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carystevens 09-26-2002 05:05 AM

Re: A moderate Republican who agrees with Burns and Daschle
Yeah, um... I think this is definitely a Dem calling himself (or herself) a Republican. I don't believe it for a second.

Tompkins 09-26-2002 05:15 AM

Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People
Nice straw man arguement John, but isn't it Senetor Dashole's job to come up with something better? Blaming Bush for the current economic woes is just a bit disingenuous;

ridinsince59 09-26-2002 05:22 AM

Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People
I thought, rather naively, that MO would rise to new heights under John Burns. I have always been a big fan of his writing, and I read his previous column regularly. I was eager to cough up the subscription fee to continue reading his material.

Alas, I was sadly taken in & mistaken!

Since August 26th, there are 24 "items" showing in your "MO news" sidebar. Few, if any of them required substantial authorship or editorial effort. It seems most of the MO staff has taken a month off!

Several of these reviews have been raves for 2 bikes powered(?) by the archaic, paint-shaker, sportster lump of a motor. I can't help but think the heavily biased conclusions in the articles you have published must have been influenced by Harley Davidson "extra" consideration of some kind, for you to have been so generous to their outdated, and unreliable, products.

I won't be back next year; there is already far too much potlitical drivel clogging the 'net. I predict MO will soon join the ranks of other recent wel-deserved bankruptcies!

DJS 09-26-2002 05:25 AM

Open letter to JohnnyB
I paid for motorcycle coverage. And to tell you the truth, the quality and amount of coverage has steadily decreased on MO in the last few years. JohnnyB, you are a great wit and insightful commentator. You make excellent points. But I came to see the bikes, not the BS.

But it is very frustrating for those of us who are motorcycle news junkies that are starving for a fix to see your time going to this kind of gratuititous diatribes. You've probably got a million great motorcycle stories in that head of yours. Share them.

You're the fastest rider on every test, take a bite out of Keith Code and offer some tips on riding safely and skillfully. Offer editorial opinion on the state of the industry. Give us more motorcycles. If you need story ideas post a news item and watch the ideas stream in. I've got half a dozen story ideas myself but to be honest I lack the talent and experience to do them justice.

It's not that you should never do political diatribe, that's fine. It's just that the ratio of motorcycle content to BS is getting a little low.

I get bombarded with politics enough. You may ridicule Dirck Edge and his writing is certainly inferior to yours but his quantity of work is superior.


Ken_Packard 09-26-2002 05:39 AM

Here, Here! Story Ideas...
Why don't we all share our riding and safety tips? We all know about the risks involved in our sport. Hopefully we all agree that we should never stop trying to improve our skills as motorcyclists. Let's learn from one another in an attempt to become better riders. What about wet weather riding without ABS, evassive manuevers and proper cornering? We could also share such things as touring tips and bike maintenance. Other mags make an attempt to include this type of information. If Johnny B. is too busy twisting himself in knots over the political landscape, then we can take the lead/initiative to make this site a better resource for our hard-earned subscription dollars!

mike_root 09-26-2002 05:40 AM

Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People
Hey, here's a stupid idea! How 'bout a web site all about motorcycles and then...and could have ANOTHER web site for politics..and...and...and...John Burns could have his own web site for whatever HE wants...and...and...we could all visit the sites we're interested in!! Whatchoothink???

santambrogio 09-26-2002 05:45 AM

Re: Open letter to JohnnyB
Agree with above.

I paid for this and I still get arrogant e-mails on why I should subscribe.

It is easy to get more moto information for free on other sites, and more free 'cleavage'.

Solution? See the good technical article on the Honda V5 at

fizzchem 09-26-2002 05:48 AM

Re: That was an excellent commentary.
I wish I'd written it.

EricTheRon 09-26-2002 05:51 AM

Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People
Yes, and maybe your new candidate could spell "disqaulification". I always wonder if you're just being cute when you have this stuff in your articles. Or are you just faking it?Or maybe you're trying to reach your readers "at their own level", which is... don't need to tell you how awful that is.

Also, I agree with other posters that, although I certainly encourage you to expand your journalism a bit, I would prefer more along the lines of the late "" rather than becoming another stupid political stump-post.

And give me a break, were you really stupid enough to buy into Enron in the latter half of 2001? Somehow I doubt it.

Goodguns 09-26-2002 05:56 AM

Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People
Stick to motorcycles. It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid, than to open it up and remove all doubt.

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