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Default Re: Reader Feedback: Honda CBR1100XX vs. Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

Hi folks,

Are you sure about that dyno chart and the specs? The way I read it , the Honda has more power and weights less than the Kawasaki.
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Default Re: Hondas are great, but a little staid for my tastes.

While I enjoyed my 00 KLR 650 the first 10k miles then next 1k sucked. The internals let go and it spent 3 months in the shop only for them not to fix it. Then it spent another month in a shop I trusted. Fixed now but after 10k and the bottom end going it left a bad taste...
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Default Re: Special Delivery!

A 'Stitch only a Florida Gator could love.
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Default Re: Hondas are great, but a little staid for my tastes.

I hear what you are saying. Yep the Kawi is exciting and that is what made me buy it over the HOnda but now I kind of prefer reliability and the girl next door. After having Honda cars over the years, with zero problems, I am kind of ready to come back under the red wing. Being a rider with only 7500 miles of experience I was pretty gentle on the ZX-6R. So it is a mystery why it decided to have a leak now. I noticed no oil leak before I took it in, no oil burning and the level remained constant. But when they fire it up at the shop you can see the oil spit out for a period of two seconds. The head gasket didn't completely go they said. Maybe they overfilled the oil started it up and then said oh crap. Used a turkey baster to get rid of the excess but the damage was done. Just a theory.
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Default Re: Hondas are great, but a little staid for my tastes.

I could relay many stories about someone's bad experience with a bike. More often than not, if the dealer is reputable, then the problem never escalates to "I hate Yamazuki" or "I'll never buy another Hondaki". The dealer might suck, but that doesn't necessarily mean the brand makes inferior products. Every bike will have a probem, and it's ALWAYS sooner than we'd like.

Does the bike work OK now? Do you think if you'd have taken it to the dealer you trust that your opinion would be different?

I guess I should have been a psycologist; I'm always trying to figure out what makes people say the things they do, and give a different perspective. I know, I know- negotiation is irrelevant, understanding is futile. But I gotta TRY...
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Default Re: Reader Feedback: Honda CBR1100XX vs. Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

Okay, so the CBR's suspension isn't up to scratch. How good is it after a race-tech upgrade?

The CBR has reliability, fit and finish, mileage, fuel injection, and an overall smooth bike going for it. On the down side appear to be suspension and the more traditional ZZ-R ergos. I'm not convinced of LBS either way, but the few times I've ridden with honda LBS, it didn't ***** me off.

From where I'm sitting, if there's a way to correct the suspension, the CBR may well be the ticket to my next touring bike. Any help on testing that theory?


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Default Re: Dyno graphs wrong?

If you're looking for something to blow hot air, surely you need look no further than your own Mr. Burns.
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Default Re: Other things to look at that give Honda a edge. Kawasaki short comings

I have to take exception to your slam on Ksaki. I bought a 1970 Ksaki W2SS 650 while in Japan and shipped it to the states. It had a few problems that I sorted out over the first 10K miles. After that I rode it for nearly ten years putting some 100K on it with virtually no problems at all. The compression got so bad that I could start it by pushing the kickstarter with my hand, but it still ran everyday. Parts were unavailable so I scrapped it, else I'd have rebuilt it. No Britbike or HD ever put on miles anything like that. And darned few Japanese bikes of the era did either.

My next Ksaki was a 1981 KZ750 with 12K miles on it. I put another 40K+ miles on it with only two problems, an ignition pick up and a worn timing chain follower/tensioner. When I tore the engine down to replace the parts I expected to see a worn engine. After all, it spun 6K on the freeway most of its life. To my surprise the cylinders were like glass with only a tiny hint of scoring near the tops. All tolerances were near new and I never once had to adjust the valves.

In my experience Ksaki has been better than Honda. My 1984 Magna blew its tranny at 27K miles. This problem occurred on MOST of these bikes. Plus Honda routed the oil to the camshafts AFTER running it through the tranny resulting in lousy engine life. I believe this problem was purposeful as a method of ensuring the engine doesn't last too long, ensuring future sales.

Everybody has different experiences. I consider my current main ride, a Suzie GSX1100G to be superior in reliablilty to any bike I've ever owned. 40K so far and no repairs or mods except aftermarket fork springs ($65).

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Default Re: Reader Feedback: Honda CBR1100XX vs. Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

Yes you can correct the suspension. Proper fork springs make a huge difference-to the point I haven't done the valving correction (and I'm not sure I will). A 6mm spacer for the rear shock to raise ride height dramatically improved the way the bike turns in (you could also lower the triple clamps on the fork tubes, but why give up ground clearance?). Total cost: less than $100.
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Default Re: Other things to look at that give Honda a edge. Kawasaki short comings

"I guess given my recent negative experience with my Ninja. It is in the shop for a possible head gasket leak, after only 7500 miles

I think I would look harder at things like maintenance intervals."

That may be one thing to look at, but reliability can still be a problem even with NO intervals.

" Hondas may be 16,000 versus the usual 7500 for the Kawa. at $350 a pop"

If you don't really like the bike none of that really matters, right? I mean the bike has to be right for you first, then the maintenance should come into play. May be the decider between two, but shouldn't be the primary. Just my opinion.

"Hondas record for reliability versus Kawasaki."

They both have good records. I own a Kaw 900 Ninja, and it's been very good, so far. I also had a 97 TL 1000 that got recalled twice, broke the frame twice, and the clutch slipped from day one over 7000 rpm. All that within 10,000 miles. I would still get another Suzuki(looking at getting a Hayabusa now and possibly waiting for a SV 1000)

"Smothness is a good thing according to my Mechanical Engineer colleagues. Means other parts will last longer"

They are all smooth these days(Except a Sporty!). I do like to "feel" the engine working under me. My old GoldWing couldn't be felt or heard at all, and was weird at times. I like a twin personally. Might vibrate more, but it's cool. Does this mean my vibrating 76 Superglide is gonna break? Damn!

"Linked Brakes is a good thing for most people"

I doubt this is true, but they can't hurt. I wouldn't go out of my way to get linked brakes.

"Fuel injection is more pratical for us folks that live in colder climates"

Fuel injection can also go bad. Carbs can get clogged, but if you leave them alone and don't let the gas sit, they will last almost forever. Fuel injection can be really good or bad depending on the mapping. Otherwise it's a $250 Power Commander and a laptop. Did I mention that TL 1000 was almost unridable under 4000 rpm? Yep, bucked like a bronco at low speeds. Mapping was off and I fixed that too. FI vs. carbs is a tossup.

"Honda bike is a well proven design with lots of bikes out there for data points "

SOME of their bikes are well proven. Others have problems. VFR's had charging woes for years. And the current GoldWing has a persistent overheating problem that Honda has yet to fully address. Lots of bikes have soft spots. Do your homework and then buy.

"Right now Kawasaki is on my sh_t list. Good thing I bought the extended warranty. Although I never thought I would have to use it. Next time its a Honda I buy. "

I would never buy a motorcycle I wasn't totally in love with no matter what the badge. I think all the mgfs. make really good bikes. Like I said they all have their soft spots. I had an old Sportster in the 80's that never left me stranded for 50,000 miles, yet I had a Yamaha 750 at the same time that had to be towed once a month because the ignition was quirky. Bottom line: Buy the one you love, cause the rest doesn't matter if you really don't like the bike to begin with. Sorry to hear of your problems, and I hope the dealer sorts it out for you. Just go get the Buell you really want and get it over with.
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