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TheFox 08-13-2002 06:55 PM

Re: Cruiser weirdness.
Ok, here we go. Even has pictures of him riding it. I personnaly think it's dumb to make the rest of the bike "old tech" with something this new tech, but to each his own.

Put that on a futuristic cruiser, like a V-rod / Warrior / R1200C and it would look tight. Add in a variant on the forkless front suspension, preferably similar to the Apache concept bike of some years back, and it would be awesome.


dwr461 08-13-2002 07:41 PM

Re: BMW maybe overpriced but compared to Harley
Thank you Kpaul. I appreciate your comments. You've been acting much better lately. You can ride with me anytime.

Take care, Dave

dwr461 08-13-2002 07:48 PM

Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback
I know BMW motorcycles are over priced in this country. Do you suppose that might have anything to do with the heavy tarriffs imposed against BMW? How can they be competitive when they have to pay much highier import taxes than Japanese bikes? Yet, the domestic manufacturer faces none of these import tarriffs and still has a relatively high MSRP. Of course, HD holds it's value better than any other bike. HD's and BMW's depreciate less so you loose less money than you would on a "cheaper" Japanese bike. I guess it's how you look at it. My moto: rides what suits you, just ride.

Take care,


luvmyvfr 08-14-2002 01:27 AM

Re: Guilty of Small thinking? :)
I suppose they're guilty of trying to be all things to all people (and therefore nothing to some people, and something to some people...), but their is nothing wrong with building an inferior engine if it's durable and meets the needs of the rider. Look at all the different generators honda builds. They're not all capable of running an arc welder, but some people don't need that much power.

I want to know somwthing, 'cause I'm barely old enough to remember the early 80's, did Honda say they wouldn't build a V-twin, because it was "inferior"? Aren't V-twins inferior, as far as making power, burn efficiency, etc? Be nice, I'm just asking :-)


If you want to share a piece of cake with someone, serve it on a plate, don't tear a chunk out of the center of the cake with your bare hands and shove it in their face.

rhust 08-14-2002 02:36 AM

Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback
Bottom line: Pricepriceprice

I agree with the Buell Blast comment. BMW missed the boat with this one. Perhaps a huge incentive program?

longride 08-14-2002 02:39 AM

Re: Guilty of Small thinking? :)
To KPaul above your reply, you missed the point again. I said the V-Twins they sell YOU. It wasn't about racing. To VFR, Honda stated publicly that Harley was going out of business in the 80's because they produced an "inferior" V-Twin engine and that the inline four was superior in every way. Harley never made an inline four, nor did Ducati, BMW, MotoGuzzi, and I can go on and on. Those mfgs. have a philosophy of what a bike should be and stick by it in good times and bad. Honda just copies whatever is popular at the time and then tells you how wonderful V-Twins are suddenly. If they copied Harley any closer they should just buy the badge and stick it on the tank. I like Honda's original designs, but they just don't have a clue as far as making more of them and less copies. I can't buy a product from someone that already labeled it "inferior" while trying to sell me one smiling. Point 2 is generators are not motorcycles. Nobody ever gets excited about generator design. As for your last statement, you ask me nice for a piece of cake and you get it on a plate, you ask ****y and you will get it stuffed in your face. It's all about respect, and giving it will get it.

sarnali 08-14-2002 04:33 AM

Re: BMW maybe overpriced but compared to Harley
I'd say the key point is " well taken care of " any bike thats well taken care of is going to hold up as long as you want it to, it seems to me that BMW, Harley, Guzzi, et al make it easier on the owners than the Japanese by sticking to a specific design and refineing it, this helps keep parts and mainainance alot easier to keep track of, which in turn helps keep the commited owner on the road longer. way back when the only difference between a Harley bagger and a superglide was font forks and fenders, and they came off a sportster, thats continuity of parts, Beemers had either no fairing, an RS fairing or an RT fairing, while thats no longer the case there's still more commonality than with the Japanese, who have a completley different design for each model, and if you think parts prices for BMW or Harley cost more than Japanese bikes your nuts, J-bike parts prices are thru the roof, which makes it easier to sell your bike to some kid and buy a new one, till you arrive at the Harley or BMW dealership, and step up to the plate, then you get to sneer at the lessor folks while conveniantly forgetting where you came from, thus perpetuating the myth of Harley/ Bmw snobbery. simple huh?,,,,,,,,Questions?

sarnali 08-14-2002 04:47 AM

Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback
Isn't that what Lauren Hutton did a few years ago on a Hollywood Swinger look-at-me-I'm-cool ride?

sarnali 08-14-2002 04:58 AM

Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback
I thought the tariff was on their cars i.e luxury tax, I didn't know it applies to bikes as well, I think the duetchmark is [was] stronger than the Yen, I thought that was the reason for higher prices.

dwr461 08-14-2002 06:52 AM

Re: BMW F650CS Reader Feedback
It is my understanding that all BMW products are subject to it.

Take care,


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