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KPaulCook 07-24-2002 01:17 PM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
LOL Great point about what can you get for $11 these days.

The_Gemini 07-24-2002 01:24 PM

Re: Now I remember why I gritted my teeth...
Oh I've bought, sold, and owned just about everything on the market in the last few years and I can tell you from the expenditure that I wish I was living vicariously. I'm a bike junkie and have been for years and I like reading pretty much everything and guess what I got about two hours ago? A copy of motorcyclist magazine with a full riding review of the new Ducati 999 in it. Full glossy spreads, interview with Tamburini in it, nice write ups on the new 2003 Aprilias, full on test with numbers on the ST1300 Honda etc. This issue is very impressive. Motorcyclist mangaged to ride,write,print,and ship info on the 999 before any of the online magazines have, not just this one. (Note: It's a much expanded copy of the review on the official World Superbike site by Cathcart) Still do you think the print magazines are getting the message here or what?

KPaulCook 07-24-2002 01:28 PM

Re: Closet Bueller?
LOL I saw a Pink Speed Triple like last night on Speed Channel Motorcyclist. I thought who was the marketing clown that thought that color up. I definitely agree with your thoughts on the Buell and engine thing. I like the vision but like you said execution is everthing i..e year without a recall.

Huss 07-24-2002 01:41 PM

Re: Tyres
I think he means if it comes with tubeless tires without tubes inside. The Vulcan has spoked rims so this is unlikely, as far as I can remember BMW and Moto Guzzi are the only manufacturers to offer spoked rims capable of utilising tubeless tires (without inner tubes).

Huss 07-24-2002 01:43 PM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
From what I hear they look like a fruit-bat with its tongue sticking out.....

Yamahanian 07-24-2002 02:00 PM

Sorry Tex, Cruisers Rule
While you may not appreciate cruisers, the market has spoken. According to the August 12, 2002 issue of Fortune, 262,000 cruisers were sold in 2001 compared to 114,000 sportbikes. These figures are contained in a profile of Harley-Davidson ( I'm sure you will wish to peruse.

I heartily agree with the point other posters that have already made MO should continue to write about all things with a motor and two wheels (even, God help us, sport bikes). I happen to own a V-Star, but am considering purchasing a FJR1300. Different bikes for different moods. Neither may be "amazing" but both can be a helluva lotta fun, just like dirt bikes, scooters, etc. Don't lock yourself into one category and miss out on what else is out there!

Huss 07-24-2002 02:04 PM

Re: Really Decent, But Misleading
Honda is offering testrides on the goldwing 1800. That's about as multi-cyclinder as you can get!

sherm 07-24-2002 02:25 PM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
To me these reviews seem more like creative writing opportunities for the editorial staff than attempts to educate the readership about the bike. Motorcycle Consumer News reviews all types of bike (including the Volusia and Vulcan by the way) and gives you a great deal of detail about performance. From their reviews I can really tell the differences, and similarities, between the Volusia and the Vulcan.

If MO wants to be a serious moto journalism player it will have to develop the capability to do comprehensive bike testing like Motorcycle Consumer News or Motorcyclist. Burns' cute way with words, talent for sexual inuendo, and ability to prove any motorcyle produced in the last 100 years is better than the 900SS, make for good throw away reading, but that's about it.

By the way, I considered Burns to be one of the best and most readable reviewers in the business when he worked at Motorcyclist.

Just one more opinion.

itchface 07-24-2002 03:19 PM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
You're right; there's nary a significant difference among the Japanese mid-sized cruisers. The almost complete lack of original thought that went into the design of these machines results in very little pride-of-ownership down the road. Shame on the Japanese manufacturers for playing it so safe that they've practically guaranteed themselves an increasingly smaller market share compared to Harley!

SilverBullet 07-24-2002 03:30 PM

Re: To the squids among us. You know who you are ....
Quote: "that it is possible to ride a motorcycle without looking to all the world like you desperately want to have sex with it"

What's wrong with wanting to shag your bike? I feel randy! Yeah, baby!

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