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Default Re: Where is the 10R(R)

Don't tease me!!

That would be money.
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Default Re: Upon closer inspection.....

AWD is allowed in some street racing classes - as has been mentioned before, though, it's usually only allowed in classes where the cars are based on production cars.

A good example of this is the Champion Racing Audi S4s that were dominating the SCCA World Challenge racing until a couple years ago when the NSX was allowed to come back - but with a Vortech supercharger attached... But that's another rant for another day. And the S4s still run at the front of the pack.

Also, the Audi A4 was deemed "too good" by most touring car racing series and not allowed to race in AWD configuration... These classes consisted primarily of FWD Hondas and Fords and RWD BMWs...

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Default Re: Radial Brakes

My girlfriend explained to me that the method of mounting can make a huge difference. So don't make it sound like it's no big deal, OK?

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Default Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback

I don't know that the Kawi won't be the most comfortable 600 anymore... Seems the rest of the crowd has moved towards the racy ergos, too... Except Suzuki, but thiers was pretty uncomfortable to begin with!

But this overlooks the fact that Yamaha still sells the 600cc YZF600 and Honda plans on keeping the CBR600F4i around... And presumably that bike will inherit the Euro-spec "banana" seat?

I am surprised to hear, though, that the 6R and 6RR will share the same ergos. You'd have thought that if they were going to go ahead and bother making two 600s, one specifically for the track, they'd make the other one a teensy bit more comfy, no?
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Default What will 636cc do for insurance?

I love the idea of building two "600" sportbikes, one for the track that uses some additional trick parts to win the championship, and a street model that has most of the new stuff - like upside down fork and radial mounted brakes... Oh, and the extra few cc's are a great idea - more useable power on the street!

But my big question is this... How are the insurance companies gonna rate the ZX-6R? Are they gonna see that it's bigger than 600cc and bump it up into the 750cc sportbike brackets? If so, that's a shame, and IMHO, it negates the reasons for adding the extra cc's in the first place! At that point, if you're getting lumped into the 750cc bracket, you might as well go get all 750cc's - wrapped up as a GSXR-750...

Am I the only that had this thought?
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Default Re: Don't forget Squidly

I agree with you. I'm 32 and wear my gear everywhere.....oh crap I also ride BMW. Nevermind.

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Default Re: That's some scarry stuff!

I'm a 22 year old rider whose fortunate to live in a town where the majority of sport bike riders have half a brain about them. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of squiddly types and yuppies on cruisers, but for the most part, the biking crowd is somewhat mature. For me and the guys/girls I ride with, safety gear is not only a must for ourseleves, but everyone we ride with. If you don't wear at least a full face, a good jacket, and some decent pants, you don't ride with our group.

Not only that, but squids without gear around here don't get respect from much anybody, and hopefully they will realize that and follow suit. I just hope they don't have to have a major wreck before they come to their senses.

I also agree with you that gear looks pretty damn cool. I know it's not the 80's anymore, but I think the ladies still dig the tight fitting leather, especially when you're trying to hide the latest in a series of all to often trips to McDonalds.
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Default 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak 1600?

I guess I'll be the first to say someting about the Vulcan since no one else wants to. I think a Mean Streak 1600 is just what the Kawasaki doctor needs to order. However, I read the Mean streak article at Cycleworld last year and they said they talked to a " Mean Streak engine man on hand at the press introduction, who said -she's got about as much bore and stroke as she'll take." They increased the displacement by 80 some cc's. Thats great and everything, but what gives? Maybe all they needed at Kawasaki was some journalists placing it below the Harley and Yammaha because it didn't have enough power. Ohhh did I say that?
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Default I wish I hadn't just eaten

Those photos are downright horrifying.

I've been riding in a helmet, gloves, jacket and boots. You can bet that I'll be wearing more than jeans from now on, too.

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Default Re: 2003 Kawasaki Reader Feedback

I loved my '89 750 Ninja. I still have pictures of it to remember her by. Not only was she my first sportbike, she's the standard by which I measure all other bikes in feel and comfort. If only Kawi could make another one, but maybe with a SLIGHTLY more modern headlight treatment (used to be that the 250, 500, 600, and 750 front ends all looked damn near identical). Then the ZX11 and ZX6 came out, and suddenly my bike looked a little dated. But I still liked her.

It. I mean IT.

The Ninja name always meant fast and cool to everyone, to the extent that guys and girls would always come talk to me about my Ninja, and my buds on their GSXR1100's and FZR1000's would sit and watch. Everybody thought mine HAD to be the fastest, after all, it said Ninja on it .

So that was my first real grasp of how powerful a good marketing campaign can be.
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