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jmeyn 09-13-2002 11:25 AM

Sure we know about the gearing...
The UK spec bike had complete gearing specs; would ours be that much different?

I translated the Primary, 6-gears and Final ratios into speed at 15,000 rpm redline.

Talk about close ratios! With a 150 lb rider it goes to 75 mph in 1st in 3.3 seconds with 1 G of grip. Assume the torque isn't changed, I figure it takes 580 lb of thrust to get it there and about 10% more than that is available in 1st. It won't power wheely in 2cd with the rider tucked.

Speed in gears:

1 75

2 95

3 115

4 135

5 155

6 172 all at 15,000 rpm shift points.

I'm assuming a 150 lb rider. Sorry, big guys.

johnnyb 09-13-2002 11:30 AM

Re: Sure we know about the gearing...
howz that compare to F4 then?

dean_1 09-13-2002 11:32 AM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
Ugly?...maybe but in silhouette it looks like the original "BatCycle" in the '50's Batman comics. I wonder if it comes with free self adhesive signs that say "THIS VEHICLE MAKES WIDE RIGHT TURNS".

grover750 09-13-2002 11:45 AM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
Dissapointing that there is no new blackbird, but it is about time Honda split to two 600s. Now, they should step back with the F4i and give it a good seat and better ergos.

Also, looks as though they missed the boat, not offering any new sporty v-twin. I really think the v-twin sports are going to continue to sell well, as are the standards. Combine the two, give Suzuki a run!

I suppose it was way too tempting for the cruiser dept to just ignore that beastly engine down the hall, the 1800. The Rune will haul ass, without a doubt. I test rode a goldwing (only 2 more weeks to do that - I really suggest everyone take one for a spin - what a blast), and if the Rune is souped up (like the Valk 1500 was), it's got to be the most powerful, torqiest cruiser on the planet. It could get into the 11s in the 1/4 mile, since it has to be lighter than the wing.

They should have just named the Ruckus the Honda Pitbike. There is enough ruckus in the pits the way it is.

wwalkersd 09-13-2002 12:25 PM

The Ruckus is the first salvo of the coming bombardment in the very latest two-wheeled market microsegment: NAKED SCOOTERS!

You guys like naked bikes? By God, we'll give you naked all the way down the line!

I think the Rune is kinda cool looking, but what's up with that fork? Of course, some will say they took the Valkyrie and runed it. :-)

Cyberj10 09-13-2002 12:28 PM

Honda Needs to rethink their pricing
Honda, Honda, Honda. Where to begin? Oh yeah, $8,599!!!!!!! I guess they are really betting that their under-the-seat tail pipe makes it all worth it (it is pretty tight actually, hehe). But seriously, $600 more than the competition? They really better hope that their new CBR 600RR totally spanks the other 600Â’s in the comparoÂ’s or they might find themselves trying to offload a lot of inferior more costly bikes come EOY 2003. Without any specs on the ZX-6R my personal favorite for the performance (and styling) winner crown is the new R6. Roughly the same output at the crank (125 hp I think) as the CBR 600 RR and 13 pounds lighter definitely puts the odds in YamieÂ’s favor.

I am totally sitting on pins and needles waiting for the riding reviews to come in since I am in the market for a new 600 this season. But based on the info so far, Yamaha is definitely in the lead. Honda should really rethink its pricing strategy if they want to totally dominate the market. I could maybe see paying $200 more for a similar product but $600??? No way.

*Enters local motorcycle shop*

"Hi, yes, I would like to put down a deposit on the 2003 Yamaha R6 (black and silver of course), oh and what the hell, IÂ’ll take that trick black and silver Teknics Violator jacket and the matching gloves as well." "Oh, whatÂ’s that you say?" "I still have $100 dollars left over after purchasing the R6, jacket and gloves instead of just buying the CBR 600RR?" Wow, what a country, competition rulez.

Now bring on the comparoÂ’s damn it.

vasiliotis 09-13-2002 12:29 PM

What about the Varadero???
Why does Honda always have to wait? Bring over the Varadero! It just got a fresh re-design, sounds like it should have cleaner emissions than my dog, and looks great. I know several people who would drop what they are riding now if the Varadero came over...but alas...Honda must wait and see how the Suzuki V-Strom does. If I see another 800-lb BMW GS in California I'm going to PUKE.

sarnali 09-13-2002 12:33 PM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
I don't think the Rune looks that bad myself, Kind of got '40's Mercury lowrider look going, at least it don't look like another Harley knock-off, Does the unchanged but for new paint-and-BNG's go for the 919 as well? the badass primer look is only supposed to last 'till you can afford paint, as I recall, Too bad Honda couldn't spare some adjustable forks/shocks for the 919 as well, I'm sure they'd sell a few more with a little effort in that direction, as nekkid sport bikes sell pretty well around here

sarnali 09-13-2002 12:54 PM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
AN-another-thing,,,,,, If Hondas going to call the new Valk. a Rune, why didn't they paint a few discrete runes on the side like the Kenji letters on the Hayabusa, you know Valkyrie-Odin's handmaidens- runestones.... Surely they could come up with something without getting carried away? Geez, where are these guys from, anyway?.........Ok, I'm done now

itchface 09-13-2002 01:06 PM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
I agree! I can't believe that Honda didn't improve the suspenders on the 919, or even touch the VTR1000! It would take SO LITTLE fine-tuning of these bikes to make them class leaders, that I'm simply astounded by Honda's inaction. I hope Suzuki (and everybody else) swallows up a huge bite of Honda's market share in '03 as punishment for their laziness!

Lazy though they may be, it appears that some folks at Honda have got some real large huevos! That new Rune is the most outrageous production bike I've ever laid eyes on. It's not even close to resembling my cup o' tea, but I'm always pleased to see a manufacturer break out of the mold with some new concepts. And this, from staunchly conservative Honda, no less...

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