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mattg 09-16-2002 12:23 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
With those Darth Vader meets Mad Max looks that zr1000 is bound to be a hit. Kawasaki seems to have hit the perfect balance between aggresive and refined styling. Bravo. Now can it perform as good as it looks???

Lobotomy_Boy 09-16-2002 12:27 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
Your about the tenth person I've heard critique the exhaust pipes today. As if anyone ever keeps the freaking stock exhaust pipes.

Lobotomy_Boy 09-16-2002 12:34 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
You might want to have a serious heart-to-heart with the manufacturers about this. Explain to them that the Internet doesn't recognize geographical boundaries. Explain that the most futile act in which mankind can engage is the preservation of the status quo, particularly when radical new technology is introduced. Use as an example the the failure of the old cadavers who ran Hollywood in the 1950s and 1960s to recognize the changes television had on the film industry. Explain that those who capitalize on such changes will control the world, while those who fight them will be shovelling the manure in our horse stables. Explain...explain...Mr. Pink, you don't need any more coffee.

12er 09-16-2002 12:36 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
Hopefully "Tuned for more midrange" doesnt appear in their literature.

Lobotomy_Boy 09-16-2002 12:49 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
Seriously, this is something that needs to be dealt with. The old models of communication no longer apply.

Meanwhile, I'm loving this. The motorcycle community has coalesced via the Internet in a way that has had dramatic results in the old bricks-and-mortar realtime world. Yesterday I attended club races at Brainerd where I knew maybe 25 people racing. In the old pre-Internet days, I wouldn't have even known there was a race. I can find a group sport ride with people whom I know and trust via email any day of the week. When the first photos of a new bike appears anywhere in the world, I receive maybe ten emails directing me to the photos within hours. Same with silly season news.

I've been subscribing to motorcycle magazines since I first subscribed to Cycle in 1976. I currently get five U.S. magazines, but am planning to drop all but one subscription when renewal time comes. This is not in any protest of the magazines. I simply do not need what they offer anymore. I used to read them cover to cover the instant I received them. Now they can sit for weeks without getting opened. Sometimes months. Except for a few intriguing feature articles, I have usually read the information on the Internet months earlier. And I've usually read it on European websites because of the embargo the manufacturers place on U.S. sites.

Whether or not the advertisers and manufacturers recognize it, the world is a vastly different place than it was a few years ago. The genie is out of the bottle, and they will no longer be able to micromanage the flow of information as they have in the past. If they continue to do so, they will kill the U.S. enthusiast magazine industry.

Damn, I guess I really have had too much coffee today.

dbrunell 09-16-2002 12:51 PM

Re: Where is the 10R(R)
I believe Kawasaki explicitly stated that they would not crossbreed the sportbike lines. I too anxiously await the 10R. A few more days and we will know.

The Z1000 is downright sexy, but I already have a ZRX1200. With less torque and less storage, the Z1000 wouldn't be as good of an all-rounder as the ZRX. And if I'm really going to be hauling ass, I would want something with more wind protection. Why can't anyone make a fast, light bike with good ergos and wind protection? Am I missing something?

micro 09-16-2002 01:06 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
If it is a bored out zx9 motor it will have alot more torque than 62ftlbs.Some old tests of zx9s were pushing 70ftlbs w 899cc motor.

studmuf70 09-16-2002 01:13 PM

Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback
The new ZR looks like Kawasaki's Ducati Monster. I was expecting more like a single shock version of ZRX. I think its stepped seat looks lame for this bike. It's suppose to be a general purpose sportsbike. And what's with this frame cover? It should lose that frame cover that looks like a fake aluminium frame.

KPaulCook 09-16-2002 01:14 PM

MO ask Kawasaki where the ZX-10 is.
I wonder too. My next bike was going to be a liter bike and the Kawasaki was gong to get first look. Maybe MO can ask Kawasaki?

KPaulCook 09-16-2002 01:17 PM

Does this mean I like women with.....
LOL good one. I like the Honda Rune. Psychologically does this mean I like women with big butts and large boobs? I have to admit the 600 bikes look a little too sharp for me, does that mean I don't like thin flat super models?

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