? Am I only half an "atrociteur" or should I just die because I'm all mixed up and never had the 'sense' to know what to ride/buy/keep/sell... or should I have consulted you first?

allbikesbiker 11-01-2002 07:04 AM

Re: The Righteous and the Damned
one more thing.. do you have a Sony TV? What kind of VCR you got! Is your computer American Made?

Twisted 11-01-2002 07:08 AM

Re: The Righteous and the Damned
An abundance of words...well written but still typical HD-rider Bulls---!

No need to bad-mouth Japanese bikes with eloquent words or not-so-eloquent words. No need to try to defend that offensive point of view with macho BS. (Sport bike riders have MUCH bigger balls than cruiser riders, don't cha' know.) By the way, I'm not a Harley-Hater, although I'm not a fan of some of the nit-wits that ride them.

The criteria used for choosing one bike over another varies between cruisers and sportbikes. Aesthetics and the 'cool factor' are more important to cruiser buyers. Performance and the 'tech stuff' are more important to sportbike buyers. If you like cruisers, the Duece is a really cool bike. If you like sportbikes, the 'rice-burners' are bad to the bone!

When I ride a Harley cruiser (my pumped-up FXR), I am a very 'cool Dude'. When I ride a Japanese sport bike (my CBRXX or sweet VFR), I often view a group of 'cool Dude' cruiser riders as 'road litter'! It's just a matter of perspective...We all be righteous, brother!!!

Matt_Pressley 11-01-2002 07:39 AM

Re: Deuce Hop-up Reader Feedback
It's nice to see a cruiser article every once in a while. It always amazes me how thick the line is drawn between Cruiser and Sport Bike riders. I personally like both - but they each have 2 totally different purposes in life. Crusiers are for exactly what they are named for, crusing. They're not designed for drag racing, they are for an enjoyable ride through the city or on the interstate; a way to get away from your mundane life and just ride. Sport Bikes are the opposite. They're about adreneline. The faster they go, the better bike they are. Speed is their purpose, and they do it well. It's always funny how Sport Bikers always bring up speed as a unit of measure against the Crusier market, or how Crusier people call Sport Bikes "Plastic and Tin." Making such arguements against each bike type is like saying, "Apples suck because they don't have enough Orange flavor to them." Crusiers are Cruisers and Sport Bikes are Sport Bikes. The criteria for choosing either are on totally opposite sides of the motorcycle spectrum.

Oh, I liked the article.... ;-)

grover750 11-01-2002 08:16 AM

Re: Deuce Hop-up Reader Feedback
So, after you upgrade the EFI, the air cleaner, and the exhaust system, replace the heads, and bore out the engine, you'll still be 5hp and 10 ft/lbs short of a bone stock gold wing.

How about a turbo kit? Afterburners?

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