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seruzawa 07-08-2002 01:08 PM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
Actually the Speed Triple is on my short list of bikes to consider when my GSX1100G gives up the ghost. It's going to be a tough decision, believe me. Too many really nice bikes out there. I like Aprilias too, or maybe a Moto Guzzi. Damn! Decisions, decisions!

Too bad Laverda doesn't still make a liter class triple.

heyjd 07-08-2002 01:18 PM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
i 2nd that

longride 07-09-2002 02:25 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
I have seen those. I wonder why Triumph cannot produce one of these at a competitive price?

mandrake_the_mollusk 07-09-2002 04:22 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
Rumor is Triumph will bring out a revived Thunderbird Sport with a version of the 955 (currently used in Speed Triple and Daytona). That should be the fastest truly beautiful bike and/or the most beautiful truly fast bike on the planet, whichever your heart desires. If you don't plan on buying right away, wait for that one and it might make the decision easier.

FWIW the current-generation Moto Guzzi are still cool bikes with character galore but their performance pales in comparison to any 3-cyl Triumph (I've ridden them back-to-back). The Bonnie might be a better value. Aprilias are interesting and their dealer network is getting better but I have no experience with them. For Italian I've been partial to Ducati for many years, but these days I'd say its the only marque that has an even higher percentage of production bought by trendoid yuppie posers than H-D. Decisions decisions. Good luck!

longride 07-09-2002 04:24 AM

Re: Who needs heratage?
I don't agree. Since John Bloor bought the company why didn't he just produce Bloor motorcycles then? Because nobody would buy a Bloor 600 is why. He paid a pretty penny for that Triumph badge, as did the Indian and Excelcior-Henderson boys for theirs. There is a certain expectation from a legendary marque. I'm sure you don't appreciate the history, but many of us do, and Triumph motorcycles had a long and rich history. I expected Triumph to be true to the heritage of the marque, or just name them something else and produce clone choppers. Funny how they get around to mentioning that history in their ads, but then we are supposed to forget it when the sale is made? You are right, the Bonneville America doesn't look like a Harley, and it also doesn't look like a Triumph.

12er 07-09-2002 05:28 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
It took millions of dollars but Norton finally lured the chief designer from Schwinn over to create the HiRider masterpiece. Frustrated over not being able to figure out how to properly create the 5 speed shifter on the tank, said designer had a nervous breakdown and has been institutionalized ever since.

12er 07-09-2002 05:50 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback

mandrake_the_mollusk 07-09-2002 06:14 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
I agree the Speed Twin had to be an inspiration for this bike but I guess they couldn't very well call it the new Speed Twin in view of the Speed Triple and Speed Four. They would have had to name it the Slow Twin given today's standards of performance. Not putting it down--the BA is a lovely *cruiser* with infinitely more style, character and retro-panache than any Japanese cruiser at any price. It surely goes fast enough to do what it was intended for, which is wander serenely around backroads being a more effective antidepressant to the rider than any pharmaceutical company could ever dream of patenting.

reggler 07-09-2002 07:19 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
Triumph is definitely making a comeback and to their credit they are improving on what they've already done rather than trying to be something they're not. However, I'll stay with my Kawi Meanstreak. No frills, no plastic, updated technology and it only cost me 10K with a windshield included. Yes, I hear you saying but it's only 64 hp, to that I answer, thunder air kit, v&h propipe, pwercommander III, & custom mapping. All for another 1.1K and its 83.3 hp and 91.2 lb/ft torque. And I just completed a trip from Atlanta to LA and back on the stock seat. What's the point? The style, the riding position, the seat, the hp, are all in the mind of the rider. Is there really any such thing as a bad motorcycle?

mandrake_the_mollusk 07-09-2002 08:13 AM

Re: Bonneville America Reader Feedback
>Atlanta to LA and back on the stock seat

That's not impressive but if you had a *passenger* it is ;-)

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