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Default Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

No, we were not averaging 65. We were consistently doing 85 on the highway. We averaged 65 over 500 miles when you factor gas stops, lunch stop, and a stop under an overpass for a hailstorm (ouch!).

The Speed Triple is breathed on, so it's likely getting less than 42 mpg. Plus, it's not impossible to believe that the low fuel light is coming on with 1.5 gallons or more gallons left. Finally, my friend is absolutely freakin' paranoid about running out of gas so he stops by the mileage indicated, not the fuel light.

In any case, I've done some longish tours this year and stopping every 120 miles never bothered me, even though my bike will go 180 between stops. In fact, I think we actually made better time because our stops were shorter than I normally take.
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Default Sat on it at a motorcycle show

I just got to sit on the Buell XB9S at a motorcycle show and man is it stubby! It felt pretty different from the XB9R too. Hard to belive its the same bike from sitting on the two. I also got to try out the passenger seat on the XB9S. Holy crap that was uncomfortable. I can't imagine anyone actually using that thing. Half of my butt was in the air and I'm skinny. It was more uncomfortale than sitting on a narrow railing, which I used for comparison. So if you see a XB9S passnger attacking the rider on the side of the road, you'll know why. The passenger seat is a torture device.
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Default Re: Sat on it at a motorcycle show

I hardly think that the 9S was designed with passengers in mind. That's what Gold Wings are for. Or better yet, have them get their own bike.
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Default Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

After reading your comments about the "S" and reading some of the print media, I decided to take a look for myself. I called the nearest HD/Buell dealer to ask if they had them in stock. Two calls to get a "sales" person who had "to check" when I said Buell. Finally a reply, we have the Firebolt, but not that other one. When I called I had to listen to the usual on hold spiel, this one saying we now have three dealers in the S.A. area. So I asked the guy if the other two had them. He said he knew nothing about the others and hung up.

My conclusion: If they want to sell these bikes to sport bike riders they better get them out of HD dealerships and into the hands of people with knowledge---and who give a damn.
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Default You've made the point.

You have made his point for him, KPaul.

YOu seem to truly believe that "accurate information" about riding comes from a stat sheet or spec column in a print rag article.

Guys like Buzglyd, Longride, and hey, me think "accurate information" about riding comes from...er...riding.

And please allow me to offer another take on the Price/performance ratio. I recently took a road trip to Tallahassee to visit some friends in college there. I saw truckers cut-off the hell out of a nice-looking couple on an older 4-cyl Wing, but the same truckers saw my (small) Harley and waved me on by. That's a kind of performance. I rode my Dad's Kawasaki drifter 800 for a few months before I had a bike and he had no time to ride it. Great little bike; comfy, quick enough for around town, and young ladies literaly snickered at me. On my HArley, I've actually had two rather atractive members of the fairer sex offer *me* a date. Now, this is not the reason I ride. But if I have my choice of two bikes, either of which makes me happy, but one of which elicits desire, and the other of which elicits derision, well, just between you and me, I'll take the desire. There aren't many 26 year olds on Harleys (of any model) so part of "performance" to me is being somewhat unique...or at least, in a niche. So if you define performance strictly according to what you get for your money, well, I have to tell you that, for my money, I get a bike with enough performance for me to learn, low insurance, low maintenance costs, good looks (says me), dates with two babes, great milage, and heaps of fun.

And oh, I did finally break down and get the black leather.
Headlight Fluid?! How dumb does he think I am? When I get back to base with that Elbow Grease, I'm gonna have a talk with the Sarge.
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Default Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

Buells are not sport bikes, sport bikes are race replicas... I'm still looking for a Buell at the race track...
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Default Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

Propensity to leak oil????? Where did you hear that? At your local Jap bike dealer? Since the introduction of the Evo (3 genereations back now) the statement that a Harley leaks oil is only made out of ignorance. I have owned 2 (and still own one) and have never in 14 years, had an oil leak, or any other mechanical failure.
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