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captainwhoopass 07-09-2002 09:15 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
Good god.

mandrake_the_mollusk 07-09-2002 09:49 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
If you want to get out of the Bonnie's price range then you are right about BMW, and there's at least one other major marque as well. Let's not forget H-D's cruisers have always been "going their own way" too, they just get followed a lot.

akcarlson 07-09-2002 10:16 AM

Cafe'd Bonnie
Am I the only one who prays every night for Hinckley to come to their senses, stop pandering to Amuricuns, and build a cafe racer already? Clubman bars, rearsets, bobbed fenders, megaphones, fairing optional...

I'm not nearly old enough to remember the first cafe movement, but I still shake my head in despair and disbelief when I think that the first thing Triumph did with the new Bonnie was crusier-fy it.

A good cruiser still ain't a cafe racer.

Hell, maybe Kawasaki will do it with the W650. Or maybe I'll do it and stop bothering all of you.

KPaulCook 07-09-2002 10:24 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
Ever review that I have read on the Meanstreak has been positive. If I bought a cruiser it would be by my pick. Low maitenance shaft drive and liquid cooled. Its a looker. Kawasaki does a lot of things right it's own unique way. For the price of a V-Rod I could get a Meanstreak and ZX-9 (ZX-10 when it comes out). Hmm

SlowBear 07-09-2002 11:00 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback

We are splitting pretty fine hairs here. If you don't think the Hurricane was a custom that is your prerogative. I think Vetter's bike looks a great deal like the Triumph choppers of the time, light and lithe and unlike any Harley. I would say a smaller tank, longer forks and flashy pipes was pretty much the standard recipe for a custom "Trumph" back in the '60s and '70s. To my eye the body of the Hurricane always looked very much like the bodies a guy named Tracy used to build in Santa Cruz and, later, in Hawaii. Also, note they went back to a drum front brake, hardly a change in keeping with a performance bike.

The Norton Hi-Rider was even more lame but both point to desperate companies trying to cash in on the "American Bike" styling trend. Based on what I know about the time Harley was in nearly the same position when it produced the Super Glide. The difference is that Harley seceded. OTOH, if the Super Glide had tanked as badly as the Low Rider, Hurricane and HD's later XLCR all three companies would have died, not just the two British manufacturers.

My only point in all of this is that Triumph did try to build a custom and was working on the idea as early as 1967. Had the irresistible combination of poor management, lack of product improvement, worn-out factories and general stupidity not killed the British they might have a custom bike tradition as long as that American company.


robb_millett 07-09-2002 05:20 PM

Re: Cafe'd Bonnie
no no, you don't understand..

y'see I actually AM old enough to remember the first cafe racer ovement, and it WASN'T done by the factories, the cafe-racer movement was totally a thing of the riders' creation...THEY built the bikes, bought stockers and modified/made them into cafe racers - oddly enough, that's exactly how this whole custom/chopper/cruiser v-twin thing got started too, doncha know - anyway, factories had nothin' to do with the origins, the riders did it all...

That being the case, if you want a cafe milleneum Bonnie, go buy a stocker, and start bustin' knuckles, dude ;-) Don't wait for the factory to do it for ya.

(written while watching "On Any Sunday")

sarnali 07-09-2002 08:55 PM

Re: Who needs heratage?
While I agree with most of your posts, I think if you look at all the new Triumph's as a whole like the sprint, daytona and speed triple at al, you'll find they are sticking pretty close to their heritage, wether they bought it or earned it, I don't think you can rate them on one stinker like the bonnie america, I also remember way back when, and no, triumphs heritage is not fat butt cruisers, the trident wasn't a cruiser nor was the rocket three, wich was more or less the same thing, that one norton was your basic '70,s excess, I think if you were riding back then you saw plenty, harley only made the boattail superglide for one year so even they had SOME sense of shame, god nows they don't have it now. anyway bro, not to be rude but if you don't like the B.A. you can avert your gaze when you see one, thats what I do..........peace out

sarnali 07-09-2002 09:14 PM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
I'm not really into cruisers but I think that yamaha warrior is pretty cool looking, I hope by the time i'm ready to slow down and plonk around, the market for harley's will have gotten back down to earth enough for me to buy a dyna superglide. I guess if I'm going to ride a cruiser, a superglide is the only real option, however if you see me clogging the road in chaps and a beanie helmet, please put me out of my misery. my ageing caferacer soul coudn't stand the shame.

sarnali 07-09-2002 09:28 PM

Re: Cafe'd Bonnie
Hey I'm old enough too!! my first street bike was a 250 bultaco matador with clip ons, an expansion chamber, and trials universal tires, I just used the rear pegs instead of rearsets, that was in '74, I managed to ***** off my dad, my neighbors and my girl friends parents all at the same time, not bad for a 16 year old , I used to carry a can of blendzall in my pocket for when I had to fill-up. caferacers are it, my friend, do the ton and ftw.

longride 07-10-2002 03:47 AM

Re: Who needs heratage?
I was not trying to diss the whole lineup of Triumph. I was questioning this particular model and possibly the 600. Why waste time and resources chasing the Japanese or making pseudo-choppers? I would love to see them put that tech money on a high tech twin streetfighter, cafe, standard or whatever the label seems to be these days. Something light and fast and handles, not detuned and chopper-like. I just think this would be better for their overall strategy of finding a niche to fill and be true to the Triumph heritage at the same time. They are obviously trying to go head to head with the 600, which they will find is a money pit, as they have to make a new one every 2 years. Just my opinion and nothing else.

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