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dwr461 03-16-2002 02:06 PM

Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback
Well, I think that we all know that if one were to catagorize BMW by motojournalist standards, they would pretty much all be sport-touring. Although, BMW does have a cruiser and several dual sports. I would put forth the idea that BMW makes a bike that tries to be a good quality, day-to-day, do everything well bike. As such, they'll not do everything as well as more specialized bikes. My dual sport would get ate up by a sport bike on the track, or by a dirt bike on a gravel road, they are specialized tools. I would imagine that if you were to purchase a Nascar minus the expensive brakes and with the street legal lights on it, that it would eat up every other car on the street. Similarly, if you were to put a truck made from the ground up for off road performance it would eat up anyone's street 4x4. I believe that BMW makes bikes for everyday street use. This fact alone makes comparison to almost every other more specialized bike a moot point. I for one use my saddlebags far more often than most RC51 riders use their bike's top level perfomance. I'm more comfortable too. I appreciate the fact that Jap bikes really are well built and engineered, but believe they designed to a different goal. That's my two cents worth. Dave

ssss 03-16-2002 03:23 PM

R1150R vs VFR800?
I wonder how BMW R1150R would compare to Honda VFR800. Styling and engineering of the two bikes are very different. Yet their price is similar, both can be had with ABS, and both are aimed at a combination of commuting, canyon runs, and touring. This gives a common ground for such a comparison.

lampell 03-16-2002 10:24 PM

Re: R1150R
The bars are low and you can withstand wind up to about 80mph. No way does it block wind like a sportsbike. I put windshield on my 1100R which is a similar bike. The V11 Guzzi fairing is much better and comes with the bike.

lampell 03-16-2002 10:26 PM

Re: A hooligan, you say?
I own both the new V11 Scura and the BMW. The beemer is a great bike, a hooligan? nah

The Guzzi is the hooligan bike. for whats its worth the BMW is a great all rounder.

rvfrules 03-17-2002 02:35 AM

Re: R1150R vs VFR800?
The late, great had a comparo between a VFR and an 1100s. The VFR got the thumbs up, but I think a lot depends on whether you like motors that really take off when you rev them out or those that make a lot of torque at low RPMs. And also whether you like a sit-and-beg position or lower bars

I can't comment on the R1150R, but a friend of mine had an R100RS. He used to thrash the pants off that bike, knee scraping in corners, but he still couldn't keep up with the VFR once it got on the boil.

The time I rode his bike I found it made good power at low RPMs, but ran out of power fast. Not really a sports tourer anymore since the goals have been moved forward by the likes of Ducati, Honda and Aprilia, but I thought it would make a brilliant tourer, though, for someone who wants to put on a lot of relaxing miles and still have fun in the twisties. I imagine the R1150r is similar, minus the wind protection and some weight.

It'd be nice if BMW could take a cue from Suzuki and make a twin that gave good torque on the bottom and still made massive power at high RPMs, like the TL-S. The 1100s is better than the 1100RS, but still pales beside the TL. BMW once had a prototype liquid-cooled boxer engine but shelved it because they thought it strayed to far from what BMW fans expected of the marque.

Huss 03-17-2002 08:01 AM

Re: A hooligan, you say?
How do you like the Scura's suspension? Did you have any chance to compare it to the V11's regular suspension?

Poser 03-18-2002 09:15 AM

Older means BMW?
Huh? I ride a 600 sportbike every day. I even did a long ride including a strectch through some snow. And I am 42.

I owned a BMW for a while and found it a bit too ponderous. I don't know if the R1150R feels lighter and nimbler, but I didn't really like the R1100RT much (different bike, I admit).

So, flame on, but you can ride a sportbike every day when you are a little older.

crackerdaddy 03-18-2002 10:40 AM

Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback
The Oilhead Boxers are "cam in head" but not overhead cam. The cams are high up (or far out?) on the cylinders but still use short pushrods. I assume they did this for packaging reasons as the engine would be taller (wider?) if the cams were actually overhead.

blackvalkster 03-18-2002 02:48 PM

Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback
Want to know what it's like owning a BMW?

Check out my fun with BMW dealers and

BMW of North America!!!

( )

Since then I've had 4 bikes for a total of

40,000+ miles and not a single problem??

Sincerely, Craig Capers

OH, excuse me, my Valkyrie brake light switch

went out, and they replaced it while I sat on the bike in the parking lot!! I forgot.........

lampell 03-18-2002 08:44 PM

Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback
Interesting about the FZ1. A riding buddy of mine bought a FZ1, he also owns a VFR and a GS and had to spend big bucks to upgrade the FZ1s suspension with Penske shocks. After all that spending he traded it for the R1150R. You cant beat the suspension on the Beemers for all around use.

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