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dariopks 09-11-2002 10:05 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
I´m a brazilian rider and I have a 145hp VMax. Next year I will move to USA/Florida to work. I´m thinking about buy or a '03 Harley 883, or a '99 BMW R1200C... I think I will choose the Harley... I´ve already heard that the BMW motorcycles are kind of boring... What do you guys think???

rags23 09-20-2002 08:13 AM

Re: Shadow 750 vs 883R Reader Feedback
Hey, that wasn't about spelling - dampening is getting wet, damping is diminishing the intensity (in this case, of the suspension).

that said, I was too excited to get the first post { yeah, that's my excuse ;>}


southwindphoto 12-26-2002 05:12 AM

Honda's Shadow 750 vs Harley 883R
While I am new to Motorcycle online, it is already obvious that many of the writers of this magazine are younger (20 something) or at least young at heart.

I too some twenty plus years ago, had the need for speed and choice to ride a rice rocket. But, with age comes the wisdom that unplanned dismounting of a bike at higher speed will take me longer to heal, thus the need for a cruiser.

Calvin Kim did a wonderful job of evaluating these two low weight/low end cruisers. His use of technical information injected with insights on handling and ride where both entertaining and informative.

With the exception of the VROD Harleys are defiantly hanging behind the times when it comes to technological innovations. But whatÂ’s wrong with that?

WhatÂ’s wrong with a little class?

Does everything have to be new just to be exciting?

I think not, and Mr. KimÂ’s opinion that even the cheapest of HarleyÂ’s is a winner shows that while the little Sporty may be "be hind the times", it still holds something for todayÂ’s rider

Steven Holmes

St. Augustine Florida

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