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Huss 06-04-2002 07:36 AM

Re: Buell vs. Ducati 900 Supersport
My 1997 Tl also broke its frame, under normal street riding. Just curious, where did your frame break? I contacted NHTSA about this but I guess they don't care unless it's a SUV that flips over...

KPaulCook 06-04-2002 10:03 AM

How How H-D Buell can solve the durability perception problem
Put a 3 year warranty on the Firebolt. i.e. put their money were their mouth is. Chrysler did this inorder to sell cars and vans after the government bailout because folks perceived Chrysler products as unreliable.

Although most makers have 1 year warranty. Some like Triumph and Ducati have a 2 year thing.

KPaulCook 06-04-2002 10:09 AM

Re: Buell vs. Ducati 900 Supersport
Your on to me bud. As a H-D stockholder thanks for the H-D plug "more money from accessories and clothing from the bikes ..." Yep you are right they make loads of money from yall buying those antique bikes but loads more from those shirts and hats stuff made by Kathy Lee's folks and then marked up by H-D. Hey do me a favor guys please I need to buy a new Inteceptor with my H-D dividend check (wife wants my Ninja). So get out and buy that H-D stuff All you Sportser buds need a Bolt in the garage for your teengager and how about a Blast for your lady friend. Spend Spend. :)

DurangoKid 06-04-2002 10:10 AM

Re: new Firebolt owner experiences (1 week).
It's nice to have a real work perspective.

One of the best motorcycling roads in North America is right in your backyard.

Talimena Scenic Byway - South East Oklahoma.

Check it out!

KPaulCook 06-04-2002 10:14 AM

Re: new Firebolt owner experiences (1 week).
Keep writing in givin us status reports. I hope you have nothing but trouble free miles so all the H-D folks I have disagreed with on this forum can say I was wrong (they probably want to tar and feather me now) . The Bolt is sure pretty and you picked a great color.

KPaulCook 06-04-2002 02:27 PM

Re: We know you own H-D stock ad nauseam . . .
On the contrary H-D riders that wear the little skull cap helments never wave even though I wave first. Another H-D rider stopped me as I was headed into a store and said "Why to you ride that J_p bike" I said nothing, It actually shocked me. There are bars and rides that non Harley bikers are not welcome at. So your statement that Harley onwners just don't care what you ride is a crock. Hey I don't care what you ride but don't come down on me personally when I point the shortcomings of Buell products when they want to penetrate a non-traditional market (for them).

MuzzyMatt 06-04-2002 03:25 PM

Re: Corrected Grammar and Spelling Mr. Potato Patato Head. Can you handle the big wor
Just my two cents to add to this argument.

1) Cruisers are sold on the "nostalgia factor" and the premise that it is what are fathers and father's father used to ride. Thus they are viewed as the traditional face of motorcycles in this country (just as scooters are in Italy and small-bore standards are in Japan and the UK). That doesn't make them any better than sportbikes, but the converse is also true as well. Remember that all bikes are good for at least something.

2) As a marketing maven I would say Triumph is not a niche manufacturer--they're trying to appeal to broad tastes just like most other manufacturers are. Motorcycling's niche market is covered by such manufacturers as Confederate, Boss Hoss, those guys that make the turbine powered bike, etc.

3) The Mille (which I own), 916/996/998, and RC-51 are so very dissimilar when you ride them I don't see how it's possible that two are copies of the Ducati. The same goes for internals. If anything, the Mille and RC-51 are inspired by the Ducati, but I wouldn't take it farther than that.

4) My personal opinion on the Harley resale issue is this: If you're choosing the bike you ride based on its resale value, maybe you should check where your priorities lie. Are you doing it for the ride or for the investment? For the bike you truly want and lust after, or the bike that's better for the portfolio?


Grappelli 06-04-2002 04:57 PM

Re: We know you own H-D stock ad nauseam . . .
".... products when they want to penetrate a non-traditional market (for them). "

Really? I thought all Buells were aircooled twin streetfighters....

akcarlson 06-04-2002 07:34 PM

Hawk GT
My first bike, and my only bike to date, was/is a Hawk. I'm looking forward to years of trouble-free riding--from commuting in Chicago (a frightening proposition, granted), to the twisties in the Ozark foothills--and many modifications to make my Hawk truly my own.

That won't stop me from reading the anti-Buell flame wars herein. But, I like it when members of the quiet cult of Hawk riders rise up from the woodwork.

longride 06-05-2002 05:22 AM

Re: Corrected Grammar and Spelling Mr. Potato Patato Head. Can you handle the big wor
My 3 cents:

I never said cruisers were any better or worse than sportbikes. I don't know why you made your implication that I did.

As a marketing maven, you don't know the meaning of the word "niche" then. I suggest highly you look it up and get back to me.

Inspired is very much like copying, giving one a blueprint for their future. Without Ducati there is no Mille plain and simple. That was my point to begin with. Somehow you got confused along the way.

My personal opinion of people that have reading comprehension problems, is that they should actually try to come up with conclusions based on what was said. Where, in any post that I made, said that I chose a bike because of resale value? I did point out the resale value of my Superglide as the "last laugh" portion of an argument. Does that equal choosing it because of that? I guess to you it might. I really like it because it is original, timeless, unique, rare, exciting, simple, rebuildable, and fun. Oh yeah, it's also worth lots of money. Maybe you should check your priorites, such as reading and logical conclusions?

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