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Default O/T: I think JohnnyB's a bit frisky today! ;) n/m

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Default Re: Not your Father's Buell but Harley needs to give Buell more

I've got a pretty good feeling it (the XB) can (compete with the 600 inline 4s). That 11.84 or whatever on the strip is probably close to what the 600s run (I'm just guessing, I could be way off) and unless you're at daytona or something, the top end hp advantage of the 600s probably won't come on fast enough to catch the XB after it walks away from them in the corners. After what this article has opened our eyes too, I'd really like to see this bike put up against just about everything to find out exactly where it fits in, because the fact is, right now, nobody has a friggin' clue.
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Default Re: Buell vs. Ducati 900 Supersport

Actually, if you slide the Buell plot over a thousand rpm, it looks alot like the Duck. This reminds me of my VFR. Just keep it between 9 and 12 most of the time (easy to do since the motor never sounds like its thrashing and noone else can hear the damn thing with stock pipes), be smooth with the clutch and throttle, and you can keep with pretty much anything in the twisties.

I agree though. 15-20% more aftermarket power and this bike could be REAL interesting.
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Default Lots of haters...

Man a lot of people sure do hate Buells. Wonder how many have ever ridden one? If you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple. More interesting bikes to choose from (whoever builds them) is a GOOD THING.
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Default Re: Buell vs. Ducati 900 Supersport

Unfortunately at Daytona they had 4 broken down test bikes (in 2 days). I think the drive belts had broken on all of them, which could be why the ones now have different idler pulley sizes than those at the initial press release. I think Burns mentioned something about this in the preview test.
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Default Re: XB9R vs. SV650 vs. Mille R

Hey Jeffery,

Nice review!

JohnnyB - Give him a job.
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Default Re: Observation for Minime

Perhaps that's true. Unfortunately for me I've only raced two cars, both Porsches, and neither of them was mine and I wasn't allowed any changes. I certainly loved the experience and would like to do it some more. I'm betting I could love an ill-handling Porsche just as much as one that feels solid. Aaaahhhh....
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Default Re: Buell vs. Ducati 900 Supersport

I don't have the experience the testers have. But, I rode the Buell a couple of weeks ago. I told the salesman I liked it and I do. I ride a Ducati ST2 every day.

I would not buy the Buell. It is just too different from anything else I have been on. The Harley dealer seemed anxious to hear what I had to say and was equally anxious to let me dork around on it. I encourage everyone who has a chance to ride it to do so.

I did not like the motor. I think it just ran out of room to soon. I told the sales guy it was fun because it was a little like riding a motorized unicycle.

I said I would not buy this Buell and I won't, but I wouldn't mind having one at my disposal. If they get a better motor I would probably pay too much for it. I agreed with the comments that it is over priced. Then I had to think about, overpriced compared to what? If you accept the premise, and I do, that Harleys in general are hideously overpriced, then the Buell is much less overpriced than your average Harley.

It would be cool if Buell would build a bike that had a twin like the the Suzuki TL 1000. Sort of an American Bimota SB8. I don't know enough about engineering to say if the VRod motor would do that.
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Default Re: Where's the Beemer?

It's pretty easy to answer a related question "Where would a beemer fit?" with another question: "What kind of road surface?" The rougher the surface, and the more the need to hit the brakes HARD for gravel on the road, Bambi suddenly deciding the grass on the other side is really greener, Flatlanders who drive their SUV's straddling the center stripe, and related facts of life here in Colorado, the better the big german twins behave.

Granted I have 30 or 40 years of age on most of the writers here, and that's a factor all right, but it's true that I take my favorite twisties almost as fast on the BMW behemoth as on the Ducati. And on the stretches with a goodly supply of potholes and frost heave, I haven't the slightest problem keeping the behemoth right there with the daring young men on their UJ sportbikes. (Which susprises them no end when I pull the helmet and they see the thinning gray hair.) The interstates and main highways are a different matter - the limits are set by the Colorado State Patrol, not the bike.
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Default Re: Buell vs. Ducati 900 Supersport

I really like the new Firebolt. Its innovative, possesses character and is just plain fun to ride. The downside is it's relatively high price (compared to what Japan Inc. offers) and a motor that limits the dimension of the bike. While I admit to being totally seduced by Italian design (especially the latest art of Massimo Tamburini - so much so I display and ride his work), the 900SS as well as other Ducatis are showing their age and U.S. sales have slowed. Look for Ducati's new management to fortify the marque with new larger displacement 2-valve Testretta motors. Getting back to the comparison, I really don't think there is one. The nature of the two machines is uniquely different and will attract different buyers -- BUT AT LEAST BOTH BIKES HAVE CHARACTER AND SOUL, traits mostly lacking in the latest offerings by the Big-4.
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