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seruzawa 07-02-2002 04:09 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
Looks nice but lordy, $240 bucks. I seldom buy any dedicated MC clothing simply because I consider the prices to be way too inflated.

A light 100% cotton jacket, like a desert camo BDU shirt, breathes well, is pretty tough and costs about $60 at a surplus store. This also works quite well in the current 90-100 degree temperatures I'm riding in. A decent alternative for those without money to burn.

PurpleF2 07-02-2002 07:15 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
I bought the Joe Rocket Reactor and love it. The difference between the Phoenix and the Reactor is that the Reactor has perferated leather on the outside of the sleeve. For $50 ($179 vs $129) more, I felt the leather on the Reactor added just a little more protection.

Only complaint is the same as Burns with the Kushi. The back pad collects heat when you are sitting still.

BRIAN_1 07-02-2002 07:17 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
Yeah, I agree, the MC stuff is expensive, but I doubt the BDU shirt would provide much protection. I lowsided once at 25~30 mph in leather jacket & gloves & blue jeans. I received no abrasions on my hands or upper body, but a real nasty/deep one on my knee. The jeans instantly ripped away exposing skin. I've read that blue jeans provide about 5 feet of abrasion protection (and no padding) when sliding on asphalt.

KPaulCook 07-02-2002 08:56 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
Yep anything that says motorcycle is expensive but I agree with you it beats having a nasty leg abrasion which could lead to medical complications. An MSF instructor of mine said the same thing about jeans i..e 5 ft. He said nothing beats competition leather. My brother-law is Cruiser guy who used to get ribbed from his buddies because he wore his chaps all the time. Then a buddie of his went down and spent several expensive weeks in the hospital. I started my full gear (Frank Thomas jacket and pants) when I ride on the weekend but during the week I just wear my jacket. Your post has me rethinking that strategy. Thanks.

Huss 07-02-2002 09:13 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
Nice ad, maybe you should read Motorcycle Consumer News to get an idea as to how you should test the gear.

dwr461 07-02-2002 09:52 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
I live in the deep south of Louisianna where high nineties and one hundred percent humidity is the rule. I use a leather Vanson Pro-Perf Breeze jacket. It has the abrasion resistance of leather (DUH) with the air movement through the jacket that is close to the types of jackets you asked about. Anything below seventy degrees and I start to get cold wearing it. My opinion only but I think that it is superior to any these variety of textile jackets. Oh yeah, It's also way superior in price. They ain't cheap.


dwr461 07-02-2002 09:55 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
Yeah but it's a dry heat. When you add close to one hundred percent humidity to high ninety degree temperatures, the evaporation effect is way reduced. Bottom line, when it's hot out you will be hot, while out. I think I read that in a fortune cookie somewhere.


dwr461 07-02-2002 09:57 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
I have to agree with you this time.


biggsly5000 07-02-2002 10:20 AM

Re: Kushitani glove and jacket review
75 degrees?! Maybe in December and January in Houston. I dont ride in July or August during the daylight hours, you could literally melt sitting on I-10 for an hour!

ballan00 07-02-2002 10:48 AM

Any Crash Tests?
Has anyone actually crashed or heard of anyone who crashed while wearing one of these mesh jackets. I have been seriously considering either the JR Phoenix (or the one like it but w/ leather strips), but I would like to know if they actually work protection wise.

I currently wear a JR Meteor jacket, which is not bad in the heat, but I would like something cooler. I did survive a low speed lowside without any damange.

- BA

p.s. I like the product reviews, but I would love to see some actual abrasion resistance tests (not sure how you measure or test this, buti it would be nice).

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