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Default Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback

I owned and loved a '79 r100rt and an '85 k100rs, but with the exception of the 1150r or rs, I don't think I'd be interested in anything from bmw anymore, they just look overdone to me, and whats up with the stinky guy in the print adds? ever heard of a bathtub and a razor? price-wise I'd think an sv650 or a klr650 or even a baby monster would be a better deal, If the target demographic is entry or re-entry riders then from a cost standpoint they're nowhere near competitive, even if you had to have a bmw, you could pick up a nice used R or K for half the price.
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Default Re: BMW Colors

I still say the HiRider was designed by schwinn, just needs the plastic tassles on the handlebars and the five speed shifter on the tank.
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Default Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback

I'd like to take this opportunity to say once again that it's a crime that all these manufacturers

produce small displacement bikes with only 5 speeds. I promise you it's a marketing thing and

bravo to Kawasaki and Suzuki for 6 speed small displacement bikes. Go check out Ducati for example. All their small displacement bikes are 5 speeds. I really don't think they want the consumer to be satisfied. What they want is for you to make a second purchase. I'd also like to say that I don't think their marketing approach will work, in fact in the long run they will lose

customers. The three manufacturers guilty in this approach are HD BMW and Ducati. I suggest they get their focus off of money and onto bikes. I should note that at least you have the option with HD to up the hp. There are people who are small in stature who have had to compromise for....well for it seems like the last 20 years. If the hp is 80 or above then 5 speeds are ok. Keep in mind that people today are doing 75 mph on american highways. I'd even go so far as to say that they are putting the motorcyclist at risk because he or she will have trouble dealing with these far more powerful cars on the roads today. Please don't give me that this is an entry level bike thing because the rider does not have to use the sixth gear until he or she is ready. If you really want a BMW go to the 1150r and get a real deal at around 9,999 well worth the money. Guess what it's a 6 speed.
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Default Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback

I'm the only subscriber old enough to understand SimonGarfunkel, I guess. I didn't spot it, John.

Good Lord yes you should review it. How else will the non-enthusiast audience see the true grail? As long as there's a real motorcycle wrapped in those rags, I love it, as should we all.

They put fins on Chevies in the 50s and it didn't hurt cages in the least. Some even liked it.
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Default Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback

Never thought I'd see a Simon and Garfunkel reference in a motorcycle review. Never.

My $.02: Strange, cool-looking, eminently practical city bike. Grossly overpriced, at least here in the U.S. Maybe one of the big four will take the hint and do something similar, but less radical, with their thumper motors for less $$. Or maybe even Buell, with an 883 motor. God knows the R&D has been paid for on that one already. Now I'm dreaming.

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Default nobody's trashed the EFI?

Good lord, the EFI on this thing is so pathologically bad it's rediculous. I remember a lot of whining about Triumph's TT600 when it first came out but that was bloody perfect by comparison.

I think it looks decent (if not exactly my style) but the US price is completely and utterly rediculous. Hell, I'd get myself a MuZ Scorpion first and that's readily $5200, has better suspension, a quality mill, and no BMW surcharge on maint and parts. So is BMW taking a cue from the Japanese? Charge the snot out of the US market to subsidize the EU?

I doubt I will ever own a BMW, especially one that has EFI. Carbs at least offer me the opportunity to fix it myself. Their 4-wheel engineers know how to do EFI right, how come the bike crowd can't do it?
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Default Re: nobody's trashed the EFI?

You're right when when the F650GS came out it's EFI for America was screwed up. They tried to design a bike for all fifty states. (Thank you Ca) Then BMW gave Canadian spec'ed bikes to the American moto-journalists to test that didn't have EFI problems.

However, I have not heard of any of the riders in my area that are still having problems with their F650GS EFI anymore. While BMW Motorrad refused to acknowledge that a problem existed, they did fix it. Since those first bikes imported are still under the three year warranty, they will still get new maps if needed.

So maybe no one reported on this bike's poor EFI, cause it isn't a problem anymore? By the way, I also prefer carbs. But those are starting to get tougher to find even on the Japanese bikes.

Take care,

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Default Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback

I think the writer of the article is showing his crusty age with his opinion that this is a bike for the under-30 crowd only. I'm 46 years old, have been riding for more than two decades, thought the 650CS was interesting enough to go down to the local Beemer dealer and take a ride -- and thought it was a blast.

I found the 650CS to be very nimble, quick, and so easy to ride that one can zip around in traffic without even thinking about the bike. I liked it so much that I ended up taking a ride on the 650GS, too, and liked the feel of that one even better by a wee margin. But the one I'm thinking of buying is still the street CS model; it looks better and I like the fact that it's virtually a maintenance-free bike. For daily commuting, which is what I do with my everyday bike, the CS is almost ideal. In addition to the handling I also very much like the ABS, something that on my regular bike I dearly wish for every time it rains.

The only thing I didn't like is the "single tingle," the buzz felt through the grips at some highway speeds. It's considerably less than the buzz from my old FT500 Ascot thumper, but on long highway stretches I think it might still get to be annoying.

So I say "bravo" to BMW for breaking new ground -- it's not just youngsters who appreciate it, but also those of us who are not so hidebound as to not appreciate something new and interesting.

Wil M.

Arizona, USA
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Default Re: nobody's trashed the EFI?

I had an R1100R and the EFI was terrible. It surged, stalled and was just downright unpleasant when it did run... which was only about 75% of the time. The bike was in the shop for more than two months during the six that I owned it and BMW's answer was "tough luck... you're an owner and the lemon law in your state doesn't include bikes... ha ha."

I've also read complaints about the new R1150R not being properly dialed in, also.

For what BMW charges, the bikes have no excuse for being short of perfection.

A couple of suggestions for the CS:

1) One traditional color in the line-up would be nice... how about black or red?

2) You put the trick single-sided swingarm on the bike then covered up the beautifully exposed wheel with that gawdawful muffler... what were you thinking? Bring back the under seat set-up from the GS.

3) Cut the price by about $2,000.
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Default No, THIS is BMW's latest creation...

Feast your eyes on the new R1200C bagger:


Go Hinckley or go Home!
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