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Default Re: '03 Honda + updates

The only things the VTR needs are better suspenders - easily fixed and means its tuned to your own weight and riding style.

Havent ridden the 900 hornet, but suspect is the same.
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Default Sorry...

I can't find the gear ratios for the F4i listed anywhere. Can you point me to them?
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Default Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback

What happened to the alleged 1200XX??? Guess I'll have to spank my buddy's interceptor with the 'Busa for another year, or at least til God-knows-when Honda gets serious about the big bore bikes. He might have to by a Kawi 12R. 2 loyal honda owners at one time. They lost me to the all-black 2002 suzuki hayabusa (never thought id see that day) with the VFR going in as trade. Now my friend is ready to jump ship,too. We were pissed about the "new" interceptor, so we started thinking "bigger". Hey, honda, we can't wait forever. The 1100XX may be "close" in terms of streetable power and use, but it's ugly, boring, and getting outdated. Silver paint didnt help things for '02 either!
2006 Honda CBR1000RR
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Default Re: Ruckus

Styling-wise,it's pretty ugly. They made it so non-motorcyle-ish, for lack of a better word. I was hoping for a VTX-ish treatment, but with a little more of a custom flair (seamless tank is a great idea).

I do like the engine, frame, and other mechanicals. At least Cobra and the other aftermarket companies will be able to make a killing on full styling packages for it.
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Default GET REAL!

By what measure are these bikes "OUTCLASSED"?????

1/4 MILE?













Name one bike in any class that has the money in ALL of these areas.

Like I said, get real.

We are so spoiled for choice and quality its not funny.

Any bike can be improved by an owner - the differences b/w models gives you a base to create your own ideal if you want.

Whew! I feel better now.

Really, though, isnt motorcycling great these days?
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Default Road to Rune

Egads! That has to be one of the ugliest bikes I've ever seen. Worse even than the 2nd wave of cruisers Japan sent over in the 80's when they tried to out-custom Harley.

It looks like a composite of all the tacky styling cues found on custom cruisers. A 57 Chevy headlight, those horrible full coverage and almost dragging the ground fenders, and a fork that makes the one on the Excelsior Henderson look beautiful. I'm not even going to say anything about that exhaust. Oops, just did.

Denny Berg had it right when he built a custom based on the Valkyrie years ago (bright yellow machine with 6 into 6 zoomie exhaust) that Honda even displayed at trade shows. Sadly they didn't just buy his design and run with it.

Functionally this may be a decent bike but I know when I see one in person on the street I'm going to bust up laughing.

Maybe Honda will have air sickness bags at the ready in their showrooms when this frankenbike appears. Or maybe just a curtained off area or seperate viewing room so as to not send customers running away screaming.

I thought that new BMW cruiser/tourer was hideous. Looks like Honda has it beat soundly.
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Default Re: The Rune Rules

Need a lawyer, Itchy? 'Cause I'm a bad one.
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Default Re: 03 Hondas info on Honda website

They are experiencing technical difficulty. At 12:00AM PST last night, the new models were listed for a short time. The webpage was extremely slow with alot of errors. Then around 1:00AM the 03' webpage went down.
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Default You must buy a new bike every year then...

Some people buy motorcycles based on what they LIKE, not by the fastest times posted by a magazine; or by their procalmation of "this one's the best".

If I was given a Vstrom, I'd say thank you very much, and sell it immediately. It may be a great bike, but not for me. I wouldn't want to see it in my garage.

I would GLADLY pay $600 more for the CB600RR than the R6, because I don't like the R6 as much, even if it turns out to be faster.

The VTR1000 gets "beat"? It's not a racebike, who cares? The TL-S is dead, and the Falco is... different.

The CBR1100XX is also out-gunned(HP,1/4 mile) by the ZZR1200, which is now considered a "sport-tourer". That doesn't make the XX any less of a bike than it was in 1997; in fact, it's better now than it was then. Competition does that.

What's the point to all this? Well, maybe you need to have THE best bike made in a specific class because you have stellar talents and will soon be passing Nicky on the track. Or maybe you need to impress yourself or your friends with all the info on how your bike is "the best" that year. But many such as myself see a bike and think "Ooooooo, nice." We read the reports and opinions from JB and Co. and form our own opinions. Then we go buy the bike that we want to own for a few years, one that makes us go "Oooooo..." every time we go out to the garage.

All these bikes are so damn good, to dismiss a bike for such insignificant reasons seems harsh. But so's life I guess...
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Default Re: In defense of Honda

1) Surprise, surprise! The XX gets beaten in comparisons - people still buy it though, dont they, probably after considering and riding the others. Obviously it satisfies them more in some ways than the others- that's why they bought it.

Have you ridden one? Why is it so bad?

2) What beats the VTR and why? I bought one after trying the TLs and TLR, wouldnt look twice at the Ducati (it's specs + details turn me off), and have never once questioned that choice.

Can you still buy a TLS?

Have your ridden one? Why is it so bad?

3) So what if a 919 hasnt won a comparison? Does that make it a bad bike? It's obviously a different machine to the FZ1 and ZRX - would you be happier if they cloned one of those?

BTW if the FZ1 beat the Z in one comparison and the ZRX beat the FZ in another, what does that say about using 'comparisons' to slag off at a particular bike???

Have you ridden a 919? Why is it so bad?

4) Kind of agree with you. The new one is less desirable to me than the old one, but some will love it for the differences it has.

5) I'd find better value in a GSXR too, but then on the street , given the same riders, it'd only be faster in a straight line - where a R1 would then beat the Gixxer, and a ZX-12 would outdrag the R1 on a long enough straight.

BTW your brother CAN buy a ZX-12R.

BTW Why did you buy a CBR1000? Big, fat, ponderous, slow, ugly things arent they??Surely it was outclassed by the GSXR, FZR, ZZR at the time? And any CBR600 would have thrashed it around a racetrack .

(Personally, I like the CBR1000 - nearly had one myself once)

BTW, I've owned Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda - and liked them all.

Sorry if this sounds aggressive, I'm just trying to make the point that there is great variety and incredible choice in motorcycles these days. I dont think you can judge one bike as necessarily better than another - only more or less appealing to your indivivual tastes. If you dont like one, buy/ride another.

I'm glad Honda make the VTR1000 - I cant think of another bike that I'd want to own more.

Riding a particular bike is a bit like motorcycling itself. You could read about riding non-stop for years, but still not really know what it feels like until you do it.


Goodwill to all.


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