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mxgb5 08-27-2002 05:36 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Funny, the dealers here in Northern California still have '02 Sportsters in stock (and the '03s are already here). I walked into a Harley dealership two weeks ago, asked about the 883R on the showroom floor and was immediately told about the $1,000 discount the dealer was giving on 883s and the $1,500 discount on 1200s.

As a result, I was looking at an 883R out the door (prep, tax & license) for around $7,300 or so (remember, we also have CA emissions out here). And that was before trying any negotiations. You think they might be willing to throw in the first service for free?

Perhaps the supply of motorcycles is higher here in "rider's heaven" but overall, it seems times have changed for H-D dealers from what I've seen. They even have "big twins" in stock and ready to go at MSRP. Sure, if you want a Fat Boy, you might have to wait a few months, but other bikes seemed fairly available, especially Sportsters.

Now, I'm waiting for the asking prices for used bikes to start falling to some semblence of reality so I can affort that Softail I've always wanted.

mxgb5 08-27-2002 05:48 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Thanks for this comparo. From my perspective, I find the sport-bike comparisons pretty boring. Yes, I can appreciate the technology, amazing performance and cojones it takes to ride these bikes on the track, but frankly, I have little interest in breaking my (aging) back trying to ride on on the street.

My riding is a form of therapy to me. I like to hit the road for a few hours or a day, get away from the traffic and relax. I imagine many riders have a similar attitude, given the sales success of cruisers and standard-style motorcycles during the past few years. I like sport bikes, but when I ride them on the street, I'm tempted to do stupid things. they don't feel good unless they're pushed.

It's the same with cars. It's more fun to drive a slow car quickly than a fast car slowly. I'd love a Porsche 911 Turbo, but I bet a Miata is more "fun" at regular speeds where one can actually rev it up and accelerate hard without getting into felonious territory.

That said, I still can't stand the seating position on most of the cruisers on the market. The feet-forward weight-on-your-butt riding position gets really tiresome really quickly. At least the Sporty has relatively normal foot-peg positions. This position is also at odds with the "good for shorter riders" promise of the low seat height. If your inseam is much less than 29 inches, the shifters and brake pedals are sometimes an uncomfortable reach. The Triumph Bonneville America comes to mind here.

I wonder how this test would have been if you used the regular 750 Shadow ACE instead of the feet-forward Spirit. The whole bike feels larger, more comfortable and frankly, more substantial than the Spirit. It also has a better riding position.

runner00 08-27-2002 06:43 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
I new two places you can get them for retail.

But I'm not telling.

xlr8r 08-27-2002 06:48 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
The way to get the weight off your butt on a Sporty - if you're on the highway, anyway - is to put your feet back onto the passenger footrests. It works wonderfully if you're cruising at sixty or seventy and there's not much else around, but you have to put your feet back on the pedals if you need to brake or change gear, of course, and your local police officer may think this constitutes dangerous riding. What the hell...:)

xlr8r 08-27-2002 06:51 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Used 12s on this side of the Atlantic are plentiful at about 5 or 6K - that's 7 or 8K in dollars - so maybe you could re-import a previously exported one? Just a thought...

TatdNPrcd 08-27-2002 07:03 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Must've paid the "dealer Tax". That is paid the ungodly markup some unscrupulous, profit mongers are charging.

Note to anybody considering buying a Harley:

If you can't find a Harley dealer selling at MSRP buy ANYTHING else or find a quality second hand shop that prefers to move bikes rather than have them sit on the floor.

Alot of Victory dealers are selling their V92C and now discontinued V92SC for less than 10K.

wwalkersd 08-27-2002 07:06 AM

Re: LA Freeways
"However, after 45 minutes of freeway riding, we wanted to take a large planer -- or at the very least a moderate sized belt-sander -- to the Los Angeles freeway system."

Hell, I feel like that no matter what I'm riding or driving! LA Freeways (most CA freeways, for that matter) suck. Too much traffic, too little maintenance. If you want real pain, try the right-hand lanes where the semis drive.

TatdNPrcd 08-27-2002 07:12 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Now that would be entertaining. The little sporty might have a chance at beating mighty Honda.

Can anyone other than me see this battle on the track and the great seismic disturbance coming from the grandstands with all those beer-bellies in black tee-shirts jumping up and down?

Never mind. Try not to picture it. That kinda made me shudder.

Still think the race would be great fun to watch.

Huss 08-27-2002 07:55 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Ventura Harley Davidson off the 101 sells a lot of them for retail.

Lowrez 08-27-2002 08:00 AM

Re: apples and oranges
883 to an SV650? 1200 to a VTR??? This isn't apples to oranges, this is apples to rocks. Different markets, different appeal, different everything! Any comparison would just be a statement of preference.

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