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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

I've owned bikes a bunch of different bikes over the years, an R1100R, a Harley Sportster, a Yamaha, a Kawasaki and two Hondas. The only bike I've ever had problems with was the BMW. It stalled intermittently, surged uncontrollably, the shop took forever to repair it (when they were able to... it went in six times for the same problems) and the worst part was the "holier than thou" attitude of BMW North America. I've been riding for 15 year with no problem and they told me that the stalling was my fault. Only when the mechanic tried to take it for a test ride and couldn't even get out of the parking lot did they finally admit that might be a real problem. They later recalled the bikes for an ignition module problem similar to what I was experiencing.

I like BMW bikes. The R1100, when it ran, did exactly what I wanted it to do. It was comfortable, had a great suspension and torquey motor. However, I believe that BMW bikes are overpriced for what they are... bikes with mediocre fit and finish and a great brand name.

You can write off Hondas as "disposable" but I think they offer outstanding quality and performance for the money.
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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

Although I don't necessarily agree 100% with what Van said here, because the SV is a little guy's bike compared to the BMW, I must applaud his writing! Very good!

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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

The 700s was a sweet bike!
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Default Re: About time!!!

I have the 2001 R1100RL too. I have to say, for alot of reasons, it could be PREFERRED to the R1150. Wire wheels, chrome valve covers, BMW black w/white pinstripes, manual clutch, adjustable seat, cast aluminium clipons (vs. aluminium tubing handlebars), more forward foot pegs, less gratuitious use of plastic (including the fender "wedge" and oil cooler covers), lighter weight, larger capacity gas tank, lower cost. Other than the six-speed, I don't think the new bike is so indisputably an improvement.
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Default Re: R1150R

Ride one as soon as you can! I did, LOVED IT. But, then I rode an RT, and bought that instead. And... the best bang for the buck at the MOMENT are used R1100RT's, all teh rich folk are dropping them for 9k or less to buy R1150RT's.

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Default Cheers for the R1100R

I picked up a used 99 R1100R /ABS in pristine condition last month. I love it, great all around bike. This is my second BMW, but I had been riding Japanese bikes for the last 12 years.

I know such things "don't matter", but the prestige factor is fun... people are always surprised that the thing was so cheap. A lot of folks are under the impression that anything with a BMW badge is super expensive. Non-riders think that BMWs cost more than Harleys! It's fun to ride something that gets a lot of double-takes and admiring stares. The best thing is that it really is a fine motorcycle that deserves the respect it gets. I was proud of my Japanese bikes too, but for every "nice bike" comment, you hear a couple "rice rocket" sneers -- Or most of the time the bikes were just ignored. But anyway, who cares what other people think .... I really don't ..... but it's still kind of fun...
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Default Maintenance

I am wondering about the upkeep costs or a R1150R. Any feed back on cost of ownership? Anyone doing there own work? I've noticed lot of aficionado bragging about the durability of the marque. It should be if its going into the shop for frequently for routine servicing.

However, I think the bike might be fun to own hence the questions.
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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

I have a 1989 Honda Transalp and I wanted the Honda dealer to do a little work on it.

Well, belive it or not, I was told that my bike was too old for them to work on and that they only work on bikes 1990 or newer. This bike only has 9,000 miles on it!

Are Hondas disposable bikes?



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Default Hey, Burnsie!

I'm so glad that my absolute favorite motojournalist is around in this format so that we can hear this wonderful irreverent banter more often. (I loved bitter little man.) Anyway, like many of these people, I'm glad to finally read a review of the new R1150R, because I'm trading in my 99 Sportster for a brand-new custom painted (complete with blacked-out engine) beauty. I should never have test driven it. I still wouldn't know the definition of true comfort, brick-wall brakes, or versatility if I hadn't. Keep up the good work and out-heckle the hecklers as is your trademark!
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Default Re: BMW R1150R reader feedback

I know that this issue is well passed and that no one will probably even read my response. But, I just read Van's epistle, and I couldn't help myself. I had to write one in reply.

A few months ago, I sold a 1998 R1100R (23k miles) for $5,700 and just recently bought a 2000 SV650 (1700 miles) for $3,800. (Don't ask why. It has something to do with a recession, the delusion that I could live without a motorcycle for even a little while, and a new baby that precludes any real touring.) Needless to say, I feel qualified to respond.

First, I have to say that I really, really love the SV. It’s great for my daily commute (90 miles) and for my occasional canyon carving. The engine truly is fantastic.

However, just note the fact that a four year old R1100R is worth $2,000 more than a two year old SV650.

There are a dozen reasons that I would prefer the BMW for touring duty. I’ll spare you and just mention a couple.

1) That slab of vinyl covered plywood that Suzuki calls a seat. No wonder they offer an optional gel seat. It needs one.

2) The fact that if I do need to take the bike into the shop, it’s a real technician that works on my bike, not some teenage squid that forgets bodywork screws, or to tighten the oil drain plug, or other unimportant stuff like that. (I have never had a good experience with a Japanese motorcycle dealership.)

I could go on about things like a 300 W vs 700 W alternator, convenient electrical hook-ups, etc., but I’ll just leave it at that.

Oh, and I never encountered any difficulty blowing by motorhomes at any altitude.

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