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Default Re: Just the facts man, your misconceptions

I traded a ride on a (long gone) 95 Ducati 900ss/cr for a ride on a friend's Buell (??), one of the first HD production models. While the engines felt similar in power delivery, the Duc had a better top end and everything else about it convinced me that I made the right choice with the Duc--vibes, seating position, seat (the used Duc came with a corbin), grip diameter, and many others. I now have a Monster for that reason--the last gen lightning looked the biz, but I knew I liked a duc better. The new lightning really does it for me stylistically and sounds like similar performance to my 2V Monster... but I picked up the Monster for less than half the MSRP of the new Buell, and about 2k less than any used Buell I've seen. Until Buell prices lose their Harley sensibilities, I will consistently ride something else. But when they do, I'll be looking for a decent used one... So a little bit Longride and a little bit KPaul--I do know the difference, I do have a decent amount of riding experience, but the price thing is still kinda important... um, but not important enough to settle for a SV650 when I could get a Monster for just a bit more...
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Default Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

When the XB9R was introduced it got my saliva glands working overtime. Built to do what I like and looks fantastic, even if the quarter fairing and headlights look a little “aftermarket”. I thought “finally, the perfect bike”. That is until I read reviews/complaints about it’s cramped riding position. Sometimes I like to ride for more than 30 minutes at a time. As I get older, riding in the fetal position for any longer gets harder and harder.

Now we have the XB9S. This is what I’ve been waiting for. A back road bike with all day comfort and it even looks better than the R. Now, do I make this check out to Erik Bue…..What’s that? It’s only got a range of 140 miles? I can buy an R1 for same money?! Suzuki has a V-twin that makes 12 more ponies, 5 more ft-lbs of torque and can go 100 miles more between fill ups?! You know, I do hate stopping for gas. It’s $1,100 less?!! Sorry Mr. Buell, I have to rethink this.

If this bike were introduced a few years ago, I would have been one the first, cash in hand, to the dealerships. Now there is just too much competition with the likes of the FZ1, Speed Triple and the V-Strom. Yes, I know the FZ1 is carbureted and makes it’s power is way up top but it just makes so much more of it. The Speed Triple has similar power to the FZ but it does use EFI instead of carburetors. For myself, the Suzuki DL gives the S Buell the most competition although it does appear to be a physically larger machine.

Uncle Johnny compares the XB9S to his TTR-125L. I don’t know about him, but I feel like a dork riding the toy like TTR. That famous picture of the two really fat brothers riding CT70’s comes to mind. Sure, I have as much fun on one as Fozie Bear has with his rubber chicken but only if no one sees me. To ride one in public would knock my cool guy image down a few points. This probably doesn’t really apply to the Buell but it is tiny compared to the others. Bottom line is there are just too many as good/better bikes out there for less money.

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Default Re: Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

yeah, I really like that photo too
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Default Re: You're absolutely right

If you had read the spec's, the XB9S (and XB9R) is equipped with an oversquare engine, 3.5 bore x 3.125 stroke. But the rest of your argument DOES hold water.
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Default Spare me ....

"and i would ride it on a plane,

or in a car or on a train.

i do so like the buell, you see,

i do i do, it's not just me."

your road test reads a lot like ad copy. wax poetic all you want about the little quasi-harley heap buell weavel. maybe it's fun to ride before it starts shedding parts like a wet labrador flinging off pondwater. but lots of bikes are fun to ride. the suzuki sv650 and 1000 are prime examples. light, fast, flickable, wheelyable ... all the things the buell weavel is and more, but at a fraction of the cost and with reliability that is better by an order of magnitude.

sorry, buell, but until you bring your engines into the current millenium, i'll be a skeptic for life.
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Default Re: There you go again getting personal when

It's because all you see is price/performance. Maybe it's your logical, engineering brain that can't understand that a motorcycle is a passionate purchase, not a rational one.

Performance is more than 1/4 mile times. Remember those numbers are extracted by testers used to getting the max out of each bike. Your average rider could never duplicate those times.

Performance can also be listed as:

Fun to ride


Lasting Value

Cache etc, etc, etc.

Are you telling me if you won the lottery you'd have a garage full of Ninja 600s?

You also have a nasty habit of throwing bombs all over the list about bikes you know nothing about other than what you have read (Ducatis, Harleys, any other bike that is not Japanese) and a stream of personal insults (telling longrider to get in shape, etc.) make you public enemy number one for the most part.

It's perfectly fine to state that a bike such as the Buell is not your cup of tea. That doesn't make everyone else wrong for liking it due to the fact it doesn't fit your beloved price/performance ratio. Quite frankly I've never considered that when purchasing any motorcycle. I'm going to have to tell my friend to sell his BMW as well because there is no way that would fit into your world either!
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Default Re: Spare me ....

Hey! Don't forget CHEAPER! I mean...more AFFORDABLE!

Eric needs a up-to-date air-cooled twin to put in his baby! I don't think he wants to use a wet motor.

I'd suggest (fantasy setting in here) that timeless motorpiece from the Multi-Strada, but I think the L-twin form factor would screw with Buell's chassis design.
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Default Re: Just the facts man, your misconceptions

That hurts. Why am I fool again???? Or is that asking to much from you?
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Default Finally a voice of reason.

Excellent post. The SV1000 and new Kawasaki naked bike will sell better.
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Default Peed my pants..

This is just about the funniest damn thing I have ever read. Dunno if you're serious or not but this is some good stuff. the Asian Atrocity-cycle is still the best, IMO.

And I almost missed it due to it's being "moderated" to a -1 score.
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