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Default Re: HD prices..

Well, my relative just sold his HD for $18k, unbelievable. He said the guy that bought it woke up at 4:00am this morning and couldn't get it out of his mind. It's a nice bike and all, but $18k for a 2 year old cruiser with 20k miles? Was this an abberation? Anyone?

I really don't think most Japenese bikes drop 70-80% "after a few years". I've been looking for a 2000 Interceptor, can't find one for less than $7k, which is 70% of the original value. There also are not any '98 VFRs for less than $5500. CBRs, etc, are going to drop faster, tourers slower.

I'd say, on average, most Japense street bikes drop about 15%-25% the first year, then about 5-10% every year after that. But think of the money you save by not having to buy all that fringe.

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Default Re: Saw 'em in the flesh today...

I work at Daytec, and I know that they supply frames to Big Dog (neat, I mighta help build that thing), but I've never heard much about them. Are they any good?
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Default Give me a Victory

When I go American, it'll be a Polaris/Victory. Really like the look of the Victory Vegas.
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Default Re: 2003 Indian Reader Feedback

Hmmmmm, after looking at the prices for the new Indians I would rather spend that kind of $$$$ for a real 1953 Indian. I'm not into cruisers, but an original Indian is one I'd like to be riding...
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Default Re: So...

When is Honda going to update the SuperHawk?
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Default Re: 2003 Indian Reader Feedback

Nope. It was the MXdN.
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Default Re: 2003 Indian Reader Feedback

My great uncle was a factory-sponsored racer for Indian back in the twenties, when Indian was Harley's key competitor. Indians were famed for their technology, for their power and handling. They were the sport motorcycle of their day.

What a sad comment that the "new" Indians are hastily thrown together Harley clones, whose engine offers us nothing more than Harley's engineering principles and configuration in a slightly-changed package. They're porky, unreliable, and uninventive.

At least Harley endeavors to update their engine, even venture into new territory with the Buell and the V-Rod. Too bad that no one at Indian has the stones to try something new, rather than attempt to build a motorcycle that takes the leftovers and scraps from Harley's marketing table.

Kudos to John Bloor and Triumph for bringing new luster to an old and honored name. Maybe he could buy Indian and do something with it. Until the arrival of cojones in Gilroy, Indian will remain an embarrassment to the legendary name it carries.

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Default Re: Getting Close Anyway

"Real" Indians had a 42-degree v-angle in their engines.
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Default Re: 2003 Indian Reader Feedback

Give me a break. I ride a Harley Road King. Because I like it. I also ride an RSV Mille, which I just bought used. Because I like it. If I liked an Indian, I'd ride it. I personally think it looks a bit squashed in the rear. Is it a real Indian? Of course it is.

Bottom line- ride what you like or what you can afford. I started on Jap bikes and english twins. I even owned a Buell cyclone and loved it. I've found something unique and enjoyable about every one of the 13 bikes I've owned in my life. When I could afford what I wanted, I got it, after establishing how I ride. I like my rolling barca-lounger just fine when I want to put on 500 miles. If I want to roll through the Kettle Moraine here in Southern Wisconsin with it's beautiful pavement and collection of decreasing radius turns, I ride the Aprilla. Thay are different, wonderful experiences. Don't limit yourself until you try it all. Most Harley guys I know think sport-bike guys are idiots, and vice-versa. Most of those people need to try the other side out, and then they'll understand, it's just another way to ride, and it's a blast too.

While both my scoots are top notch rides, there are people out there who prefer other bikes, and staunchly believe there's are better than mine. Which is cool, we live in America, and we can do whatever the hell we want. The Highwayman, or the Marlboro Man, or whoever the hell he is probably doesn't ride, because if he did, he'd understand why people ride ANY 2 wheeled motorized contraption. It's about riding, not what you ride.

I wish Indian success, even though I wouldn't pay that much. That's saying alot considering what I've spent on my 2 scoots. And quit knocking us business professionals for riding. I'm a well paid engineer. I have as much right to ride as you do, and I probably have more 2 wheeled miles than a lot of folks who complain about us. Just freakin' ride.
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Default Re: Hey now...


I knew we could find something to agree on.

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