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Flickmeister 05-04-2002 12:50 PM

Re: Reader Feedback: How Are the Twins?
This thing called motorcycling doesn't make any damn sense. Probably a good thing too. Attempting to make any logic out of it is an exercise in futility. I'm tryin' to figure why anyone would pay seventeen grand for the Duc 998 when they could have the Mille 'R,' with all the trick parts, go faster, and be twice as comfortable for the same price. And why pay $17,000 when the RC51 is six grand cheaper and within 7-8/10s on the track (CYCLE WORLD got it to go faster than the 'R' or 998)? Then why the hell would you buy the RC when either the R1 or GSXR1000 will smoke it for even less money? For that matter, as a track bike, or a top-flite road scalpel, the GSXR600 may be even better for a mere $8000 (most people will be able to ride it faster than the open class hyperbikes). And if you're older, wiser, and don't bend into a pretzel like you used to, the FZ1 and ZXR1200, with a skilled old fart on board, will dazzle 'em on the back roads for a mere $8500 or $7900 respectively. Just to make my quandary complete, the most fun I've ever had, while severely leaned over, is on this ridiculously underpriced rascal called a SV650 for the incredibly low price of $5800. The damn thing makes you think you can do anything and is a blast to ride from 5 to 105 MPH. So many choices....sooooo confusing. Hmmm, on the street (where, hopefully, sanity prevails), in the turns, I can hang with all of my ex-racer buddies aboard either the SV or my '98 VFR800 (a damn site better than the "new, improved" 2002 version), workin' a helluva lot less and grinnin' like an idiot the whole time. Just let 'em try to wipe that silly smile off my face. Think I'll keep what I've got, save a few bucks, and head off to Kevin's Suzuki School at Road Atlanta a little later down the pike. Yeah, that's the ticket! Enjoy the ride--that's what this thing is really all about.

In case ya haven't figured it out yet, it's love bug season in Florida (lots less riding due to the clean-up factor. If you don't know what they are, don't ask--you wouldn't believe me anyhow), I'm bored to tears, and have waaay too much times on my hands. You folks have my sympathy in advance. (-: :-) Cheers, Jack

Bryan8252 05-04-2002 06:10 PM

Re: Reader Feedback: How Are the Twins?
I think the problem you are having with trying to logically figure out the motorcycle/price comparo is that there is almost no logic in the consumer goods markets. Anybody who has sold consumer goods of any kind fully understands that most people buy strickly on emotion and impulse. What turns their crank--they buy, unless the price is prohibitive. Granted, there are a few people who buy based upon their endless analysis of all available data, but they are few and far between. As they say in the car business--there is an ass for every seat. How true--how else to explain what some people ride and drive? In addition, it seems to me that the constant price comparos in the sport bike market are sometimes pretty nit picky. After all, lots of people spend $20,000 for a Harley which is essentially a rolling death trap with 1950's technology. We sport bike types can buy high tech, cutting edge bikes for less than $10,000. We're very lucky I think.

Good riding,


DurangoKid 05-09-2002 02:34 AM

I was thinking about buying one...
...until I was quoted for insurance!

The quotes that I received from Progressive ranged from $1k for the RC51 to $1500 for the 998.

That's for over 30 married male with homeowner, safety course and AMA member discounts applied, with a spotless driving record in Texas! Did I mention the $1000 deductible!

Unreal, I have to tell Jeff at Austin Ducati that the deal is off.

BostonDuck 05-12-2002 09:25 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: How Are the Twins?
Great article guys. I'm curious about how you feel about the '02 Mille vs. the '00 Mille (I've heard that the '02 [and '01] were a big improvement over the '00, but no detail in how/where the improvements are felt).

Also, being that MSRP wasn't the primary factor in this test, wouldn't it have been a less-biased track-test to have the base Mille (i.e., w/o the Ohlins front end) go against a base 998?? Next to you guys, I'm far from being a guru on this stuff (which why I love to read and learn from you all [you can increase the membership fee and it will still be a bargain over any other subscription]...but, between a lesser-grade fork and not having the steering-head set to its steeper angle, aren't your 998 impressions and lap-times compromised??

splyn 05-16-2002 05:45 AM

One word... FALCO.
Look into a Falco. My insurance cost went down $168 by switching from a 2000 VFR to a 2001 Falco.

doc929 06-10-2002 07:13 AM

Re: Reader Feedback: How Are the Twins?
I just got finished reviewing(for the umpteenth time) your Open Twin and Open Sportbike shoot outs and checking the specs. Your wet weights for the 954/RC51 was 440/459. What gives? In Honda's specs there is over a 50lb. difference?

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