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scott_y 06-25-2002 02:14 PM

Re: Honda ST1300 Reader Feedback
So If I'm on my new ST1300 and you are on your FJR1300, you'll be faster, right!

Then if we switch bikes, you'll still be faster.

I saw a guy going down Deal's Gap last week on an ST1100, scraping pegs and bags, going way faster than I was. I didn't know you could do that with the old ST.

I want an ST1300 because (not in spite of) it has ABS, Linked Brakes (though not perfect), 7.7 gal tank, V-4 engine. I think it looks more unique too. I'm sure I will never intentionally explore the limits on either of these bikes.

Only 110 HP! I can live with that.

What I am reading about the front suspension and shield is a little disturbing but at least I know there will be aftermarket shields. The FJR shield does not sound all that great in the many reviews that I have read either.

The FJR has been available for more than a year in Europe. It is not perfect either from what they say over there.

KenP 06-25-2002 02:31 PM

What's up with that????

Regarding your last post..."Race Replica/Coffin"???? What's up with that?

Based on your chest-thumping and gauntlet-toss, I assume that you take great pride in your annual mileage numbers and consider yourself to be a die-hard motorcylcist. I don't get the analogy of your word play.

Why don't you take it a step further, include ALL classifications of bikes and say that we all ride "murder-cycles"? Do you like that ignorant cager phrase?

Was perhaps your intent to draw an analogy between "squids" and a lack of rider skills or did you really mean to insinuate that "race replicas" are somehow more dangerous than other bikes?

Most of us are riding without ABS, you know. Are you saying that you would not have been able to rack up such impressive numbers without ABS? I suspect that most posters on this board would ride MUCH more often if the day-to-day demands of life didn't make it prohibitive in certain situations. It sounds like you're fortunate to have the time to ride that many of us don't. I don't know if that makes you more legitimate or not.

I am of the opinion that whether or not my bike (not a "race replica") becomes my coffin is largely up to me and my riding skills...with or without ABS.



KenP 06-25-2002 03:10 PM

Re: Motorcycle
Ah Ha! I've spotted my first "Pulling a KPaul" reference! We're in for it now, boys.

vcs700s 06-25-2002 04:28 PM

Re: Honda ST1300 Reader Feedback
I was at Deal's Gap last week on Thursday on the Sport Ride for the Honda Hoot. Were you at the Hoot also?

tomekd 06-25-2002 04:57 PM

Re: ABS is swell-really?
Allright,I should have been more specific.With no dive weight transfer still happens but comes only from negative acceleration rate ,when forks dive there is additional weight transfer due to the fact that rake decreases.

Increasing compresion damping will slow rate of diving but won`t change how far forks dive once suspention settles under braking.

Pud 06-25-2002 07:26 PM

Re: Honda ST1300 Reader Feedback
I'm 60 years old and can't use the full handling capabilities of my ST1100. I suppose I should be riding a cruiser or a Goldwing, but they just don't do it for me. I do occasionally use the full acceleration and top speed of the ST1100 and wouldn't mind even having more. So even though I may not be the fastest in the twisties I enjoy knowing I still have lots of cornering in reserve. So all in all the ST1100 works perfectly for me and I believe the ST1300 would even be better and correct some of the main faults of the ST1100. Specifically being wind screen noise and being able to lower the screen in hot weather and when traveling at mach speeds. I'm of course talking about the electric windscreen as I'd never buy another bike without ABS. No matter how good you think you are at braking, when in a known slippery situation, you won't even come close to the stopping distance of an ABS equipped bike. Think I'm ****ting you? There was an article from MCN that was on a BMW website written by Mike Kneebone (I think) that showed people of all abilities and experience stopped approximately 100 feet further without ABS. This was on a known slippery surface. Someone here maybe able to point you to this article and I suggest everyone read it. I commute all year long in Seattle and have felt the ABS work several times. I don't have to even think about how slippery it is I can just brake to the max anytime I need to. I love to take long trips and know that I have one of the most reliable motorcycles made, can get near or slightly over 50 mpg, fuel tank range of up to 380 miles, smooth as silk, good looking (subjective of course), decent handling, ABS, and lots of carring capacity. for people like me I think the ST1300 will not disapoint.

cog3998 06-25-2002 07:46 PM

Re: Honda ST1300 Reader Feedback
I've studied your list, Van. I can't find a single listing that translates to fun.

Wayne in Texas

MrDeadeye 06-26-2002 03:34 AM

Re: ABS is swell
It has been estimated that 35% of police motorcycle crashes would not have occurred if the officer involved had been riding an ABS-equipped motorcycle!

--- I don't know where this estimate came from, but it sounds reasonable. I found it here :

scott_y 06-26-2002 04:08 AM

Re: Honda ST1300 Reader Feedback
Yes, we did Deal's Gap 4 times that week.

Also, check out 151 in Asheville, and 209+63 just north of Asheville. 1310 SE of Robinsville & 215 going N. from 64 to the Blueridge Pkwy.

captainwhoopass 06-26-2002 06:28 AM

Re: Honda ST1300 Reader Feedback
That's true if you completely ignore the Road Star Warrior.

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