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Poser 08-20-2002 08:47 AM

Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback
You are absolutely right- these are some really compelling reasons for wearing proper equipment. I always do, even when it is hot out.


Seeing people riding in half helmets, beanies, shorts, vests and t-shirts just makes me cringe. I have fallen off and my helmet and leather jacket are probably why I am still riding. I didn't waste an EMT's time with my cracked skull or ground off arm, because I didn't have one. I even picked up my bike and pushed it to the side of the road, cursing a combination of railroad tracks, oil, and my own stupidity. You have to be coherent to do that.


I still have a hard time telling other people to make the same choices I make. My mother would rather that I drove a car, but a small car would be fine with her. That is more dangerous in an accident than driving a gigantic SUV. A Peterbuilt dump truck would be safer yet in an accident, but I don't hear anyone saying that we should all drive those. Helmets, like motorcycles themselves, should be a choice.

KPaulCook 08-20-2002 08:49 AM

Re: John Burns: an exercise in contradiction
Go Johnny GO! :)

shineon2000 08-20-2002 08:51 AM

Re: Regulations are good for you
So the US government should not lock up corporate criminals and drugs that cause birth defects should be marketed w/o restrictions and tobacco and hygene in meat processing plants is an unreal imposition on business activity. The question is at what point does your "freedom" to ride helmetless take away my freedom to spend my money on an abortion rather than on maintaining you in a vegetative state?

sanchin 08-20-2002 08:52 AM

Re: This is such a joke.
The question on who gets treatment is very important and needs to be answered. If you walk into Walmart, or any other store you have to be prepared to pay for whatever you buy. I'd love to be able to walk into my Harley dealer and ride away on a RoadKing and have someone else pay, but it doesn't work that way. Why should an emergency room be any different ?

seruzawa 08-20-2002 08:59 AM

Re: This is such a joke.
If you really want to have fun, tell these fascisti that they are all wet even over their belief that the State should be providing health care at all. If the State wasn't neck deep interfering in health care and itself causing the skyrocketting costs they wouldn't need to worry about their extortion, er I mean taxes paying for it. But then the thought of taking responsibility for yourself is now anathema for too many Americans. It's more convenient to demand that your neighbors pay for your own irresponsibility and stupidity.

Heck it's become the best excuse around to interfere in everyone else's lives.

KPaulCook 08-20-2002 09:02 AM

Nothing to do with helmets
Cause for Allstate loses:
[*]California theft rate for motorcycles is high
[*]California legitation costs highest in the nation[*]

If California did not have a helmet law perhaps the loses would be 320% vs. 160.5%

As for the sport bike thing. They aren't surcharging sport bikes that just stupid or outdated business sense. Every other company charges higher for sport bikes. It's no big deal.

KPaulCook 08-20-2002 09:04 AM

Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback

seruzawa 08-20-2002 09:07 AM

Re: ''Helmet or Thick Skull'' Reader Feedback
Funny, I thought that most of the Senate and Representative Seats were now both permanent and hereditary.

Anubis 08-20-2002 09:09 AM

Re: Regulations are good for you
It is?? It hasn't been for a long time.

KPaulCook 08-20-2002 09:12 AM

Burns buying time for bike shootouts?
Hey I was thinking the same thing. Could be Burns is buying time while they process all the data, photos and video from all those shootouts they promised like:

Bulldog vs. Buell Firebolt

Bulldog vs. Ducati 999

Bulldog vs ElFaco's SV650

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