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jrichard 04-29-2002 03:34 AM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
this may be the best article you have written to date. real-life, painful wrist, aching butt, I'm-tired-as-hell journalism. AND you didn't do the Ducati-default (like every print mag does) One day you guys need to do an article on maintenance of these semi-exotics. Which bike spends the most time in the shop? I buy bikes to ride, not work on. For $16k or more I shouldn't have to do anything but change the oil and fill'er with gas.

jrichard 04-29-2002 03:37 AM

Re: You Jerks!

bobo30 04-29-2002 04:21 AM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
I would agree with many of the subscibers comments here. This first piece on the Twins left me wondering what I payed the $12 for? If I wanted to here someone complain about the traffic in LA I'm sure I could tune to a reality TV station to see the traffic chopper reporting a code 4 and suspect apprehended. What was the actual result of the street test. That Twins suck to ride? Or, motorcycles are not the writers favorite mode of transport?

One thing I was wanting to know, in the real world what bike can carve the canyons faster? A Twin, A Four Cylinder, or a dirtbike?

I understand that handling plays a part in all of this but, when you talk purely on the way the engines produce power which is the easiest to scoot away from you friends on?

I look forward to the rest of the article. Hopefully, the traffic won't be too bad at the track.

yogre 04-29-2002 07:40 AM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
What was this exactly?

I sure wasn't a motorcycle comparison article. More likely, a comuter horror story.

I read through this thing 3 times until I finaly found a few lines acctually comparing between the bikes and even these lines are pretty worthless.

What happened to taking 3 experienced riders on 3 different bikes and riding the heck out of them on a nice and twisty road while swapping bikes every few miles?

Isn't this the proper way to write a street shootout? What we got instead is a story about a bored writer riding a sportbikes to and from the track through fender-to-fender traffic. Not exactly the ideal testing environment for a superbike :(

I have an idea, why not delete this entire article and repost it as a sidebar in a real street shootout. Something simmilar to the excelent open bike shootout you held a few weeks ago...

Just my $0.02 (or should I say $11.94)

ValkBandit 04-29-2002 08:01 AM

how can you NOT hate them all ...?
hard-core sportbikes are to motorcycling what gas-guzzling SUVs are to auto enthusiasts ... wretched excess borne of the need to pose.

unless you spend all your riding time trying to shave tenths of seconds from your time at willow or laguna, what good are they? your butt will hurt, your hands go numb, your neck will lock itself into an unnatural angle, and your knees will vaporlock. and if you ride these things on the street in the manner they are intended to be ridden, you end up dead.

other than that they're great.

it is amazing to me anyone buys them at all, but i guess i should know better, having witnessed the explosive growth in popularity of tarmac-locked SUVs. i guess the population of southern californian squid is alive and well after all, despite darwinian principles.

vcs700s 04-29-2002 08:16 AM

Re: Open Twins Shootout: The Street
I couldn't agree more. Burns is a good writer but sometimes the content is too wordy without much info. You had to commute to and from-so what? That doesn't give me the info. I want on these bikes. The open bike shoot out was much better. Take the twins to the track, street, and strip. Give us the stats and opinions. Forget the fluff.

jhansen 04-29-2002 08:45 AM

Re: gotta love those street savvy columns...
"...arrogant jap.."

Thanks, buddy, for reminding me that there are still worthless, racist pricks in the world.

Just what I needed on this Monday morning.

KPaulCook 04-29-2002 09:54 AM

Get with the program maniac: Re: gotta love those street savvy columns...
Hey pal the year is 2002 please don't use this racist lingo here or anywhere else. You give us newbie ZX-6R pilots a bad name. I happen to like Kent's stuff. [i] Although his comments may not be understood by newbie squids like us, his opinions are highly valued by my expert GSX1000 and 929 riding friends. [i] I have found Sport Rider stuff useful and non-biased. There Tire comparo was really good.

michaelmoon 04-29-2002 10:04 AM

Re: how can you NOT hate them all ...?
So you're like, an old guy huh? As I too am an old guy and can (literally) feel your pain. Well, that associated with riding a race rep bike anyway.

We weren't always this old. Our joints weren't this stiff. Our muscles gone flacid from sitting at desks...whupp. Speaking only for myself there.

I say to you sir, that the sound of a sporting VTwin is one of the finest one can disrupt nature with.

One day BMW will do a market study that reveals people buy Ducatis (and Aprilias) just for the sounds they make.

KPaulCook 04-29-2002 10:06 AM

Re: how can you NOT hate them all ...?
Hey I ride a ZX-6R sport bike for the following reasons:
[*]Safety -because it has awesome brakes compared to your average cruiser
[*]Traction is great because of its good tires compare it to your average harley/vulcan/vstar junk
[*]Comfront, I have ridden it for 100 mile stretchs and my butt didn't hurt, my wrists were good etc. By the way I am 6'0" 200 lbs.

[*]Fun-on your average Pacific NW backroad it great to ride even at the speed limit
[*]Economical Good gas mileage unlike a SUV

Basically its a poor mans corvette and its overbuilt for the street this makes it a very safe bike.

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