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Default Re: Yamaha Bulldog review update

Gee, I guess I ought to be impressed. And I would be except that this sounds less like the ruminations of a motorjournalist with 12 years experience than it does boasting by someone with 12 days riding experience, in full gunslinger mode, trying to be the cool guy.

So what? If this trip report is supposed to make me think that a heavy, large-displacement, low horsepower bike is some sort of a wonder if flogged in the right hands it ain't working. The only thing this proves to me is that the author was sufficently stung by criticism from MO readers that he was evidently willing to take great risks to prove a point. I think that the Yamaha Bulldog is probably a swell bike, but I sure wouldn't take this Yossef's word for it right now.

You know what - you ride enough you get passed. Me, I've been passed on both road and track by everything imaginable: Sportbikes, Harley's, Ascots, Goldwings, Impala station wagons, .... you name it. Sometimes they were simply better riders than me, sometimes they were merely willing to push the envelope a little farther than I am, and sometimes they were just plain crazy. Never did it occur to me that it had anything to do with either of our bikes. Call me looney.

Show a little maturity for goodness sakes. Yeah some of the criticism of the original review was misguided and ignorant, but everyone's entitled to their opinion. This followup review isn't very likely to sway any reasoned rider and the rest of them are beyond swaying anyway.



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Default Please bring the dog to the states

Whom do I call at Yamaha to beg them to bring this bike to the states? I will go put a deposit down today...it is perfect for me.
Bradford T Barker
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Default Re: Yamaha Bulldog review update

Excellent retort; I am in full agreement.
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Default Re: Yamaha Bulldog review update

You'd think with all the cries about lack of HP that everybody who rides a bike goes to the track every weekend. I for one am tired of the emphasis put on sportbikes and cruisers. Yeah, I know - the market follows where the money is. But if the sport of motorcycling is to grow, we need broader appeal to the public. Most people I know who don't ride think we bikers are either Harley types or sportbike punks. As an owner of a Suzuki SV650 and a BMW R1150R, I'm all for well-rounded bikes that are easy to live with day in and day out.

A versatile, well-built shaft drive "naked" bike should do well if priced around 6.5 grand. I don't think engine size in the case of the Bulldog should dictate a higher price since they're using an available design that required little if any research dollars. While I'm no longer in a market for a new bike, had Yamaha come out with the bulldog in the States last winter, I probably would have thought hard about it.

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Default Re: Over and Over...

I don't know, is a SV650 a standard or a sport bike. Personally, I'd rank it closer to a sport bike. And I have to tell you after putting 17K miles on my Honda Shadow communting, I was really really surprised at how much more comfortable the SV was. I always though the riding position was a bad idea, but I was wrong. I'm gonna at least try out an R1 or similar bike before my next purchase.
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Default Re: Yamaha Bulldog review update

Well now! Haven't we had quite go at flaming up a poor old fart who likes to late brake on down hill hairpins? Actually Yossef most likely rides the snot outta that Bulldog, as he does most other mounts he finds between his legs...

When it comes to the Bulldog's riding feel or approach the word I'm thinking of is so very "forgiving", because one little twich here or twist there does not cause the rear wheel to want to spin up or try to run under the elevated front. Another word that comes to mind is "predictable", because of the planted feel the Bulldog has as you enter a corner. Well that what I take from Yossef's article and I'm going to bet he's right!

How on earth can I say that when I've never ridden a Bulldog? Fair question.

I'm intimately familiar with the power plant, been riding it since 1986 and I have seen modified ones run on race tracks in the USA by privateers who swear by the snort coming out of the corners and acceleration until the redline is greviously violated. So you can go find nearly 100 ponies if you want to.

I ride the twisties with a stock 1100 powerplant (150K+ miles) since 1986. In what you ask? A highly modified XV1100 suspension with touring tires! Great mileage by the way... the ground clearance is a full 4" higher than stock. Extended Progressive shocks on the rear (stiff) and RaceTech cartridge fork emulators up front (stiff). I now get much less than a 45 degree lean angle, so what if the foot pegs are sparking up a bit, just replace them when they're half gone and you get to have the same fun all over again! I think the old left peg is on plaque somewhere as a traveling trophy.

My fun is in the corners, I'd buy a Bulldog over the competition, because corners are what it is designed to do. You want to race on straightaways, waste expensive rubber in burnouts, have sore backs, necks and wrists after a half days ride, then go buy something else. I just so happen to really like the direction Yamaha took on the Bulldog!

So Dennis M. @ Yamaha.USA why don't you just grab 50 Bulldogs for us in the States or start a list on your web site. A sale is a sale or would you rather see a bunch of past Yamaha customers heading over to the Honda or Suzuki barns?
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Default Insurance wierdness

Insurance is stranger than that. You can go from one company to another and some think you are uninsurable and others think you are a little old lady who only rides on sunny afternoons to go arrange flowers.

My TT600 got classified as everything from a race rep/ squid bike with no redeeming social value to a touring bike that is completely inoffensive and belongs at a tea party.

My house in Seattle is part of a redlined district according to some insurance companies. It is in a completely different part of town according to other insurance companies. I never knew a house could move that fast without me noticing.

There is some guy with thick glasses, a pocket protector, and a starched white shirt in an office somewhere deciding these things. I am sure he has never actually seen a bike, let alone sat on one or ridden one. There are things about insurance decisions that we probably just don't want to know.
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