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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

My 1150rt has some mild surging at steady city street speeds (40-50). Fortunately, on the highway or twisties where it belongs, the problem disappears.
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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

the R1150R isn't a pushrod twin, it has a DOHC twin. Anyway, great article.

Has BMW finally solved their problem with crappy fuel injection, stalling and surging on the oilhead twins? I had an older R1100R and it was nearly unrideable around town and dangerous due to intermittent stalling. I finally gave it back to BMW after 6 repair attempts and weeks in the shop with no fix. Some of the other reviews I've read about the R1150 indicate that the FI still surges around 3,000 rpm under light throttle. They've been making this engine (well, in slightly different states of tune) since 1993. One would think they would figure this out. BMW chat groups are filled with comments and wives tales about fixes for this problem.

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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

Gotta love that Coleridge "pleasure dome" phrase, Burns brings some depth to job apparently!

You want a standard Hooligan Bike? Check out the reviews of the Suzuki V Strom from across the pond. The April issue of Bike magazine is said to contain a short but very enthusiastic review.

After 5 yrs out of the saddle of my Old 900F, this is going to be my "re-entry" dream bike.

Impatient in Minnesota
\"The wolf is untroubled by the number of sheep\"
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Default Re: SV650

Good "article" dude. My current setup is stock + 17.5 pilots, screws 2.5 turns, one shim, and the Suzuki flyscreen, Avon tires. There's never been a situation at any altitude even 2 up where I felt there was a lack of power (except when I was stupidly racing an R1).

Little stuff you missed - you can get Givi hard bags for the SV as well. I've seen them mounted on one and they don't look that bad. Not sure of cost. AZ Motorsports has them.

And you should probably allow some budget for a tire upgrade. Bridgestone BT010's are real cheap and I hear they work very well and wear decently on the SV, or an 010 on the front and an 020 on the back for less tire wear in back. Cost: about $150 for tires, about $70-80 bucks for mounting and balancing.
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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

The 3 things that irritate me about my GS, (considering that it is my favorite bike, ever), are:

-> Spokes are a pain to clean, not that I do.

-> Rubber not grippy enough for high speed antics

-> I'd like a few more horses or lower weight.

now this bike does most of that and is pretty to boot.
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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

I auditioned the R1150R, Suzuki Bandit 1200, Yamaha FZ 1, Kawi ZRX 1200, Triumph Speed Triple before buying the ZRX.

I couldn't bring myself to the necessity of dealing with the dreadful Triumph service or waiting 7 months with the bike in the shop (like the experience of some riding buddies) for repair parts.

The Bandit looked rather bland.

Being a big person of 240 pounds, the Fizzy top end power didn't suit me. I wanted low end to top RPM grunt.

The REX gave me 65 -81 ft-lbs of torque from 2500 to 8000 or so rpm, with a peak of 114 HP. It gave me this umph for $7300 out the door (tax, prep, etc. all included). Add $700 for GIVI hard bags and rack, and it totals $8000.

The R1150R was very nice. But I had to add hundreds to the base $9999 (lets call it $10,000) for a screen to make it liveable above 60 mph. Add tax, prep and wind screen and no discount (MSRP on the REX was $7899), we're looking at $11,350. Add $700 for the hard bags and we hit over $12,000. For $4000 more over the ZRX, I get 10-20 less ft-lbs of torque across the band and 30 less horsepower.

I bought the REX. It certainly doesn't have the suspension prowess of the R1150R, but for a few hundred bucks, I could take care of that.

For me and my limited motorcycle budget - no contest.

It's good to have you here, Mr. Burns!

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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

Drat! My appetite for John Burns' prose may end up costing me thousands of dollars. Interested in the GS, but deflated by it's cost, I had overlooked the R. Now I'm on my way to a dealer to examine one.

I note a reader's disagreement on wind protection (which the GS provides remarkably well); I'm guessing buggage would be an issue here in the Midwest. Mayfly season (shudder).

Personally, I find the guage cluster overly car-like. And what's with the LED indicators? It's festooned with Christmas tree pimples! Otherwise it looks to be a VFR-caliber all-rounder with Beemer cred for less money.

What percentage of them have been surgy in the past?

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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

I was at my BMW dealer yesterday (first service on R1100S Lightweight) and spied a new special edition yellow 1150R. The bike features special graphics and blacked-out alloy pieces. SHARP!!! The dark alloy really transforms the 1150R from looking like a piece of jewelry to a Badass look. Love the handlebars too. I would consider one except for already owning the 1100S.

With all the comments regarding pegs, there was no mention of the aggressive placement on the 1150R. The pegs are very similiar in height and rearward fix as those on BMW's sportier 1100S. The 1150R is not your fathers BMW.

Separate from the 1150R... I don't understand all the posts critical of forward controls. I have a number of motorcycles ranging from superbike to American custom and enjoy the different flavor of each. Control placement is really a factor of what the machine is designed for and rider preference -- although I think some bike designers never heard of the word ergonomics. Having said that its time to call my Italian connection and see if the forward contols arrived for my new Guzzi.

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Default Re: R1150R

Fizz, instead of just reading and believing the article try owning the bike and touring on it!

The instrument cluster is nice, and it's better than what's on something like a 919 or SV650, but it still needs some sort of a windshield for extended freeway time.

Why do you think BMW now slaps one on for most road tests, when they didn't on the R1100R?
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Default Re: BMW R1150R vs SV

Knary, I guess since it was a Mellville length post you must've skipped over the parts where:

1-I said I was a Roadster owner myself.

2-I said the BMW was every bit as fast as anyone needs for 80% of the people on Racer road, and easier to ride than most.

3-I compared the delusions of the BMW crowd with those of the sportbike crowd, meaning I acknowledged that most sport bike owners are every bit as guilty.

4-I made direct real world riding comparisons between the two bikes, as opposed to vacuous generalizations having no basis in fact.

5-I described exactly HOW the SV arrived at the state it did, as opposed to the SVs your buddies owned which more than likely were not transformed in the manner I described,

But hey, never let a good indignation get in the way of paying attention to what's written in front of you, eh?

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