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Default Thanks.

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Default Re: Why do I even bother......

>>same problem in Sveden...sucks there too<<

Yeah, and I'd add Germany and Italy as well! How can people even stand to live there!

That doesn't mean that I advocate blind adoption of their systems, 'cause they all have their own problems.

The point I would make is that if you have lived in, or spent any significant time in, a country such as one of these, you realize that there are a variety of approaches that can work, and that there are other ideas that might at least be worth debating, rather than simply slapping labels on them.

As an example, I cite approaches to drug laws. Switzerland, where I lived for 5 years in the 90s, recently legalized possession and sale of pot (after years of de facto legalization) -- does this mean that the Swiss government is advocating that everyone stays blotto all the time, that the formerly industrious-to-a-fault Swiss workforce are going to become a bunch of laid-back zombies? I doubt it. But let a US politician raise the question of why our prisons are full of people whose crime is selling pot which probably causes far less damage than selling, say Big Macs, and he he/she will instantly be labeled a socialist, pinko drug pusher.

Health care is another example -- I have Canadian and British friends who rail against their "socialized medicine" system, but by all published statistics, their health system seems to result in better national health -- eg look at infant mortality rates (that for the US is an embarrasment), as well as death rates from heart attack, breast cancer and most other makor killers -- it is pretty amazing how countries where the diet is high in fat (eg France), where alcohol consumption is many times that of the US (eg most of Europe), smoking is much more prevalant (ditto) etc manage to live longer statistically, with lower rates of cancer, stroke, heart attack etc? Maybe, just maybe, "socialist" health care systems which make access to health care universal, have something to do with it. I am not saying that is the answer, but I am saying that the approach we take here is not necessarily the best one either.

We should be open-minded enough to learn from both the successes and failures of other countries.
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Default Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People

Are we out of bikes to critique? How about wierd ones, like that 70's looking thing from some asian country advertised in the backs of bike magazines, or the Royal Enfield single knock off from India? Anything, other than politics. How about actially testing a bone stock Harley like my 2002 FXD, a pretty decent bike (OK its heavy and doesn't corner like a yamakawasuki). It should not be about nothing but Jap sport bikes - bless em' - or mega buck Euro sport bikes. Comon, you guys are not trying very hard. Need more ideas? Try Indian with its new original mfg. engine, aftermarket hop ups, legal problems. No mo politics, Burns.
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Default Great Acts of Civic Duty


Once again your logic is tragically flawed. Forget about the political statement you tried to make because it is neither coherent nor relevant. Republicans vs. Democrats is the perfect example of the simplemindedness you try to rail against. Us vs. Them is a great premise for a Steven Segal film but hardly represents reality. Your political views remind me of the Orwellian slogan "four legs good, two legs bad".

More to the point, the idea that criticism is somehow a moral act is laughable. John, the tail does *not* wag the dog and criticism is at best a necessary but secondary part of any system. For example, incessant motojournalist *****ing about the CBR900s 16" front wheel may have improved the bike but it doesn't make the journalist-hack into Tadeo Baba. At least in that case the journos offered a solution (17" wheels). Would you appreciate it if I sent you a letter every day telling you what sucks about MO out of an obligation to my "important civic duty"? I'll bet you would probably think something along the lines of "if you're so f***ing smart why don't you try putting out a magazine/web site".

I'll go further than my important civic duty by first telling you that although your columns have provoked a large response, I don't think they're good for the website. Sometimes it's good to have an editor and this is one of those times. When you write about motorcycles, it's very entertaining reading. If you want to do *some* political writing, no problem. The problem is that this is a motorcycle site and your columns are orthogonal to that subject. My solution? Write about motorcycles and motorcycling. If MO can't get test bikes, take a killer trip and write about it. Hang out in biker bars, go to a dirttrack race, ride with hells angels; then write about it. Dirck Edge is hardly Keats but I check his site every day. I hope I can continue to say the same about MO.


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Default Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People

Boorrinnng... Stick to stories about motorcycles and stop tryng to be a populist poseur.
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Default Re: Why do I even bother......

>>poverty/race baiting socialist. The only reason they elect him in South Dakota is because he brings home a lot of bacon<<

Oh yeah. I had forgotten just what a large percentage of the South Dakota electorate consists of non-Anglo socialists

I might more readily buy that line of thought if he were representing, say, Chicago.

You're just pissed because he "brings home...bacon" rather than Chicago Sausage

BTW, I am neither defending, not attacking Daschle as a person or his policies.
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Default Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People


Armed with this aphorism what made you decide to come out? Kinda tripping over your own argument there, aren't you pard?

Whatever you want to think about Burns his writing style, and his opinions they are anything but stupid . Burns prose is clear and concise, his points are carefully developed, and he is fun to read whether you agree with him or not. The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal are filled with commentary that is frequently further from the mark, more ill-informed and partisan, and way less entertaining to read.

The only stupid thing I see on this website are posts by people whining about anything besides nuts and bolts motorcycle articles. It frequently reads like a compendium of human ignorance. The subscription here is dirt cheap for what you get. Go somewhere else if you don't like your motorcycle info sprinkled with a little elan. Capish?

Look at the responses to JB's articles. There are obviously quite a few articulate folks out there in MO land who, although they may disagree with Burns and each other, like this stuff. And for the most part they respect each other's right to disagree. Pretty much the only time you get clipped around here is when you call a MOite stupid (or some variant) for merely expressing an opinion.

So how about going back to figuring out how a rubber ball works, eh?

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Default Re: A moderate Republican who agrees with Burns and Daschle

>>Didn't these politicians go to Philosophy class and learn their fallacies?<<

Actually, I think they did learn their fallacies -- what the did not learn was to avoid them!
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Default Re: John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People

So what you're saying is "Well, I wasted my tax refund on an investment that went bad, so please raise my taxes so I won't be able to waste money any more." Yeah, that's real non-stupid. What exactly, besides wasting it, do you think the jokers in Washington are going to do with your money?

Dave Barry once said that the Republicans, with their tax cut proposals, are justing buying our votes with our own money. Perhaps true, but somehow I prefer that to the Democrats, who are buying someone else's votes with your money. But they make you feel better while doing it, because they tell you they're going to help people. Personally, I would feel a lot better buying a new bike each year with the money they take from me and waste.

Where I came from, the phrase "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you" were considered the 9 most fearsome words in the language, and for good reasons (these were farm people). I think it's about the best way to destroy a man--give him a check every month for no good reason. (Probably applies to women too.) But then, you guys couldn't agree with that, could you. It's a bit close to home.

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Default Good idea but the format is uncooperative

I always wondered why MO did not have a more traditional "forum" where users could pick topics and reply. This is a good forum, but we can only reply to what they deem newsworthy. Sure we can pirate the topic and talk about whatever we want (like we are doing now) but in a few days this will slide down the list and it will be hard to keep any kind of discussion going as the topics become more cluttered and disorganized.

There are a lot of forums out there dedicated to motorcycles but I have yet to find one that is the right fit. Either they are too narrowly focused (one make of bike) or they are populated with the poser/stunter/squid and it is hard to pick through the crap to find the good nuggets.

MO has a lot of potential, will they run with it? Unless somebody with a lot more motivation shows up, I doubt it.


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