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Ryan_smith 10-27-2002 04:33 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning
I also own a 883 sportster, 2001, your price on the belt is way off. After having ridden my bike just short or 1000 miles, the belt broke, just before the 1000 mile tune up. The belt is $150 and labor is about the same, so, $300 to replace a belt. Personally, i do not like the bike that much either, i have only put 2500 miles on it and i just can't stand the front suspension, i find it to be horribly "clunky" and find it is not afraid to bottom out. I find the brakes to completely suck, you have to stand on them and they fade fast. So, this spring i plan on getting a 2003 R6 instead. I rode a 2002 last month and found everything i don't quite like on the HD is answered on the R6, granted the long ride won't be as comfortable, but i won't have to choke the bike for 3 minutes prior to a ride or worry about waking neighbors at 6/7am or 11/12pm.

dwr461 10-27-2002 04:57 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning
That's possible that I've been misinformed. I've tried soft packs, saddle bags, tank bags, and bags that you wear. I'm sorry, I'm just not willing to go back to them now that I've used Givi bags. Now if I could afford several motorcycles......



PsychoBueller 10-27-2002 04:58 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning
As far as your belt breaking in less than 1000 miles, it sounds fishy to me. Perhaps it was wildly out of adjustment.

If the R6 is what you are looking for why did you buy a 883 Sportster? I can't think of two bikes more dissimilar. Sounds to me like you really made a bad decision. Good luck with the R6.

dwr461 10-27-2002 05:01 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning
Agreed, whoever came up with that idea should be commended. The photographer did a great job too. He or she musy have needed a really high step ladder or boom truck. Any chance MO could post that picture as wallpaper, like ya'll did for the Duc's?

Take care,


Hadji 10-27-2002 05:11 AM

Rugby Nickname
It's a nickname I picked up. My mates were going to call me Johnny Quest when a drunken idiot said "Wait, he's dark! Let's call him Hadji!" You can figure out the rest.

biggsly5000 10-27-2002 05:18 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning
I remember MO talking about their new shmancy fancy camera, so where are the wallpapers? All stories should include at least one, IMHO.

DurangoKid 10-27-2002 05:48 AM

I really like...
... the direction that Buell is heading with the Firebolt and Lightning. On a recent visit to Central Texas HD, I was able to set eyes upon the new Lightning. Looks much better in person than in the photos.

I would love to get to know one of these beauties. The salesperson offered me a demo when the weather improves here in Austin.

I sampled the Ducati 900SS recently and LOVED it. It was a blast to ride and I imagine the X9B's are as well.

The price is a major consideration and last year while considering a purchase of the Firebolt the insurance quote I received was abusive. It's unlikely I will be buying one.

JohnnyB, have you seen the December issue of Motorcyclist?

In Boehm's Lean Angle column he writes, "And because it's the Web (and free!), there's now no reason to "subscribe" to those silly pay-to-view-sites."

Can I assume that you left Motorcyclist on good terms?

KPaulCook 10-27-2002 05:51 AM

You are correct sir
Given the new naked bikes like SV1000 and the Kawasaki, I agree it is insane to spend $10,000 on this bike.

KPaulCook 10-27-2002 05:59 AM

Just the facts man, your misconceptions
Let me clean up some of your misconceptions.

"See, the guys that like Japanese bikes see it as too much a Harley and the Harley guys see it as too Japanese. " The guys who like Japanese bikes like them cause they get a great price/performance ratio not cause its a Harley or a Ducati or a Triumph. Hey the SV1000 and new Kawasaki naked bike both will kick this bike but when the print rags do side by side comparisons.

KPaulCook 10-27-2002 06:03 AM

Those rebates are for 2002 bikes not 2003 like Buell is doing.

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