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NoKneeDown 09-15-2002 06:42 PM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
ive had a nit too drink tonite so I HOPE i dont type a bit like KPaulCook i dont think that period's are nceessary isn this line of work even if its at the fvery end of this discussion line. Hondas probly on there game but as we all now KPaul rides a ZX6r so it cnat be as good but not as if that matters because run-on seneteces have be come a thing of the past and idon't quickly re-read my posts fbefore sending them cuz my opinion counts not my grammer. anyways, everybody slow down and give me a Ruckus cuz i Konw the aftermarkets' goingto give me all the stuff I need to whup on a R6'

ZR-7 09-15-2002 08:59 PM

Re: In defense of Honda

"I think the larger point the guy was making is that some people *actually read* the reviews and make their purchase based upon them.

Isn't it the purpose of magazines such as this to provide such information?"

Uh, no. The only reason for magazines and what they do is: Sales ad space in thier magazines.


badinfluence 09-15-2002 09:01 PM

Re: Wow, you had something wrong.
You had something terribly wrong with your VTR to only be getting 22 MPG with it. I average 34 MPG commuting on mine daily. And I ride it pretty hard.

I admit the tank is too small, but that range is way off.

Suspension can easily be upgraded also. Honda should do it from the factory, but they won't, so the aftermarket will.

I aint' giving up mine yet.

badinfluence 09-15-2002 09:17 PM

Well Put
Well put. And this is directed at Stevem below too. Honda does their market research. They are not dumb. They (like any other manufacturer) will build the product that MOST people want. That is where the money is. So you get an F4i that has 98% of the performance of the R6, but with better real world ergos for where the MAJORITY of the bikes sold are ridden: on the street. Sure, the R6 with a better rider will beat a F4i on the track, but only a small % ever see a track. For those guys the aftermarket has everything needed to make it what it needs to be for that situation. For the rest of the world the F4i is a much better bike for the daily rider for commuting and weekends strafing canyons than an R6 or GSXR. It fills more needs and is not a focused on one thing only: racing.

That has long been Honda's mission. To build the best real world motorcycles out there. When you do this you have to make comprimises. Sometimes a bit of track performance from a stock bike is part of it.

redexces 09-15-2002 09:37 PM

Re: Meanwhile Honda has a record sales and wins MotoGp, AMA superbike, maybe WSB
The 'boomers among us will recall that (in fact) Harley received a helping hand from the Feds in the early 80's in the form of import tariffs on Japanese bikes over 700cc. Otherwise, Harley's negative trajectory would eventually have taken them the way of every other American bike brand. Kudos to Harley for surviving and coming back big, but know they didn't do it alone.

As for Honda's deep pockets and buying talent, why not? They have a executed a long term business plan of growth in several competitive market sectors, and the results have been phenomenal by any measure. Such is the beauty (and reward) of capitalism and free enterprise.

AussieRC51 09-15-2002 11:17 PM

Re: Honda Needs to rethink their pricing
I think that the difference will be a lot less once you factor in making a deal with the dealer, etc. And I see two possibilities:

a) You are financing the bike. How much difference does that $600 make now?

b) You are buying it outright. Somehow, I don't think somebody with 8700 bucks in their pocket is going to worry about an extra 600 if it gets the better bike.

AussieRC51 09-15-2002 11:19 PM

Re: '03 Hondas Reader Feedback
As for comment (5), somebody who is a good rider will be all over you on a CBR600RR with modest suspension modifications. Anybody who knows anything about going fast on the racetrack knows that unless you are really good, 600s will give you the best race times.

But I bet you ride whatever has the best spec sheet for the year, and look down upon everybody else.

jmeyn 09-16-2002 03:09 AM

What are you talking about?
The CBR600RR is a brand new model. It's price is $8,600.00!

The CBR600F4i is a continuing model. It's price is $8,100, unchanged from last year when it outsold all other race replica 600s.

Please compare apples with apples; the RR is new and different from the F4i. If you like what it's got, you must pay an extra $500 bucks for it. So what's new about that?

jmeyn 09-16-2002 03:22 AM

Why get complicated?
How about 12.78 * 768 / 898 = 10.92 seconds?

Auphliam 09-16-2002 03:24 AM

Re: Ruckus
ROFLMAO Naked Sccoters

Ruckus is teh shiznit

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