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Adrian_Leeds 07-24-2002 12:23 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
Do you honestly think that the market segment that would be interested in a Vulcan 800 reads magazines like this?

Actually, they do.

Have you ridden one? Believe it or not, there is some, not inconsiderable, enjoyment to be had in cruising at 110 km/h and looking around. Depends on the sort of rider you consider yourself.

If they made these with tubeless tyres, it'd be in my shed.

jodiesel 07-24-2002 01:47 AM

Re:Enough already
I've had my browser set up so that MO is my homepage, until just recently. I set it back to Motorcycle Daily. I was really getting sick of having some worthless Jap Harley look-alike cruiser as the first thing I see in the morning. I realize when I subscribed that there was no guarantee of sportbike content, but come one, enough already with the cruisers.

Jeff Rice

95XV1100 07-24-2002 02:57 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
Youngbull, You have no interest in this bike and that's ok. There is a large percentage of readers who are interested in a bike like this. That's not my opinion. Just look around you. Take your non sportbike filters off and you will notice there are a lot of bikes in this class all around you. Like someone else said in this feedback, I have interest in almost anything w/2 wheels and motor between them. I tend to look at the positive aspects of any motorcycle and enjoy riding different bikes because they are motorcycles. All of them ride so much different than their cage counterparts. So much better freedom to look around and the machine is more like the rider when being ridden. Ok I just love motorcycles. Just don't try to bias this e-zine into giving info on sportbikes and race info only. Enjoy what type of info. Let others enjoy theirs!

Happy riding


Small 07-24-2002 03:00 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
BMW R1100S, the best of all worlds. Not a torture rack, corners with the best of them, and gets down the highway plenty fast enough to put you in jail.

Ashley 07-24-2002 03:07 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
Girl? I'm just about old enough to be Stickie's momma! (For those of you not paying attention, Stickie would be El_Flaco, aka Elliot the Internal, co-intern to Raynette "Hoochie" Brodie.) Which reminds me that, while he's several inches taller than me, I'm pretty sure I outweigh him. Note to self: Hate Stickie!

Auphliam 07-24-2002 03:43 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
Could it be a test of the new Victory? Please tell me you're gonna test one of these.

Auphliam 07-24-2002 03:53 AM

Re: Now I remember why I gritted my teeth...
If they test the new Victory, a Real comparo against the other 'merckin motorcycle maker, and I'll renew. Otherwise, no.

Auphliam 07-24-2002 03:55 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
Test the Victory, minime!

ZR-7 07-24-2002 04:25 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
How about taking it out on a week long trip with a passenger? My GF wants to know about the pillion comfort. Do the footpeg vibrate, how is the seating position, does the rear shock hold two people, etc.? How are the brakes with two people?




VFRider 07-24-2002 04:39 AM

Re: Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback
Hey Tex, it's called and I believe the Vulcan qualifies. So it's not your cup of tea. So what. Can't do a rice-burner comparo every day. How about you stop complaining and add something positive to the site, like an investigative report on the recent intern sex scandal at MO...Danielle-gate!

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