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Default Re: Ohio's response to low test scores

Thank you
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Default Re: Hey, I grew up there

I'm proud of you. Go Poser Go
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Default Reason number 2 not to join the AMA

---Why doesn't the AMA work on gettting all the gravel off of the highways if they want to help motorcyclists. They just dwell on the helmet thing.

---Who (in his right mind) wouldn't wear a helmut with all the gravel flying and lying around out there!

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Default Re: Helmet Laws

As someone who rides in a helmet-wearing-optional state - (South Carolina), I think that it is wonderful to have a choice on the issue. But, to any serious rider who puts over 10,000 miles a year on a bike knows, all it takes is a flying beetle, grasshopper, or gravel in the back of someone's pickup truck to ruin your day. I am simply amazed by all of the objects that come into contact with my full face helmet and front shield. I replace the visor every year because the scratches in the shield impare my night vision.

To me, it is not a matter of helmet law or no helmet law - you can look as cool as you want diddly-bopping down the road until a vehicle kicks a rock into your face and takes out a couple of teeth. Just don't make me pay for your choice to become injured.
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Default Hey, I just wanna say SUVS suck, environment be damned.

that's all.

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Default A glutton for punishment? Or concealed readership boosting?

i can only assume JB enjoys punches, kicks and bad checks, because by all indications he is a glutton for punishment. either that or he's crazy as a loon for writing something so inflammatory for a passionate readership.

unless, of course, inflammatory articles up readership (and thereby ad revenue), in which case JB is crazy like a fox.

my opinion of the issue at hand? only an idiot would ride without a helmet. but idiocy, last i checked, is not a punishable offense (nor SHOULD it be). to the extent that the government seeks to protect me from myself, i will fight them tooth and nail.

also, JB, i couldn't help but notice you are a smoker. are you ready to surrender your marlboros in the name of the Greater Good and lower health insurance rates? hmmmmm?
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Default Stop flattering yourself...

Sadly, helmet laws have absolutely NOTHING to do with personal freedom, retribution, or pissed off yuppies upset that we have more fun.

It's all about the almighty dollar.

You think that you're alone in the fact that you have to wear a helmet? Any large population that is frequently in accidents that can be regulated, is. NO, it must be about freedom and the constitution and the fat cats making themselves feel useful, you say. Wrong. It is about the following:

1. Money. It costs mucho dinero everytime you wreck and injure yourself, particularly a head injury. Not only the hospital costs, but the costs of the emergency personel, equipment, lost productivity and use of scarce resources.

2. Time. Having been a medic, dealing with a head injury takes a really long time in the field when compared to someone who is up and moving. Yes, you will always be treated like you have a head injury after an accident on a bike, but if you've moved yourself out of the road, traffic can get by and it is more for show than anything else. All that time that they spend dealing with you ties up traffic, the cop on the scene, the fire crew that is standing by to make sure that your bike doesn't explode while they make damn sure that your unconscious self is not injured any more than your efforts have, is time taken away from another "deserving" patient.

This is the reason they mandated helmets for bicycle messengers in the city of Chicago. They were getting sqashed by cabbies on a regular basis and tying up traffic and resources downtown. I believe that NYC messengers also have helmets mandated for the same reason.

They are not a loud, hell's angels type menace to mommy-soccer and her cell-phone-detached compatriots. Hell, they are an arguably vital business tool.

So, we need to stop flattering ourselves and remember that this is not about the constitution, it is about the checking accounts of everyone involved.

Note, Illinois doesn't have a helmet law for motorcyclists but does for bicycle messengers. As soon as one of the Daley's realizes that he can squeeze more money from us slots without pissing off a union, that will change.



Lauging at all the squibs from underneath my full-face.
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Default Finally

229 posts and KPaul's is the only one that even mentions the SV650!

Why not do a comparo between ElFlaco's SV650 while wearing a helmet and ElFlaco's SV650 while not wearing the helmet?
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Default Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

I got a better idea. Make the f****ing insurance companies pay up when an accident occurs. That's why we pay premiums, isn't it?
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Default Re: Regulations are good for you

I eat my tuna raw thank you. Guess how many tons of rat ***** were legal before the current, insufficient legislation went in place.
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