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Default Re: Wide Sizes?

Great review Burnsie.

I went to the web site and they don't come in wides, 12EEE for me. The other "problem" is my 20" calves. Though 8" high might work out.

Nobody seems to make boots that fit the guy with wide feet and big calves. I read the review and thought "Oh yes!" but on no, standard widths only. I tried CorbinÂ’s, but they wouldn't make it up the calves.

So.. Anybody have any recommendations? Also for an enduro boot?

My Timberline 12EEE construction boots are getting pretty beat looking and since they only are available insulated, they are hot in the summer

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Default Re: Wide Sizes?

Do all non normal riders have skinny calves? SIDI Sympatex etc are to small on normal claves?

What gives??
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Default Details?

Was there more to that review? Did I miss the part where he mentioned how they were when riding the bike, or what sort of protection they offer?

Granted, they look cool & must be more comfortable to walk around in than Power Ranger boots, but how about -motorcycling- concerns?

Try these on for size: http://www.daytona.de/english/boots_...urban_gtx.html

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Default Re: Frye Boots product review

I have Frye's as well and love them. Very comfortable from the start, and the gel inserts mold quickly to your feet. A bit of biker tradition. And honor to my Dad, a workin' guy who wore engineer boots for his living. Plus, it's nice to buy an American made product.
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Default Re: Details?

I had Fryes in the late 60's thru the early 80'. Loved them! As comfortable as a pair of slippers, warm and stayed in shape-- until I stuffed the right one between the chain and tire of my buddies bike when we tried to occupy the same space at the same time bouncing off a berm. They saved my foot though-- thats no lie.

For the street and track days-- I am seriously considering Sidi B2 boots. Thanks for the input on them.
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