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minime 05-04-2002 07:20 PM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 Reader Feedback

First off, we only had the bike for five days... as long as any other US mag will have one for a while -- until Yamaha gets more press unit in. So, a week on the bike? That'll have to wait a week or four until we can get one for that long. We do the best with what we're given.

As for the FJR being ridden by one editor only on an afternoon ride, that's not the case. We did well over 1000 miles with the bike in the few days we had it. That's not a whole lot to me considering I've done 1000-mile-days, but we certainly got a good feel for what's going on. And not only did I ride the bike, John Burns rode it, Calvin Kim rode it, Peter Jones rode it, even my dad rode it (he's a 58-year-old ST1100 pilot who's ridden about everything everywhere, and very fast).

The artice uses uses one ride to play from, using various parts to illustrate the way the bike works. Most people seem to think we accomplished that goal. For you, I am sorry you were left unfilfilled. Rest assured we'll do more with the bike when we have the ability to do so.

As for a few of your other questions:

198 miles until the reserve light came on. I put 5.8 gallons in it to fill it to the brim. That was after 70-80 mph highway cruising, several drag strip runs, some twisties and some city traffic.

The seat feels fine after a tank, two tanks. Never did three consecutive.

Only a slight bit of heat was felt off the left side in 80-degree weather in stop-and-go traffic. Not particularly more or less than any other bike in recent memory.

In the cold? It was only about 50-60 on the coldest night ride. And as the article states, there's good wind protection. In leathers or an Aerostich, riders were comfortable.


Never had a passenger on back.

With the bags full of what? Wine? what kinds of clothes? Leathers? Bubble wrap? As the article mentioned, even with the pre-load on Hard, things were still kinda soft.

The bags take full-face helmets easily. I'd imagine they "take a large load" better than my girlfriend.

Secure when full? They didn't fall off with a 12-pack of Pacifico in them, though nobody tried to steal them if that's what you mean.

And lastly, I don't usually ride around with a tent pole unless I gave a girl on back... if you know what I mean.

I Hope that answered some of your questions. If not, feel free to e-mail me.

ikonoklass 05-05-2002 12:54 AM

OK, I have an off-topic post...
Please bear with me, as it is only 5 a.m. here in Denver. My new Cycle World arrived yesterday with an article by new contributing editor, John Burns. Is that a sideline in addition to his full-time duties here? Tell me he didn't fly the coop already...

dwr461 05-05-2002 02:09 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 Reader Feedback
Which BMW are you talking about? The R1150R without ABS costs nearly $1,600 less than the FJR. The K1200LT could cost as much as $10,000 more than the FJR while the F650GS costs $3,000 less. The RT costs more but doesn't have problems with a surging motor. The F650GS did have surging problems when it came out. Although, according to current F650GS owners that I know, that problem has been fixed. All stock BMW's have less horsepower and torque than the FJR, so not everything you said was wrong.

The point to my post was that I couldn't have a test drive, not that the FJR was a bad bike. I wouldn't know if I liked it or not because I'm not paying $11,600 for the privledge of a "test drive."


lifeisahighway 05-05-2002 03:11 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 Reader Feedback
BS, BS, and more BMW owner BS.

Experienced rider speaking here....

BMW's boxer configuration is junk - it's completely outdated and way overrated.

Just try getting an autograph from one of those countless Beemer racers (Funny? there's plenty of auto racers?). Even if the motor could produce enough HP, the design simply doesn't allow good, make that average handling.

The boxer config sucks.

It produces way too much gyroscopic effect.

Now, go ahead tell us what a Beemer feels like when you drive it into a corner at a mind blowin' 3000 revs.

That's right you can't because it can't. Now try 5000 or 6000 - JOKE.

With the pistons hanging half a mile away from the CG and pumping like hell, ya need a 5' crowbar to make it turn along the axis of rotation (like in a turn). And once your in a turn, try and get it back up. Those pistons have ya right where they want ya, they're not going anywhere.

From anything but a straight line rider's perspective, BMW's boxer sucks. Plain and simple.

Food for thought.

If you took that motor and stuck it into anything made in Japan, the press and the working public would crucify it.

But alas, we live in a world of exclusive European lables and after all it is German.

It's also expensive, so it must be good.

Not this time.

Not this motor.

dwr461 05-05-2002 03:43 AM

Re: OK, I have an off-topic post...
Naw, I believe that in one of his rantings, er....articles, JB said he was going to contribute to CW to supplement his income. I'll have to purchase that issue of CW though now that I know about it.


ikonoklass 05-05-2002 04:00 AM

Re: OK, I have an off-topic post...
Phew! Thanks...

jodiesel 05-05-2002 04:32 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 Reader Feedback
Hey Minime,

What did it sound like? Any exhaust tone at all or all engine noise?

I sure wish you'd do a comparo this summer on all sport tourers (must have factory hard bags).

minime 05-05-2002 05:17 AM

Re: OK, I have an off-topic post...

John is still the Editor of As he mentioned in one of his first columns for us, he'll do an occasional bit for CW.

12er 05-05-2002 06:23 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 Reader Feedback
Per MCN BMW is getting ready to join Moto GP with an inline 3. If they can get the weight down and the power up they may have a shot at mid pack. Well I dont think anything is going to touch the Honda's this year. But suspension wise they may be able to surprise. So soon they may have a full sport bike in their line.

Funny how MO's review of the R1150R doesnt mention any of your concerns about the boxer motor. Personally though I do find it funny the few R1100S's Ive seen on the track with the ground down head covers. The main thing I dont like about them, the lack of ground clearance. But the R1100S is a mighty fine handling machine. You sound a tad bit bitter, did you have someone on a GS go around you on the outside of your favorite turn?

12er 05-05-2002 06:30 AM

Re: Yamaha FJR1300 Reader Feedback
Dry weight in fact does not include the battery. Why? Who the hell knows, makes no sence to me.

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